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  • Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

    Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

    This sounds so cute – Sisterhood group hug!!! Thanks to Anna & Estelle for the nomination. 🙂   The Questions: 1. What is your favourite drama of all time? It’s difficult to choose between In Time with You and Survivors Law. I haven’t rewatched Survivors Law for a while now so ITWY is probably ranked […]

  • New Year, New Theme!

    New Year, New Theme!

    The last time we changed themes around here was over a year ago! Although I like the previous one a lot (it might’ve been love at first sight! LOL) but it’s time for a change right? Looking at it now though, it’s not all that different. 😛 I actually started working on a dark theme […]

  • [WINNERS ADDED] DP.com’s First ‘Choose your cover’ Giveaway!

    [WINNERS ADDED] DP.com’s First ‘Choose your cover’ Giveaway!

    [UPDATED January 2nd 2015] Happy New Year!! Thank you so much everyone for entering, I will be contacting these winners individually on which covers to send etc!   The winners drawn (in order) are: Michelle (via comment), Foreverjaasmine (via Tumblr), Littlecloverstar (via Tumblr) and Ifrah Saeed (via Comment)   For completeness purposes: Link to the spreadsheet […]

  • Sunshine Award!

    Sunshine Award!

    First of all – Thank you so much jyl / timeinthegray from sphere of gray for nominating me! Sorry for the lateness since I haven’t been in the mood to watch anything (except for fun episodes of Pleasantly Surprised / BFB) since Occupy Central happened. And I’m such a badass (not!) for breaking the rules. […]

  • My first Liebster Award! YEAH!

    My first Liebster Award! YEAH!

    Thank you so so much to Coffeenlucia (Pantomiming) Misscupcakees (A Fairytale World) and Heisui (My Drama Tea) for nominating me! The Liebster Award feels like a big virtual hug bloggers give to each other. 😀   The Rules: Each nominee link back the person who nominated them. Answer 10 questions which are given to you […]

  • New Theme (sort of holiday related)!

    New Theme (sort of holiday related)!

    I remember Heisui wrote a post a few months ago about choosing the right theme, and I was thinking about how much I usually dread changing themes. So I’m also quite surprised the last one was only up for about 5-6 months? (Especially when I actually paid for it argh.) I have this problem where […]



    HELLO & THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING!!   I know I’m repeating myself but sorry this site is a bit rough around the edges at the moment! I just wanted to move ASAP so I can concentrating on writing again. >< If you notice anything that isn’t working, please let me know! I hope […]