Whenever I watch a drama (especially ones from Taiwan!) I often find myself falling in love with the theme/subtheme/insert songs. So this is just a little space to collect them…

A Time of Love (HK-2014)


Borrow ur Love (TW-2013)


Dive In 2013 (Mini Movie-2013)


Dragon Gate (TW-2013)


Just You (TW-2013)


Le Jun Kai (CN-mini drama-2013)


Love SOS (TW-2013)


Shining Days (CN-2013)


The Pursuit of Happiness (TW-2013)


The Way We Were aka 16 Summers (TW-2014)




3 responses to “Themesongs”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Do you know the music in Amour et Patisserie, it’s the ending episode when Allen goes back from Paris and the music playing in the background was amazing… looking for anything on it… it starts with “Yeah your everything I need and more” something like that.. would appreciate anything… ty

  2. Vero Avatar

    Hi, do you know d insert english song in Ruse of Engagement 叛逃 eps.4? Which d lyrics : You Are The One, I try to find a word to say, So You’re in my heart (hmm…something like that?), when Ron Ng made d video clip of Aimee Chan. That’s a nice song!

    Also d subtheme (ending song) in Come home love 愛·回家 eps 453 ? This song sounds quite familiar.

    Plz let me know n send me d download link, if u know…


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