Mini Movie: Dive In 2013 Part 2 – The Last First Date

During those years – that person you silently admired, the most beautiful first love in your heart, is like that dress you adore in the shop window. You repeatedly imagined how good you will look wearing it. Every day you walk past it, looking at it, but can this be forever? Is this most innocent love your destiny?


This is the introduction to Part 2 of Dive In 2013, Cornetto icecream’s series of mini movies featuring Bolin Chen, Kai Ko, Annie Chen, Nikki Shao and Fu Xin Bo. After wrapping up Xiao You and Ke Ke’s story in Part 1, the remaining three parts will concentrate on two new characters – Ren Xin Yi (Annie Chen) and Ke Dong (Kai Ko).

Ren Xin Yi, a fourth year psychology student and Ke Dong, a third year advertising student are both competing for a place in a prestigious internship. Xin Yi is known to be straight talking, fierce and unforgiving. They refer to her as the ‘devil girl’. Ke Dong on the other hand, is a creative person who doesn’t seem to take things too seriously.

Ke Dong voiceover: This girl… when she farts has she thought about how her underwear feels?


After their presentations, Ke Ke (one of the judges on the panel) decided both of them would get the internship. As they leave the building, Ke Dong suggests to Xin Yi they should exchange phone numbers since they will be seeing a lot of each other in the next month. Xin Yi reluctantly agrees, but as she’s walking down the stairs, she nearly got hit by someone on a bike. Ke Dong tries to pull her away from the bike…

She’s about to scold the guy… but immediately stopped when she sees he’s Shao Yang (Fu Xin Bo), a fourth year Management student. Her tone changes from fierce to gentle and both Ke Dong and Ke Ke notices she must like this guy…

In a flashback, we see Xin Yi having a crush on Shao Yang three years ago. She would try to create chances to talk to him, but he never really noticed her. Like when she stood in front of the freezer holding an icecream for him, he didn’t see the ice cream and just said she’s blocking his way!

So today, three years later, Xin Yi watches Shao Yang play baseball. Ke Dong tells her she’s way too obvious and everybody knows she likes that guy. Xin Yi snaps back at him…

As a part of their internship, Xin Yi, Ke Dong and Ke Ke are interviewing fellow students about their views on secretly admiring someone. A girl describes this as ‘trying to find a chance to be closer to that person over and over again… but never getting to the destination you want to be.’  While Xin Yi reflects on her own experience, Ke Ke notices something is going on… Ke Dong however, says he believes in taking action. Because if you don’t say anything and take a chance, how do you know that person you secretly admire is ‘the one’? Maybe once you get to know the person you’ll realise you’re not compatible.

After the interview Ke Ke asks Xin Yi whether she really likes that guy Shao Yang. Although Xin Yi doesn’t answer, Ke Ke says she’ll think of a plan…

Ke Ke makes up an excuse about doing research for a marketing activity they’re planning and invited Xin Yi, Ke Dong, Shao Yang and Lin Dai Yu to lunch. The atmosphere is rather awkward and Ke Dong is wondering whether they’re setting up Shao Yang and Xin Yi?

Lin Dai Yu secretly calls Ke Ke so they can make up an excuse to leave, which leaves Xin Yi, Ke Dong and Shao Yang at the table.

Shao Yang: I think I always see you around campus.

Xin Yi: I guess that’s an advantage of being beautiful, people can easily remember.


Ke Dong nearly choked as she said that lol. They couldn’t really think of anything to say to each other and Xin Yi wonders how does this happen? Normally she’s the one who always have something to say!

When dessert arrives, Ke Dong exclaims that’s what he’s been waiting for, takes the icecream cone and leaves them alone…

Voiceover: Have you ever had a date with your dream lover? Maybe you thought of hundreds of ways of how this date will be, thought of what you will say, but when it really happens, maybe you’ll discover love cannot be rehearsed. Maybe you can’t think of anything to say, maybe you felt stupid… maybe you felt nervous… or felt disappointed by your performance. But that step you bravely took is an important lesson in life. Even if the result wasn’t what you had expected, it was still worth it. Turning dreams into action – at this moment, love!


At the basketball court, Ke Dong sees Xin Yi sitting on the bench by herself. He asks her about the date and comments she’s very quick in getting what she wants. Xin Yi sighs and says Shao Yang is her first love. But their first date is three years later, and it was probably their last one.

Ke Dong: First love? How is that possible? You’ve lived for so long and never experienced love? I’m just saying… you seem to analyse guys so well, I thought you had more experience…

Xin Yi: So what if I never had a boyfriend? Blame it on those guys who secretly admire me but never say anything!

Ke Dong: But you don’t know how mesmerising the first kiss is…

Xin Yi: So what if I have never been kissed? I can kiss whoever I want! This type of things I can do whenever I want!

Ke Dong: I don’t believe it!


So of course she takes up the ‘dare’ and kisses him! Xin Yi then dismisses it as being overhyped, while Ke Dong… pretty much has a shocked look on his face!


Awww even though Part 2 was about first love that didn’t go to plan (between Xin Yi and Shao Yang) but Xin Yi’s interactions with Ke Dong are so cute! They started off as enemies but their friendship had gradually developed as they work together. Even though Xin Yi didn’t intend the ‘kiss’ to mean anything, looks like Ke Dong is falling for her now.


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