[Translation] Borrow Your Love Ending Song 借用愛的人 (The person who borrows love by Dylan Kuo)

I was going to translate the theme song of “Borrow your love” (借用一下你的愛) as well but gees, I looked at the lyrics and they were rather hard! So decide to just post the ending song for now. Again, Dylan surprised me with this song – it’s better than I thought. (I remember I cringed when I first heard his songs years ago!!) Plus the song is so sad!! Does that mean the series will head down that road too? (I can’t find the ‘official MV’ for this yet, hopefully there will be one soon!

借用愛的人 – 郭品超
The person who borrows love – Dylan Kuo

Music:Yan Xiao Jian (顏小健)
Lyrics:Xiang Yue E (向月娥)

等 整夜不開燈
deng zheng ye bu kai deng
Waiting for the whole night without turning on the lights

jiu bu bi cheng ren
No need to admit

wo shi yi ge  mei ming zi de ren
I am someone with no name

心裡沒有門  人就失去逃的可能
xin li mei you men  ren jiu shi qu tao de ke neng
When the heart does not have a door, the person then loses the possibility of escape

bu de bu yong heng
Forced to endure eternally

* 我 愛得那麼天真
wo  ai de na me tian zhen
I have loved so innocently

靈魂是借來的  痛也奮不顧身
ling hun shi jie lai de  tong ye fen bu gu shen
with a borrowed soul, even in pain I have no reservations

我從來不問 愛你是種本能
wo cong lai bu wen  ai ni shi zhong ben neng
I have never questioned, loving you is an instinct

借來的人生 清醒才是愚笨
jie lai de ren sheng  qing xing cai shi yu ben
With a borrowed life, it will be stupid to wake up

如果你一轉身 拆穿了我的身份
ru guo ni yi zhuan shen  chai chuan le wo de shen fen
If you turn around and expose my identity

huo xu neng geng can lan de ai yi cheng
Maybe we can gloriously love once

** 心當然會疼 傷痕喜歡無聲
xin dang ran hui teng  shang hen xi huan wu sheng
Of course the heart will hurt, with the scar of loving someone silently

卑微的愛人 孤單也很快樂
bei wei de ai ren  gu dan ye hen kuai le
The humble lover, even in loneliness will be happy

哪怕時間停了 世界剩一片灰塵
na pa shi jian ting le  shi jie sheng yi pian hui chen
Not fearful if the time stops, or if the world only remains with a layer of dust

愛過了 值得了
ai guo le  zhi de le
Have loved, it was worth it

Repeat* **

我愛過你 自由了
wo ai guo ni  zi you le
I have loved you, now I am free





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