Borrow Your Love Episode 4 Recap – Unfortunately Ye Chen is just a decoration here

I’m sorry this turned out to be mega long, bear with me – this is my first recap! (I still have this post on episodes 1 to 3 sitting in my drafts which I promise will be much much shorter than THIS. argh.) Oh, and I’m not hiding my Ye Chen-biased fangirling here, I just wanted to cap all of his moody / thinking looks LOL.

This episode started off fairly light heartedly, with Ping An announcing to everyone in the food court that Xi Le is Bai Ming Li’s daughter. I think this girl needs to learn to stop bad-mouthing the manager in front of everyone, every time she does it the manager turns up behind her… common sense Ping An, common sense!


Then Ye Chen and Ming Li arrived dressed like they co-ordinated before they left the house, eerily black. She tells Ye Chen to tell Xi Le to go to her office, as if something important is going to happen. But we never get any follow up on this.

On the way back to her office (I assume), Ming Li and Ye Chen bumps into Allen Chao (sorry, I still don’t know his name in the series) and he goes on to ‘congratulate’ her with the new daughter and all. Not surprisingly after Ming Li left, Allen goes on about how he has a son too blah blah. (HA! You mean Mark?? LOL) I guess the whole point of this bump in is to ‘introduce’ a new character, which yes, will be Mark / Allen’s son. (I promise I’ll try to remember that guy’s name.)

Now we meet a new character! Ji Huo Ying – Allen’s son who is your ‘typical rich guy and not serious in relationships’ type. While he goes shopping with his girlfriend, he checks out the sales girl! His girlfriend then goes all whiny not wanting to leave, and he did some “magic” trick, making a pearl appear. (And I’m using the term magic quite loosely here.) When his ‘girlfriend’ finally leaves for the airport, he goes back to chat the sales girl up. *rolls eyes* I don’t like him already. But then the sales girl asks him to do that stupid magic trick again and he of course, obliges. But the pearl fell and just as well Ping An arrives (making a delivery), slips and drops all of the pork chop rice over that guy’s head.

LOL. Then Ping An and Huo Ying bicker. I don’t know, I’m not finding this part amusing at all. Ping An’s high pitched voice is going over my head while I’m wondering how that pork chop on Huo Ying’s shoulder never fell off. After arguing about who’s fault it was, how much compensation they should get, Ping An makes some face at him while she leaves. I wonder if that Huo Ying guy will eventually fall for Ping An? Hrm…

Back at Tang Men’s house (Wilber Pan from Miss No Good! ohhh but I mean Bai Ming Li’s!) Ping An and Xi Le has some girl talk time. Apparently, last night was the first time they spent apart from each other. (Hey what about the time when Ping An got drunk??!! Teehee) Xi Le talks about sharing her mum with Ping An, Ping An goes all sad about missing his dad…. (you can tell by this point I just want some Ping An / Ye Chen time, it better come soon my attention span is low.)

Oh yes let’s not forget our other male lead the Executive Assistant whom everyone loves in the series except me. (well, I guess I’m not in the series HA!) He creepily smells the scarf that Xi Le made him. That blue is so wrong, probably best left sitting at his house rather than wearing it outside!

Then he looks at that birthday cake Ping An drew him, implying he is somewhat torn between the two girls. I’m sorry, I’m not feeling any chemistry between him with either Ping An or Xi Le, so don’t really care who he chooses or whatnot.

Flashback! Ye Chen in that white vest! Every time that white vest shows up on screen I will comment on how Dylan Kuo needs to stop working out so much! (not sure what the flashback scene is trying to convey… but okay…) I think Zi Wen has some voiceover about how his ‘plans’ have to change, he’s probably planning some revenge on Bai Ming Li.

At some mansion we see Huo Ying sneaking back with his luggage. Allen was waiting for him. They have a discussion about Huo Ying going to work at the shopping centre, even though the son doesn’t want to. He even came up with a fairly solid business plan to try to get out of it but Allen insists on his son working at the company so he can spy on Bai Ming Li. Huo Ying sighs in disappointment. Actually, Huo Ying improved on me in this scene simply because he tried to be something more than ‘the rich guy who doesn’t do anything’. Maybe he’s more interesting than I originally thought.

On the next day some news arrived that the guy who clashed with Ming Li in a previous ep had committed suicide. Executive Assistant is in damage control mode, until he sees the suicide note. A lot of flashing later I think the note reminds him of his past. Maybe his family was broken because of something Bai Ming Li did. He tells his co-worker he’s not feeling well and takes a day off.

Bai Ming Li, on the other hand, takes the news like she doesn’t care. When Bai Ming Li asked about Zi Wen, she commented that he hardly takes a day off. Ye Chen looked rather concerned as he leaves to pick up Ping An.

The CEO had left orders for Ye Chen to drive Ping An to work, so we finally get some happy time between them, or not. Their cuteness was so fleeting if you blink you’ll miss it ARGH. So instead of driving Ping An to work, Ye Chen decided to visit Zi Wen instead. But Zi Wen doesn’t answer the door.

Ping An wanted to kick the door open (?LOL!) but Ye Chen tells her to stop being like ‘Charlies Angels’ and just leave.

Inside the house we see Zi Wen looking like he’s about to strangle someone. Finally we get a flashback of what happened. His father committed suicide (I think his mother did too?) because Bai Ming Li drove them to bankruptcy. Well, that confirms it. Behind his pleasant smiles and sweet demeanour Zi Wen’s out for revenge. (See why I don’t like this guy?)

Allen continues on his plan of getting his son to work in the company. Bai Ming Li acts like she is taking it seriously. Huo Ying is smiling way too much in this scene. We get some voiceover from Ming Li about how she is worrying about her daughter entering such a back-stabbing environment. I really need to find out why she abandoned her daughter in order to feel some sympathy for her…

So back at the shopping centre Huo Ying bumps into Xi Le, checking her out since she’s wearing a super mini skirt lol. I take any nice things I might’ve said about Huo Ying back since he’s being an idiot again here. He tries that magic pearl trick again and it goes to show how polite Xi Le is listening to his crap. Ping An arrives and puts an end to this nonsense. HAHA. Huo Ying looks at Xi Le longingly. (aghh… wth.)

Even though Xi Le doesn’t have classes today, she went to the shopping centre to bring some lunch she made for her mother. Bai Ming Li, however, gives her the cold shoulder and even accidentally dropped the lunchbox on the floor. This just gives Ping An an opening to talk a lot again… giving Ming Li a lecture about how she should feel lucky that someone worries about her. Ming Li softens up and suggests they have lunch together.

Hrm… has Ye Chen said anything in this scene? I think he’s just standing there to look pretty. (And I can’t help myself pressing the screencap button everytime he shows up on screen emo-ing…) Ping An can’t stop talking again going on about their earlier encounter with Huo Ying. Ming Li informs them he’s Allen’s son so pretty much tell them to stay away.

I don’t think Ping An needs to work anymore since after lunch Xi Le asks her to go to shopping together. (Now that Ming Li gave her a supplementary credit card. SWEET!) They planned to buy presents for everyone at the orphanage but then end up at the same shop Ping An went to buy the tie pin for Zi Wen. Look girls, I know it’s hard to buy gifts for guys but really, there are other things out there besides tie pins.

Since Ping An mentioned that Zi Wen was sick the day before, Xi Le wanted to go visit him. FINALLY, some action and I totally did not expect this. The evil guy from an earlier ep turns up again threatening Ping An and Xi Le. Ping An and that big mouth again just goes on and on and spilled that Xi Le is Ming Li’s daughter, so the evil guy would target her. *face palm*

As the evil guy injures Ping An she fell on the ground. I thought Ye Chen would come to the rescue but this time, it was actually Zi Wen. But just as he thought he scared the evil guy away, he comes back and stabs Zi Wen in the back. That gave me a shock! Although… did Zi Wen plan this to gain Xi Le’s trust?? Am I thinking too much?

Bai MIng Li and Ye Chen rushes to the hospital and guess what… Ming Li is more concerned about Ping An’s injuries and completely forgotten about Xi Le’s existence for a moment. (Hey, opening theme videos don’t lie!) So Zi Wen’s lost a lot of blood but he’s ok, everyone’s happy.

Finally finally finally this has to be the cutest scene in this ep – Ye Chen drives Ping An home. He asks her to give him her mobile phone, so he can put his number in a ‘fast dial number 1’. Ping An pretty much brushes him off and comments that he’s not superman, he can’t possibly appear instantly everytime she is in danger. OMG she needs to stop talking for one second and think about what he just did. Let me give you a hug Ye Chen you poor guy. Even as she walks into the building he has to remind her…

“Don’t let water get into the wound, tomorrow I’ll take you to the hospital to change bandages. Rest early.”

She finally shows some gratitude by ‘not deleting his number’, but it’s hilarious how he’s listed as “pervert” in her phonebook LOL.

Ah yes, the other business about Zi Wen’s stabbing. I really can’t be bothered going back to amend what I wrote HAHA. Yes, the evil guy goes and visit Zi Wen and we learn that they’re in this together! Evil guy asks for money so Zi Wen gave him a key to a locker in the shopping centre where the cash is stored. Hrm… I think they need to be more discreet than this.

Ye Chen goes back to the hospital to visit Zi Wen, just as the evil guy was still there. So the evil guy escapes, and Zi Wen pretends to be asleep so Ye Chen has some ‘thinking’ time. Even though Ye Chen seems more like a decoration for most of this episode, it’s like he’s watching the show with us and has it figured out already, that Ping An is really Bai Ming Li’s daughter. Smile with tongue out Can I love you anymore?


Back at the mansion, Xi Le and Ming Li learns that Zi Wen is ok. Since Ping An got hurt during the attack Xi Le asked if Ping An can move in with her… Ming Li of course accepts, well, we all know why.

The episode ends with Xi Le in a horrible outfit telling Ping An about the good news. (Poor Xi Le needs a better wardrobe, seriously..) Ping An hesitates…


Ooops, I didn’t intend this to be so freaking long. But really, this episode was heavy on revelations and based on the preview, we might finally get some Ye Chen / Ping An sexy time next ep. (Of course sexy time is just what I want to see, I will accept bickering / sweet interactions as well.) I am liking this series more and more because I’m not really sure where it is going. I thought this ‘borrow love’ business was between Ye Chen & Ping An, but that lasted for a whole of 3 seconds. Those longing looks Ye Chen is sending out will surely kill me as the series goes on.


As much as I keep complaining about Ping An I feel for her sometimes, like in the last scene when she feels pity for herself thinking about Xi Le and how lonely she is. Awww… can she not move in with Xi Le? (I want her to stay neighbours with Ye Chen!!!)


Ye Chen what are you doing to me… I suddenly feel the urge to dig out my “The Outsiders” DVDs to get my ‘Dylan as a gangster’ fix…





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