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February 2014

  • Friday 5

    [Friday5] Aarif Rahman (Lee) songs

    Earlier this month I saw some stills of Fan Bing Bing’s new c-drama The Empress of China (Wu Ze Tian) and amongst the cast is her rumoured boyfriend – Aarif Rahman…

  • HK Dramas

    A Time of Love (Part 3: Korea) Recap

    At a coffee shop, Kim Dong Sung / King (Youn Jung-Hoon) is waiting for someone. He is about to leave when Linda (Linda Chung) arrives saying she’s only late for 45…

  • HK Dramas

    A Time of Love (Part 2: Singapore) Recap

    The start of part 2 follows a pair of high heels, literally. While a well dressed woman Crystal (Charmaine Sheh) walks into an office building, we also see a geeky looking…

  • Site Stuff

    My first Liebster Award! YEAH!

    Thank you so so much to Coffeenlucia (Pantomiming) Misscupcakees (A Fairytale World) and Heisui (My Drama Tea) for nominating me! The Liebster Award feels like a big virtual hug bloggers give…