Borrow Your Love Episode 9 Recap – Is that a 400% improvement?

After that ‘cliffhanger’ from last week, episode 9 starts with Li Sha and Xi Le acting like best buds shopping for a watch for Zi Wen. After they bought the watch they went to this furniture store, where Li Sha pretended to slip and dropped her handbag… then the pearl earrings fell out.

Xi Le immediately asks Li Sha what the heck is going on, did she frame Ping An for losing the earrings? Li Sha initially just brushes her off and tells her it’s best not to ask about it, but Xi Le chases her out of the store and confronts her. Li Sha goes on about how she simply cannot stand Ping An – brash, loud, and always get into trouble. But somehow, everyone still loves her, the head of the orphanage loved her, the other kids loved her, and now, even Bai Ming Li gave her the assistant job. Li Sha even commented Ping An is acting more like Bai Ming Li’s daughter than Xi Le. Since she still has an ounce of decency, Xi Le defends Ping An – she gets into trouble because she’s trying to help others, that’s why other people like her.

Xi Le may be defending Ping An now, but in her mind there’s also a hint of jealousy, especially with the way Bai Ming Li is treating her. That’s exactly what Li Sha wanted to do, drive a rift between Ping An and Xi Le.

On the light note – Ping An / Ye Chen moment!!!! Sometimes think I could just watch the PA/YC cut of the series and be totally happy because they’re so cute together. Last episode Ye Chen made some excuse that (since Ping An worked in a florist before) she should help him with the flowers he’s growing. The flowers are not blossoming and he needs her help. (yeah… sure!) Those flowers were actually the ones planted at his sister’s grave. It’s like he’s bringing Ping An to ‘meet his family’.

Ping An remembers that day (in episode 1 I think?) when they were crossing the street, and he was holding some flowers. He was on the way to visit his sister just when Bai Ming Li and Ping An were being kidnapped. In effect, Wei Zhen helped to save her too so Ping An thanks her… awww.

Ye Chen: You look really good when you smile. Ping An, can you promise me no matter what happens in the future, you will keep smiling this way?

Ping An nods: Then… can you promise me no matter what happens in the future you will always be by my side like you are now?

AND THEN THEY HUGGED. I am melting into a puddle…

Back at the hospital, we only see Bai Ming Li has changed her will, but we do not know of the contents. I’m assuming she’s changing her beneficiary to Ping An… but oddly enough, Bai Ming Li tells Ye Chen to keep it safe, and only give it to the lawyer when she says so. What? That could be dangerous for Ye Chen right?

At the mansion, Xi Le and Ping An are cooking dinner. Ping An mentions her trip to the cemetery, so Xi Le finds out Zi Wen was lying about Wei Zhen in the last episode. Idiot. He overhears their conversation but didn’t say anything to Xi Le immediately.

During dinner, although Bai Ming Li comments it’s been a while the house has been so lively with five people eating dinner together, but the atmosphere was rather awkward. Xi Le is of course thinking about Zi Wen / Wei Zhen. Ping An tries to break the ice by making a silly joke, Ye Chen steps on her shoe to try to stop her talking but she doesn’t get the point. LOL. Ye Chen’s probably thinking why doesn’t this girl stop and think about it before things come out of her mouth.

After dinner, Zi Wen tries to talk to Xi Le but she just brushes it off as if nothing was happening. Zi Wen flat out admitted he lied about Wei Zhen, making up some excuse that he didn’t want her to overthink things if he told her the truth. So illogical. I’m sorry but Wei Zhen is gone already, even if he misses her it’s understandable and makes him more likeable. But he has to be an ass and lie about it. And then even more crazy is Xi Le says she doesn’t care, she can pretend like nothing happened. Gosh, something is wrong with this woman. Somehow, this is the perfect opportunity for him to propose?

Zi Wen: I’m not the smartest man, but do I have the honour of marrying the smartest woman?

Hrm… is he mocking her? She accepts of course, but just wants to ask her mother anyway. Zi Wen looks evil again, it’s all going according to his plan.

Ye Chen / Ping An moment No 2!!!! That is a 100% increase from last week!!! They’re outside just walking… sitting on a bench… star gazing…. (because really they should be a COUPLE by now!) and then he sees her pearl necklace.

Ye Chen: You received another new gift? First the phone and now the pearl necklace, what’s Ji Huo Ying up to?

LOL Ye Chen is jealous! But when she explains the necklace is from Bai Ming Li he gives her the sweetest smile. They have a conversation about stars, how all they people they love who passed away are the stars are watching over them. And yes, she knows her father has died already but just couldn’t accept it before.

Ye Chen: You’re not alone… there’s already a star by your side protecting you.

*SPAZZING TO DEATH* Is there going to be a YC/PA kissing scene in this series? Because there could’ve been one RIGHT THERE. Please don’t tell me because Amanda Zhu is married now she doesn’t do kissing scenes anymore. NOOOOOOOOOOO…

I am dancing on air after these two scenes and may not recover enough to recap the rest of this episode properly~

While Bai Ming Li’s sleeping Xi Le notices a photo of Bai Ming Li and her husband, and she’s wearing the pearl necklace. Xi Le asks about the photo and finds out it was taken over 20 years ago. Xi Le is thinking – if she kept the necklace for that long, the necklace must be important? And she gave it to Ping An?

Xi Le also tells her mother Zi Wen proposed. Bai Ming Li just tells Xi Le if she likes him, then she will give them her blessing. But the weird thing is, Bai Ming Li suggests they get married when Xi Le graduates, which is next month!

Ping An is probably the only one who is excited about the wedding. Then randomly, Xi Le gives her this tender document, something that Bai Ming Li gave her to pass onto Zi Wen so they can submit it in time. Apparently this document is very important to the future of the shopping centre. Of course this was Li Sha’s idea – saying that if Ping An can’t do something so simple, she shouldn’t be working here. Even after that lie with the pearl earrings Xi Le is still listening to Li Sha, she’s not very smart.

As Ping An is leaving the shopping centre with the tender document, she bumps into someone and drops the envelope. Then she sees Huo Ying, who asks her what’s she’s carrying. Since it’s such an important document, he helps her to put it in her backpack and suggests he drives her to the place where they submit it.

They have an hour to get there but there’s a big traffic jam. So Ping An decides to run instead and she gets there with just five minutes spare…

Once Ping An leaves the car, Huo Ying voice over – “Sorry, Ping An…” Guess he doesn’t like her that much afterall if he’s willing to sacrifice her over what his father wants to do…

Bai Ming Li and Ye Chen are waiting for the results of the tender. When the phone call arrives to say they didn’t get it, she immediately knows the company who got it must be the one secretly controlled by Director Ji. When she gave the document to Xi Le to pass onto Zi Wen, it was a test – she didn’t want to suspect Zi Wen but since Xi Le is marrying him, she has an obligation to find out what type of person Zi Wen is…

But they also find out the person who delivered the document was not Zi Wen, it was Ping An. And the envelope they submitted was just a pile of blank paper…

The calm before the storm Ye Chen / Ping An moment no 3?!? Ping An sees a street stall selling egg cakes and thought she will buy enough for everyone. Ye Chen arrives to pick her up and she explains when Xi Le and her were young, they only had enough money to buy one batch but they only sell in odd numbers so there’s always one left… and Xi Le always let Ping An have the last one. Since Ping An’s so happy, Ye Chen didn’t want to mention about the blank document incident. He trusts that Bai Ming Li will know how to deal with it.

So he asks Ping An whether he can have one too… and she just shoves it in his mouth. OMG. Cuteness overload!

Xi Le arrives at a beauty parlour where Li Sha is all excited saying she bought Xi Le a wedding gift – some spa treatments again. Then Li Sha tells her about the blank document, and thanks her for the opportunity to get Ping An into trouble. Li Sha says her father would never let the shopping centre win the tender anyway, so it was either Zi Wen or Ping An who will take the blame. Initially, Xi Le was all – I WILL GO TELL ON YOU! But once she hears Zi Wen’s name, she hesitates.

At the shopping centre, Ping An has been fired because of this incident. Ye Chen finds her as she leaves and she explains someone must’ve switched the document. He suggests they watch the CCTV footage and find the person…

But the first guy she bumped into, didn’t switch it, which leaves Huo Ying. However, Huo Ying knew the presence of CCTVs so he deliberately covered himself so they couldn’t see if he did it or not. Then, Ye Chen receives a phone call from Bai Ming Li telling him to stop investigating, and leave the shopping centre with Ping An.

Outside, Ye Chen wonders why Bai Ming Li told him to stop investigating. But then he rushes back inside, saying he needs to get something, while Ping An sits waiting for him. Zi Wen runs out to say goodbye to Ping An, saying he believes she would not betray the shopping centre.

Zi Wen Voiceover: This building… will not have sunshine anymore…

Ye Chen actually went back to look at the CCTV footage again, he notices Huo Ying briefly glanced at the security camera as he puts the document into Ping An’s backpack. He thinks that’s ‘evidence’ to clear Ping An’s name, so he saves the footage onto a USB drive.

As Ye Chen drives Ping An back to the mansion she tries to avoid going back, but Ye Chen tells her she can’t avoid Bai Ming Li forever…

Ye Chen: Quickly go!

Ping An: You’re so cruel.

(I just love the way he says it HAHAHA)

Inside the house, Xi Le apologises to Bai Ming Li that it was her fault for giving the document to Ping An instead of Zi Wen. Li Sha’s also there to stir crap of course. She makes up lame excuse that Xi Le and Zi Wen were supposed to see a wedding consultant so that’s why Zi Wen couldn’t deliver the document.

Ping An apologises to Bai Ming Li, but before Bai Ming Li even gets to say anything, Ji Li Sha just goes on and on telling Ping An she should be ashamed for causing so much trouble, she should leave the house blah blah blah…

Ye Chen: Ji Li Sha – shut up!

Before Ye Chen can talk to Bai Ming Li further, Bai Ming Li just says she wants to rest and goes upstairs.

Ye Chen: Hey, why are you still here? Or do you want me to throw you out?

Li Sha: You’re only a driver! How can you talk to me like that?

Ye Chen: Because I can’t stand seeing you here, get out!

Li Sha: Why are you so mean? Why do you hate me so much? You treat me so poorly but you’re so good to Ping An. How can she be better than me?

Ye Chen: From top to bottom, from inside and out…. you’re nothing compared to her. Happy now? The door is over there.

Ye Chen tries to encourage Ping An, although Ping An’s still blaming herself. Ye Chen tells her he can make things better, and goes upstairs to see Bai Ming Li.

He tries to explain he has evidence Huo Ying is probably behind this, but Bai Ming Li doesn’t want to hear any of it. She already knows, but thinks it’s a good opportunity for Ping An to stay away from all the troubles/issues of the shopping centre. I actually thought Xi Le was going to overhear their conversation or something (since they didn’t close the door?) but no… not yet, too premature for Xi Le to find out I suppose.

Outside the mansion, Ping An explains she can go back to the orphanage, but Ye Chen insists she stays with him. (Wonder why?!? HAHA) She can sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the sofa. Awww…. they get to be roomies now!!!

At Ye Chen’s place, Ping An notices a sketch book. Inside there’s a sketch of a pearl pendant (?? I’m assuming) and he explains he learnt a bit during the photoshoot a couple of episodes ago. He chose the pearl as his design because to develop into a beautiful pearl, it must endure many obstacles, like in life. The wavey bit on the side (sorry, don’t know how to describe this) is his hope of a wave gently protecting the pearl…

She praises him it’s a great design and would sell well… but he tells her it’s a limited edition design. So she guesses it must be a gift for someone… for who? She keeps asking him… and here I am screaming at my computer, well DUH! Who else but you Ping An!!!

Ye Chen changes the subject and wonders whether he will have the chance to give this pearl to her. Oh gosh it would be so sweet when he does. Yes, I have to believe this will happen eventually!

Zi Wen is at the Ji house looking for Director Ji. But Huo Ying tells him his father is not there. So Zi Wen gives Huo Ying a document about how the shareholders will be voting, and says this should help Director Ji. Zi Wen hopes Director Ji can pressure the other shareholders (then Bai Ming Li) to transfer her shares to Xi Le, then Zi Wen can work with Director Ji in the future. Huo Ying says he doesn’t care about these things, and just tells Zi Wen to see Director Ji instead.

As Huo Ying leaves the room, he drops a document – the tender document Ping An was supposed to deliver. Zi Wen picks it up…

On the rooftop, Bai Ming Li and Ye Chen are talking about Director Ji secretly meeting with the other shareholders. Bai Ming Li will transfer some shares to Xi Le as a wedding gift, it will be some compensation for what is in her will (Xi Le will probably get nothing?).

She asks about Ping An, and Ye Chen tells her Ping An is working at the florist and wants to study again. Bai Ming LI has already prepared the money for her studies, but Ye Chen reminds her Ping An probably wants to be with her mother more than these material things.

Bai Ming Li: I can leave this world with comfort knowing Ping An has a friend like you. My life has already reached its end, any memory / remembering is only limited. If I want Ping An to be truly safe, should I keep this secret and never tell her I’m her mother?


I loved this episode!! All the PA/YC scenes I want to watch over and over again – Ye Chen is so sweet, argh… I actually just started watching “Ia Ia, I do / Love! Ah I do / Ai Ya Ai Ya, Wo Yuan Yi / ????,??? or whatever it’s actual English name is) last week to get my Dylan Kuo fix during the week. HAHAHA. I included more quotes than usual because… argh… PA/YC OTP goodness.. cannot. resist.

From the preview of episode 10, Zi Wen will find out Ping An is really Bai Ming Li’s daughter!? Xi Le and Bai Ming Li will be in a car crash??? Li Sha is up to something again? Finally…. things are picking up again, and there’re only four episodes left! ><


4 responses to “Borrow Your Love Episode 9 Recap – Is that a 400% improvement?”

  1. Davet Avatar

    I agree that Li Sha wanted to drive a rift between Ping An and Xi Le and even though Xi Le now knows that LS set PA up, she still is falling into LS’s trap. I loved all of the Ping An and Ye Chen moments; they are too adorable and each of their scenes becomes better and better. ‘Tear’ lol. Seeing YC jealous is just the icing on the cake; him and PA being ‘roomies’ is the cherry on the top.

    I do believe Zi Wen mocked Xi Le because clearly she is not smart lol. I also believe she won’t be getting any shares because that is ZW’s plan anyway, well part of it.

    Seriously?! How dumb can Xi Le be when she not only found out Li Sha lied, but Zi Wen as well. I mean if he lied about something as serious as YC’s sister, but then again the way he pulled himself out of the lie could be understandable but we know he’s trying to cover himself up LOL, she is still willing to believe everything they say. And it’s fairly obvious what LS wants, but I believe Xi Le can’t see through that. I mean how can you not? LS is just a bad seed and I agree with you in your episode 8 comment. She always wants to win and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants; even when Ye Chen turned her down numerous times AND spelled it out for her in Bai Ming Li’s house. It’s funny because she listened to him and left just like he told her LOL.

    Even though PA was fired and left Bai Ming Li’s home, it’s nice to see that her mother is still looking out for her. Before I used to believe Bai Ming Li to be cruel, but now I see her reasons which is fairly understandable when your time is limited. It probably could have been a better way, but when someone is desperate to keep someone safe, he or she will take drastic measures.

    Episode 10; I cannot wait. I want to know what thought goes through Zi Wen mind when he finds out PA is actually Bai Ming Li’s daughter and what he would do lol. Looks like he probably won’t be getting the number of shares he thought Xi Le would be recieving lol. SUCKS FOR YOU ZI WEN!!! With the car accident, I had to keep rewinding it because I could not believe my eyes. Who was driving the car? And where was Ye Chen?

    1. kat Avatar

      Gosh I don’t know what Xi Le is thinking sometimes, and all her scenes with Li Sha I’m just snoozing through them. It’s like a necessary evil of this series, have to sit through them to get to the PA/YC scenes. Even though the whole PA/YC relationship was a litle lacking in the set up, (in the beginning I thought it’s weird he would fall in love with someone similar to his sister…) but now I don’t care anymore lol. YC is always jealous of the most trivial things (like when PA called Huo Ying a pervert!!!!) but it’s hilarious! Just hope they have more ‘roomies’ scenes, or just them in general, I can just watch them for the whole episode 😛

      HA yeah Xi Le is not smart at all, I don’t get what she sees in Zi Wen anyway, apart from the ‘appearance’ of the perfect guy before they were together, he’s not that great of a boyfriend? And to get married to him so soon? Just doesn’t make sense.

      I don’t mind the Bai Ming Li scenes now, she has become much more sympathetic that’s for sure. All the Li Sha ones can be cut, I would rather see more of Huo Ying? He seems to have potential for development, like he isn’t really a bad person, but he has to work or his father? That could’ve been interesting, but he’s way underutilised in this series.

      From that Ep 10 preview – maybe Zi Wen caused the car accident? If he has the new will, then the shares will still go to Xi Le because the secret about Ping An will be hidden? I don’t know, just a thought!

      1. Davet Avatar

        I feel the same way lol. I hate the Li Sha and Xi Le scenes. I dread watching those when they come on. I have to force myself to watch them even though they make me so angry lol. I feel sorry for YC because he wasn’t there when his sister passed away. To me, I feel she would still have been alive if he did not go to jail for Zi Wen. I blame Zi Wen for YC’s sister’s death anyway. I can’t really explain it, but I felt that even though Ping An reminded him so much of his sister that made him cope with the loss of her; also for him to move on with his life. Oh and they better have some ‘roomie’ scenes because I know we aren’t the only ones who are hoping for it. Well more like demanding it. : ) Even though I sometimes watch the episodes over and over, I mostly watch the PA and YC scenes.

        Yes. Why does Xi Le like him again? Lol he so does not look like the innocent type or what he portrays himself to be lol. It’s a shame almost all the girls/ women adore him. I suppose he can have that nice side, but lately the show has been showing his ‘evil’ side and I just find that hilarious. I agree, the wedding is moving too soon. Even the sound of it shouldn’t have been mentioned. I know it’s a short series, but that’s moving too fast and too suspicious. Xi Le can’t even see through it because she’s blinded by her so called love.

        Huo Ying is not really a bad person in this series when I think about it. It’s actually his father’s doing and his father is greedy and selfish. That was Zi Wen’s papa’s demise. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t stand up to his father. It’s obvious he does not want to do the things his dad wants him to do. I agree; I prefer to see more of HY and less of Li Sha as well.

        To be honest, that did not cross my mind lol. It’s possible Zi Wen could have been the one driving and made that crash after he found out Ping An was the real daughter. Now that part is killing me because of the suspense. I’m looking forward in watching that scene. I remember Bai Ming Li and PA (I believe) were looking at a house. It’ll be a nightmare if he has the new will in possession.

        1. kat Avatar

          Yes it’s definitely Zi Wen’s fault YC’s sister died. I don’t think they really explained why she died, ok she jumped out in front of Bai Ming Li’s car for what? Just to talk to her? Anyway, if Zi Wen owned up that he killed that guy (rather than YC taking the fall) Wei Zhen would still be alive…

          YC/PA scenes are the best! Looking back I’m surprised they have so much chemistry right from the beginning, maybe I’m biased towards Dylan lol. He really surprised me in this series. As for Zi Wen, seems like all the girls like him only because he looks ‘good’ on the outside. Like he has a good job, cares for others and some might find him handsome hahaha. Just on the exterior, noone can see how evil he really is inside. Compared to YC, who seems scary on the outside, but he’s just softie which is adorable…

          When Huo Ying first appeared he seems like he wanted to distance himself from his father, trying to start his own business etc but eventually got sucked back in. In this ep he just bluntly replied to Zi Wen he’s not interested in any of the fighting stuff, but I guess it’s hard for him, walking a fine line. I’m curious though when his father (I assume) asked him to switch the documents how did he react? Did Huo Ying even remotely tried to dissuade his father or just went along with it?

          Ah yes the suspense! This could be real turning point for this series to get better and better. Not long to go until next ep now!! 😀

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