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Rock Records in Love Eps 1 and 2 thoughts

Over the past year or so, I feel like I haven’t watched that many Taiwanese dramas. But I think I’m starting to get my head back in (so to speak) since there has been a few with decent production values and solid reviews. I wasn’t going to watch Rock Records in Love 滾石愛情故事  because it’s a collection of 20 short stories. If a story is good, it’ll be unsatisfying and if it’s bad, it’ll just be a waste of time. Also,…

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[Reviews] Go Lala Go & Bad Guys Always Die

Feels like it’s been a long while since Bolin Chen appeared on this blog. I haven’t forgot about him! Since he’s been concentrating on movies I finally got the chance to catch up (at least a little) recently on 2…