[Bromance] Show Lo & Will Pan’s late night antics

Is this post just an excuse for me to post pretty pictures of two of my favourite people in c-pop? Probably. But hey, it’s Friday, why not?

So the 17th Annual Channel V Chinese Music Awards (CMA) was held on the 18th April at Macau. Some of the biggest names in music attended including Show Lo and Will Pan. Of course they won awards but what happened after the ceremony was more interesting…

This is what they wore for the awards:

cr @willpan23 Instagram
cr @showlostage Instagram

As the stars were all staying in the same hotel, even with their busy schedules these two have to catch up right? And their bonding activity of choice…?

At Will’s weibo, he posted: “I pretend to be me, he pretends to be me, you are me then who can I pretend to be? @ShowLo” (a play on the lyrics of his own song, “The Story of Billy”.

Over at Show’s weibo, he posted: “I laugh at me, he laughs at him, you laugh at me so who should I laugh at? @WillPan” (another play on the lyrics of “The Story of Billy”)

… and they posted at the exact same time!

Not content with just showing off their bromance on one social network, they step it up a notch on Instagram. Or maybe it was before they posted on weibo… because this is what happened.

@willpan23:Today Channel V gave me a huge recognition, thank you for everyone’s support, Feel the love! The love! I’m Show Lo!” (“Feel the love” = Show’s song)

@willpan23: “@showlostage Happy smiling duo”

@showlostage: “Really happy today! Received recognition from everyone! Thank you everyone for supporting The Story of Billy! I’m Will Pan!”

@showlostage: “Late at night and two people are not asleep, wearing each other’s clothes, something wrong? @willpan23”

I laughed so hard when I saw these, although I must say the pink doesn’t really suit Show, but the green looks okay on Will.  LOL.





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