[Unconfirmed] Love SOS 119 to air after Borrow Your Love?

Now the airing date was posted on Wikipedia of all places, and it has not been confirmed on the series’ official Facebook page yet, but I hope it’s true since I’ve been looking out for it!

“Love SOS 119” (愛情急整室) focuses on Cosmetic doctors, and stars Daniel Chan Hiu Tung, Jian Man Shu, Patrick Lee Pei Xu, Amber An Xin Ya and Lin Yu Pin (A Xi). Can’t say I’m familiar with most of the actors here but of course the headline act is Daniel Chan. I find it quite hilarious when I read he is quite a few actors’ ‘childhood idol’. (Didn’t Ariel Lin say she filmed Lanling Wang because of him? LOL.) Personally, I never liked him all that much when he was the pretty boy idol during the 90s, but after watching “Feel 100%” (the HK idol drama) a few years ago and listening some of his songs, I’m quite fond of him. 🙂

Here’re some of the characters’ backgrounds: (mild spoilers below)

Han Tian Yu (Daniel Chan) – Cosmetic Clinic’s acting Director

Humorous, smart and easy going, he is the rare type of doctor who has the educational qualifications and real world experience. He’s full of passion for medicine, but doesn’t care for fame and fortune. Soft on the outside but tough on the inside, he works on a remote island.

Whenever someone asks him – why are you working in such a remote location? He always responds – because the island needs a doctor. Doesn’t really answer the question! At first people might think he’s a bit cunning and can’t get close to him easily, but if you have seen his innocent smile when he plays with the children on the island, you will be touched.

There’re many women who admire Tian Yu because firstly, he’s gentle and warm, secondly he’s a doctor but the third reason… he’s very mysterious…

He rarely talks about himself and has never reciprocated any of his admirer’s offers. If he didn’t meet Tong Lin, he would not realise how scared he is about love, maybe he would never realise he has a dark side – the grief he feels about his father’s affairs and growing up with his mother.

When he took over the Cosmetic Clinic under his mother’s orders, Tian Yu met Tong Lin and a group of different employees and ever growing problems. This shatters Tian Yu’s easy going, carefree image. He can’t control his impatience and even.. jealousy? Tian Yu realises he has to undergo an operation, to repair the wound he didn’t want to face – love.

Tong Lin (Jian Man Shu) – Cosmetic Clinic’s intern doctor

Frank, passionate and highly efficient. If she thinks something is right, she will do it and follow through until the end. An impulsive person.
When Tong Lin was young she was in a car accident which left her with an ugly scar. After Father Han’s many years of treatment and painful operations, she has finally grown to be healthy and beautiful. Father Han is like her real father and she is very grateful for his help. Tong Lin decided to become a cosmetic surgeon so she can help others like her.

“Helping others is the source of happiness, happiness is the sourse for Tong Lin.” Even if you don’t need her help, she will try to help you. The recipients of her ‘help’ usually has two reactions – worship her like a big sister or avoid her like a plague. This is because of her overzealousness and impulsive nature. Even though Tong Lin has many friends, she has never been in love. After she started working at the Cosmetic Clinic, her outgoing nature unexpectedly moved Han Tian Yu. But even when Han Tian Yu tries to win her heart, she cannot see any of it. Facing this completely newbie in love, even the usually calm Tian Yu has become impatient.

Shao Xiang Feng (Patrick Lee) – Cosmetic Clinic’s doctor

Caring, kind and romantic, his life has been without difficulties, but he’s fragile. When he was in medical school, whether it was in academics or in love, he was always just ahead of Han Tian Yu. There was a rivalry between them.

Actually Shao Xiang Feng is willing to concede and hates conflicts, different from the proactive Han Tian Yu. The only thing he has directly fought against Han Tian Yu was the medical school beauty Yang Ling. However because of an accident, she died on his operating table. Xiang Feng blames himself for her death, and because of the pain he began to let go of himself.

Shao Xiang Feng broke contact with everyone and lived a different life. He thought he can punish himself that way for redemption, but leaving himself behind was like falling into a blackhole. It became more and more painful.

A car accident broke this vicious cycle. Shao Xiang Feng saved the driver in the accident and was recognised by Tong Tong. Tong Tong’s care and encouragement shone on his heart, slowly, Shao Xiang Feng feels like he’s living again…

Liu Yi Jie (Amber An) – Rich daughter of a Medical Corporation

Spoiled and cute, a rich girl but has a kind heart. She doesn’t understand the difficulties of life and when facing problems, she will say some unrealistic responses. Her goal is simple, to be in a relationship with Han Tian Yu, but this was strongly opposed by her father! Yi Jie fought with her father many times over this but she cannot fight with reality. After Han Tian Yu left to go to a remote island, the relationship with her father has calmed down somewhat.

But the truth is, Yi Jie has never gave up on Han Tian Yu. She tried to locate Tian Yu without her father’s knowledge and chased all the way to the island. But then she realised he has a fiancée already…

This was shattering news for Yi Jie. She swears that no one can ever, ever break her love for Tian Yu. No one – including her father, Tong Lin or even Tian Yu can stop this love! Yi Jie uses every method to win over Tian Yu, but is this the type of love she really wants?

Huang Tian Tian (A Xi) – Cosmetic Clinic’s nurse

Tong Lin’s good friend – because she sees a lot of cosmetic procedures in her work, she can’t help but get some ‘work’ done too. But even though this made her more beautiful on the outside, she’s still very insecure on the inside. She has dreams of becoming a doctor’s wife and had many failed relationships. Tian Tian becomes Tong Lin’s ‘love consultant’, but her bad ideas just cause more troubles between Han Tian Yu and Tong Lin.

After looking at the character intros my interest in this series has peaked! Although… I just hope there’ll be good chemistry between the leads because just looking at the pictures, I’m not 100% sold on Daniel/Jian Man Shu. BUT, Patrick Lee not bad looking so this could be promising… looks like I’ll have another series to follow after ‘Borrow your love’ 😀 😀


All pictures from Love SOS 119’s official Facebook page





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