Time Lapse: Chilam Cheung’s mini movie for Georgia Coffee

Let me start off with a confession. Once upon a time I was a huge Chilam fan, to the point where he was the first star which I had ‘chased’. By that I mean I flew to another city in Australia just to see him. Unfortunately that was also the only time I met him! >< Nowadays I don’t follow his news so closely anymore, but I am looking forward to his new TVB series. So when I saw that he posted a link to his new mini movie “Time Laspe” on weibo, I thought I’d check it out!

VO: Living, had made us forget about time. But don’t let time make us forget about living. In our lifetime, every event, every crossing point, has a new direction hidden within. Time differences revolutionised time. Even if a day had already passed, in another place it starts again. In contrast, some days are like it never happened.

The mini movie started with Chilam arriving at the airport. As he got on a taxi, he told his colleague on the phone that was 10 minutes late and also confirmed his trip to Tokyo tomorrow morning.

VO: If you flew for over 10 hours, saw the client sign a contract and then the next morning fly another 10+ hours to see another client sign another contract… your choice will be the same as mine. My job is pretty good, it’s quite busy but the income is steady. I really don’t know what else I can complain about…

After a sleepless night, he woke up late and had to rush to the airport. As he was talking to his colleague on the phone, two people bumped into him. He dropped his phone on the ground and that’s when the action begins because the two people stole his phone and luggage!

He gave chase but couldn’t catch the robbers. So he rested on a bench beside a fountain.

VO: At this moment my mind is blank. I only felt that the air is very sweet, the sky is very blue, really blue. I’ve already forgotten when was the last time I’ve looked at the sky like this.

That’s when he realised he injured his hand and a little girl came over and wrapped some cloth around it. After the little girl left, he saw the robbers again and started running… He stopped to ask a chestnut seller whether he saw the girl running past but right at that time, a tram went past… and the girl was on the tram.


VO: Chasing and chasing I heard a voice saying to me – you are not chasing a robber, you only wanted to deviate from the familiar track. But for a person to leave his normal path, what sacrifices will he have to make? Understand this moment, then you can feel the next one.

As he stopped by the seaside, he reached inside his jacket and found some chestnuts wrapped in a magazine (?) page. That page, has him in it! This is when this mini movie start to get really interesting!

VO: In our lifetimes, we have walked passed many doorways. Making different choices will lead to different experiences. Have you thought about what it will be like behind those different doors? If you can choose again, will your life start over again?


So he finds the restaurant where that magazine page was taken. He was welcomed by many who were singing and dancing… On the wall, he found a polaroid of himself… and that girl~

He rushes outside and it was as if he stepped back (? or forward?) in time, he was holding his phone again and the wound on his hand was no longer there…

VO: Living is not as complicated as we think. Just like every game, whether it was good or not depends on whether you were immersed or participated in it. The most important thing is… can you hear your true inner voice? If you sense that you need to change, it’s actually the need to change yourself. On a particular day, your particular decision, can change your life.

He sees the girl again, this time with his phone and luggage again… in a flashback, we see that the other person who ‘robbed’ him was actually himself… his future self had created all these events…


VO: Fate determines our meetings and leavings. If our actions come from our heart, then the taste of life will slowly surface.

I love this mini movie! It was shot beautifully and although it was an advertisement, the product placement wasn’t “in your face”. The distinct scenery made me miss Spain so much~ (I went there last year…) According to Georgia Coffee HK’s Facebook page, “Time Lapse” was shot in Lisbon, Portugal so I was close! As for the story itself, it was simple (as mini movies should be) but effective. I liked that there was a ‘twist’ there, plus we get to see two different styles of Chilam~ I hope Georgia Coffee / Chilam will make more mini movies in the future.





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  1. Kaptain A Avatar
    Kaptain A

    Is mini-movies a new trend? I see that many stars are doing it, another one features Liu Shi Shi. Chilam never ages. He looks good from the screencaps. 😀

    1. kat Avatar

      YES they seem to be! I just posted another upcoming one with Bolin Chen who did like four (?) already last year! It’s a good way to take plain old advertising to a new level I guess. Gosh, I agree Chilam still looks as young as ever, I’m jealous.

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