Borrow Your Love Episode 5 Recap – So… what happened?

Episode 5 started at the hospital – where Ye Chen spent the night. (why? hrm…ok) He received a phone call from Bai Ming Li asking him to help Ping An move houses. This only confirms his suspicions that Ping An is actually Ming Li’s daughter.

Ping An decided to stay at her own place instead of moving in with Xi Le and Ming Li because she didn’t want to rely on their kindness. (YAYYYY happy neighbour time!!!) But Xi Le, then said she wants to move back because she likes to have her own place too. So after some thinking time from Ping An, she thought Xi Le is sacrificing her happiness again just so that the friends can be together. (There’s some flashback again on how Xi Le deliberately let go of an opportunity back at the orphanage to have new parents just so she can stay with Ping An…) Knowing how much Xi Le had always wanted to have a mother, Ping An changed her mind and decided to move in with Xi Le. (DAMN! My happiness was short lived!)

At Bai Ming Li’s office, Director Ji and his son Huo Ying were there to discuss about the pearl proposal. Ming Li decided that Huo Ying should take up the Marketing / PR (?) Manager role within the company. Director Ji looked furious as it was an ‘entry level’ position and he wanted Huo Ying to be more like the Executive Assistant (so he can spy on Ming Li I suppose…) but Ming Li dismissed it and said the Assistant role is too boring and repetitive. Huo Ying tries to defuse the fire by saying being in marketing is a great idea…

Then Ye Chen arrives to hand in his resignation. Someone must’ve planted bugs in her office because they have to go to the rooftop to talk? (Infernal Affairs!!!! LOL) Ye Chen wanted to resign because he can’t work for someone who doesn’t trust him – since Ping An is her real daughter. Ming Li admits it but felt she had to lie to protect Ping An from the people who kidnapped her earlier. (ahhh the age old excuse) Ye Chen looks absolutely disgusted at how Ming Li is using Ping An and Xi Le. Ming Li even told him that she has some brain tumour and only has six months to live. Wow. She admits that out of everyone in the company (and probably on this earth), Ye Chen is the only person she can trust.

Wow, that’s pretty sad. At this point I started to have some sympathy for this woman. She met Ye Chen what… a few weeks ago? And he’s the only person she can tell all these secrets to? But then just as quickly she displayed her ‘cold’ side again going off about how selfish she is to protect her daughter. Yeah, I get it but really, she looked rather scary here. She doesn’t care who she hurts along the way. So just as quickly, my sympathy for her is starting to disappear again.

Even with her injured hand Ping An had to continue working at the food court. (How come Ming Li didn’t give her some days off???) She spilled some juice on a customer’s shoes and the customer goes off at her. That rude woman actually told Ping An to lick her shoes clean because the juice made them all sticky. (WTH!) Surprise surprise Ye Chen comes to the rescue saying he’s the manager. (LOL – I’m sorry, but he doesn’t look like one! BUT BUT BUT he flashes a smile at her!!! omg I died a little at that moment. Stop being so cute Mr Cool Bodyguard!)

So Ye Chen asked what’s his reward for saving her? Since Xi Le wanted to cook dinner at home tonight (as Ping An is moving in), Ping An invited Ye Chen along too. There is a cute little scene of YC/PA washing the dishes here and Ye Chen mentions that ‘pretend boy/girl friend’ thing again. (GOOD!! I thought you had forgotten it people!!!) But Ping An’s mind was otherwise occupied… she’s being all emo about Xi Le who must be spending time with Zi Wen right now. (gees, Ping An is still hung up over that guy!?)

At the hospital Zi Wen is having a fever… Xi Le notices and calls the doctors. This is when we finally get pretty much the ‘full’ flashback on what happened. After his parents were gone Zi Wen and Wei Zhen (Ye Chen’s sister) were faced with lots of debt collectors. They turn up at Zi Wen’s house breaking stuff and taking all the valuables away. I’m not sure what Zi Wen’s plan was, but he was sneaking up on Bai Ming Li only to find Wei Zhen trying to stop Ming Li’s car and then got ran over. (!!!!) The poor girl. So not only did Bai Ming Li drove his parents to bankruptcy and suicide… she also caused his girlfriend’s death. Wow. I’m surprised he can be so calm around Bai Ming Li.

Since Zi Wen’s has a fever, Xi Le decided to stay at the hospital with him and cancels the dinner date with Ping An. YAAAY because Ping An can have a dinner date with Ye Chen instead. (I hope Ming Li is not coming HAHAHA.) So Ping An tries to cook but she’s pretty bad at the kitchen, burning something and caused the fire sprinklers to activate. But Ye Chen walks over with an umbrella… awwwww.

I can’t believe we didn’t get more out of this possibly romantic scene in the ‘rain’. NOOOO!! Next we see them eating instant noodles instead LOL. Ping An notices the button hanging on Ye Chen’s necklace, so he told her that it was his sister’s. She died when he was in prison. Ping An pretty much freaked out the second she heard ‘prison’. I don’t blame her I suppose, but Ye Chen had been nothing but kindness towards her, she really should give him some credit.

Just as suddenly there was a loud noise in the house and turned out that Ming Li fainted. They rushed her to hospital. Randomly, Huo Ying was there chatting up some nurse so he also rushed to see Ming Li. Of course the doctor was working with Ming Li and just told everyone Ming Li is fine.

As Ye Chen is driving Ping An home, she was getting pretty upset about what happened, even though Ming Li is not her mum. She asked herself whether she will ever find her real mother. awwww…. Ye Chen wanted to comfort her but just couldn’t bring himself to it… (double awww…)

Back at the hospital Zi Wen got all cheesy and said to Xi Le – ohhh please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone…. rah rah… and they kiss! Hrm… I see his shifty eyes, poor Xi Le he’s totally using her.

Ming Li and Zi Wen have now recovered and back having board meetings again. The pearl proposal had been approved but Director Ji is still angry about his son not being closer to Ming Li. When Huo Ying mentioned that Ming Li has a beautiful daughter Director Ji approves of his son chasing after Xi Le. Huo Ying is surprised but happy nonetheless. Since Ming Li is having some party to announce Xi Le is her daughter, Zi Wen feels he needs to up the ante with Xi Le before other rich guys who who will now chase after her because of her status.

So Zi Wen’s idea of upping the ante is 以退為進 (how to say it in English… retreat in order to advance lol)… he wants to ‘breakup’ with Xi Le because he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her now that she is Bai Ming Li’s daughter. Xi Le of course totally buys it and says that she’s still the same person. Zi Wen leaves with a smirk on his face…gosh poor Xi Le, she’s being played by Bai Ming Li AND Zi Wen, and she’s like the most pure & kind hearted person in this series!

As Xi Le is emo-ing about losing her love Huo Ying randomly appears (as he is doing quite often in this ep). He suggests they go to some gathering with his friends, friends being other rich 2nd generations. For some reason she doesn’t say no… agh, this girl needs to stop being a pushover. But at the gathering I’m not sure why Huo Ying brought Xi Le there because there were just three other guys. Of course they were all oogling over her, but Huo Ying was trying to ‘stake his claim’ although technically they’re cousins?

Earlier Ping An saw Xi Le leaving the shopping centre with Huo Ying so she thought something was not right. She tried to call Xi Le but no answer so she was starting to worry. Right then Zi Wen calls Ping An to his office to discuss about the catering for Xi Le’s ‘introduction’ party. (I don’t know what to call this, it’s really more of a ‘coming out as Bai Ming Li’s daughter party but that kinda sounds weird lol.) Ping An tells Zi Wen that she’s worried about Xi Le and Zi Wen is secretly smirking again because his plan is working!

So Ping An rushes over to Xi Le’s house but Xi Le wasn’t there and Bai Ming Li was resting. So in her time of need, who does she call???? (not Ghostbusters! Sorry I am cheesy and I’m old, so there.)

OK finally we get an interesting storyline on Ye Chen. He’s at his sister’s grave planting her favourite flower. But he was interrupted by Detective Hsu. Hsu must’ve been the one who arrested Ye Chen before and expressed his surprise at how Ye Chen is now Bai Ming Li’s driver. The policeman senses Bai Ming Li might’ve hired Ye Chen to do her dirty work given her track record. Ye Chen denies this since we all know he’s the good guy here but the policeman gives him his card anyway ‘just in case’. Oh.. so now Ye Chen is an informant by default? Poor him… he can’t get away from all these complications in his life.

(Sorry, can’t help myself – have some pretty Ye Chen screencaps)

When Xi Le finally realised she probably drank too much and shouldn’t have gone with Huo Ying to whatever party that was, she called Ping An. Then of course in dramaland that was the exact time when Ping An forgot to take her phone as Ye Chen arrives to pick her up. So Ping An got in the car….

Ping An: How come you’re so slow! Hurry! We need to save Xi Le?
Ye Chen: Where’s Xi Le?
Ping An: I don’t know… I only know she’s with that big pervert Ji Huo Ying, plus I keep calling her but she’s not answering…I’m very worried!
Ye Chen: Not allowed.
Ping An: What not allowed?
Ye Chen: So how many people do you think are big perverts?
Ping An: You’re…. jealous? How can someone be jealous of that…?


OMG That. Is. Hilarious. It was as if Ye Chen wants to be Ping An’s ‘one and only’ pervert HAHAHA!!!! Excuse me while I go weep in a corner at their cuteness.

The episode ends at Zi Wen’s office. Director Ji arrived to meet Zi Wen but Zi Wen was late. So Director Ji saw the contract about the food court on Zi Wen’s desk. It seems Zi Wen deliberately left it there as it was part of some plan. (not sure what, but okay…) Zi Wen also revealed in a voiceover that he’s probably the person who organised the original kidnapping in episode one?????? REALLY???? (Oh, and then Ye Chen and Ping An also arrived at Zi Wen’s office to seek his help in finding Xi Le… but that’s not really important now is it…????)

Just look at that evil smirk!! I don’t think there was ever a point in this series where I liked him, even in the flashbacks… hmmm.

Wow… this recap was short, mostly because I don’t think a lot actually happened? It would be great if this story move along quicker. It’s weird because as I’m watching it, I don’t think it’s dragging? But I still want some more character exploration on Ye Chen (HA! Can you tell I’m biased?) and probably Xi Le. So next ep will probably introduce another new character, Huo Ying’s sister. We hardly got to know Huo Ying (I’m conflicted about him so far, he doesn’t seem as evil as his father but maybe he’s just not that smart….) and now we’re throwing his sister into the mix.

Hopefully next ep will be better, I’m disappointed by the lack of Ye Chen / Ping An scenes (again). Everything was pretty much included in the preview! ><


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  1. Kaptain A Avatar
    Kaptain A

    I do wonder when Ping An will stop pining after Zi Wen! Ugh!! xD

    Agreed. When I think about it, nothing major happened in this episode. Going forward we must. Umbrella scene is epic cute!

    1. kat Avatar

      From the preview hopefully in episode 7 Ping An will FINALLY start to have feelings for Ye Chen!!! *throws confetti*

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