Borrow Your Love Episode 10 Recap – No turning back from here

OK after everything that happened in this episode I just have to post this recap early because… OMG. Just. OMG. I can’t believe I have to wait another week to see what happens next.

**I will be adding screencaps to this post tomorrow!!!**

Since there’re no YC/PA moments this week I thought I’d include this? I found this a few days ago but unfortunately couldn’t find any more, so can’t really justify making a post just for one pic. So not matching the mood of this ep right? But hey I like it… and my mind is everywhere at the moment, excuse the spazzing. I am still digesting all of the shocking moments in this episode.

(Plus, on the ‘Themesongs’ page I added the theme, ending theme and insert song ‘You Dian Tian / A little bit sweet’ for this series! I always fall in love with the themes in TW dramas~!!!)

Sunday night I actually found a CTV stream just in time for the live broadcast but my internet speed was too crappy to watch it! >< THAT is how much I’m looking forward to this episode!! I ended up rewatching bits and pieces of episodes 1 & 2 and still had a good laugh, gosh it seems so long ago since we went on this journey…

Episode 10 starts at the florist where Ping An is working now, and the owner comments how much her business has improved since Ping An returned. She wants Ping An to work there full time, but Ping An has plans for her future now – work hard, study hard, hopefully save enough to go overseas. Then when she returns she can get a good job at a large company. Within only a few months Ping An has changed, even though she still misses Xi Le and Bai Ming Li a lot.

Huo Ying’s pearl business is having its opening at the shopping centre. As the spokesperson, Xi Le is in the spotlight. But Huo Ying deliberately ordered some plants from the florist Ping An works at so she delivers them to the grand opening. Huo Ying then calls on a favour (I had already forgotten about this already!), Ping An dresses up and performs magic to the guests. She will make pearls appear and give them away…

Now everyone’s attention has turned to Ping An while she’s performing. Xi Le looks like she’s a bit jealous since Zi Wen is paying more attention to Ping An.

After the magic show, Ping An and Huo Ying are chatting in the employee’s lounge. Huo Ying offers Ping An a job – either doing magic tricks at his pearl counter or as his personal assistant. He’s feeling sorry about what he did to her! But after last episode’s document switching incident, Ping An feels weird working in the shopping centre and doesn’t want to help Huo Ying juggle his different girlfriends! So she turns him down.

Huo Ying: Then if you need anything just find me. I don’t have anything, except lots of money. At least I can buy you a big meal, don’t eat instant noodles all the time.

As she leaves, Huo Ying’s voiceover – Ping An, please forgive me…

Xi Le and Li Sha are being BFFs again on a golf course, while Xi Le says some rather weird things. She asks Li Sha whether she had thought about how her life would be if she wasn’t Director Ji’s daughter. Li Sha immediately goes on the defensive and asks whether Xi Le will expose her secret. But Xi Le just reflects this all feels like a dream…

When Xi Le mentions Ping An, Li Sha expresses her hate again claiming Ping An always fights with her for everything, toys, friends, headmaster of the orphanage… and now Ye Chen.

Then rather creepily, Xi Le begins to walk towards Li Sha and Li Sha just keeps backing away. Funny that Li Sha actually looks scared. Eventually, Li Sha even fell to the ground and shouts what the hell is gong on with Xi Le?!

Xi Le will help Li Sha steal Ye Chen? She tells Li Sha now that Ping An is working at the florist and without the protection of Bai Ming Li, will she be in trouble? Now even Li Sha is freaked out by the Xi Le in front of her…

So how does Xi Le help Li Sha? Since Li Sha fell, Xi Le called Bai Ming Li to say she hurt her leg and Zi Wen is busy. So Ye Chen came instead. Of course when Ye Chen arrives, Xi Le pretends Bai Ming Li heard wrong and get him to carry Li Sha back…

Zi Wen takes a day off to go to the bridal fitting with Xi Le. But on the way, Xi Le says she wants to go somewhere first… and it’s the florist where Ping An is working at.

Seems like Xi Le’s back to her old self again after her creepy conversation with Li Sha earlier? Xi Le asks Ping An to help organise the flowers for her wedding but suddenly…


*TIME OUT* WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Please don’t tell me we’re going down this path. NO!!!! The accompanying music is NOT helping. Gosh I am shaking my fists here, DO NOT give Ping An some incurable disease!! >< ARRGH NO!!!

After all of that, Xi Le needed to go back to the mansion to get something. As Zi Wen waits for her, he receives a phone call from Director Ji. He wants information about some project Bai Ming Li is planning so Zi Wen snoops around Bai Ming Li’s office.

Suddenly Bai Ming Li and Ye Chen comes back so Zi Wen hides in a corner. He overhears their conversation – that project is just a decoy, Bai Ming Li’s planning something else… but more importantly, Bai Ming Li asks Ye Chen about Ping An AND she tells Ye Chen to give the will to the lawyer for safekeeping.

Zi Wen wonders why Bai Ming Li cares so much about the welfare of Ping An… plus, she’s changing her will? Seems like Bai Ming Li is planning something to do with the will after Xi Le’s wedding, when Xi Le and Zi Wen will be on their honeymoon. So now Zi Wen needs to find out what’s going on. He makes up some excuse about work so Xi Le has to try on the wedding dress herself…

As Xi Le is trying on the dress she reflects on how good Bai Ming Li was to her. Even though the sales assistants said they needed at least six months notice if they needed a dress custom made, Bai Ming Li called on a favour from one of her trading partners in France to make it happen. Xi Le felt very happy to have Bai Ming Li as her mother…

Just somewhere on the streets (WHY?? Wouldn’t it be safer if they meet at the office???) Ye Chen is meeting the lawyer to give him Bai Ming Li’s will. As the lawyer puts it in his briefcase and leaves, a guy on a motorbike steals it. Ye Chen chases him and eventually finds the briefcase on the ground. The envelope is still there, still sealed while some cash was stolen.

So Ye Chen reports back to Bai Ming Li it should just be a robbery and the envelope is still there. We all know something is fishy going on here right? Plus, argh, why did she put the will in an envelope with the shopping centre logo anyway? It’s her personal stuff not the company’s!

Bai Ming Li then wants Ye Chen to take her to the doctors, where they have a conversation – THIS is the most touching moment of the series so far I feel. I can really feel the emotions of both Ye Chen and Bai Ming Li.

Ye Chen just can’t do this anymore – he questions Bai Ming Li how she can continue lying, just to hold onto the company? But Bai Ming Li explains even though originally she intended to use everyone (Xi Le, Ye Chen) and everything would be back to normal later, now, she can’t bring herself to tell Xi Le and Ping An the truth. Especially when she knows how Ping An feels about her mother and how much Xi Le has come to rely on her. Yes, she doesn’t have a lot of time left, yes, she shouldn’t care about the money etc but she gave up her daughter to build this life. The company and the money is all she can give to her daughter now.

Bai Ming Li: Thank you Ye Chen. For me, you are a dark angel. (aka an angel wearing black clothes)


After this emotional scene, it feels like this series is going up a notch, because we find out Zi Wen now has the will. Yes, he got Blackie to switch it! As he reads the will, he just couldn’t believe it. Everything he planned is going down the drain.

He goes a bit nuts, I want to fast forward this part. >< Hey look on the bright side Zi Wen, at least you haven’t married Xi Le yet.

Ye Chen takes Ping An to the wedding venue (on his motorbike mind you *wink wink*) so she can inspect the venue and work out how many flowers they will need. She sees Bai Ming Li and wanted to leave because of everything that happened. But of course Bai Ming Li wants her to stay, and asks her if she can ‘practice’ walking down the aisle with her…

Bai Ming Li: Ping An, thank you for being with me. This is enough, I don’t want anything else.

Ye Chen watches on silently, staying in the background like he does a lot in this series. But I rather enjoy these moments…

Oh that Li Sha is back again stirring trouble. She goes to the florist to complain about something stupid… which is just an excuse for her goonies to trash the place. When she heard one of the flowers was for Xi Le’s wedding, she deliberately throws it on the ground and steps on it.

As the wedding is the day after tomorrow, Ping An stayed back all night calling other florists to see if they have the champagne coloured roses…

Now this is the moment we’ve been waiting for right? The day of the wedding. Both Bai Ming Li and Zi Wen can’t attend Xi Le’s graduation but Ping An’s there. Xi Le’s very happy to see her which makes me wonder whether that creepy scene with Li Sha earlier on was all an act?

It gets a bit confusing here (for me anyway!) – but the original intention was for Bai Ming Li to go to the wedding venue by herself. Ye Chen would drive Xi Le and Ping An from the graduation to the venue… after some mix up with the delivery of the wedding dress, it ended up with Bai Ming Li and Xi Le heading to the wedding venue together. When Zi Wen heard this, he is unnerved. That’s because he planned to kill Bai Ming Li in the car RIGHT???

Zi Wen tries to call Blackie but can’t reach him. By the time he reaches Blackie, it’s too late already. Zi Wen is in shock, Ye Chen and Ping An notices and wonders what’s happening. Then Zi Wen just took off on a motorbike, so Ye Chen and Ping An follows him in a car.

Bai Ming Li and Xi Le are heading towards the wedding. Xi Le is nervous so Bai Ming Li tells her to sing that song Ping An’s father sung. But as they’re singing, the driver notices something is wrong with the brakes!

O.M.G. The driver is smart enough to jump out but the backdoors are locked. Plus Xi Le’s dress is stuck so the car… rolled off a cliff… and EXPLODED.

I can’t believe this is happening!

At the hospital… Xi Le is actually ok. (I truly thought they were both gone!!!) Bai Ming Li however, is not so lucky. She shielded Xi Le so she sustained the most injuries.

Ye Chen is torn, at this crucial moment should he tell Ping An the truth? What if she won’t even know Bai Ming Li is her real mother in these last moments? He thinks about what Bai Ming Li would want him to do, but just decides to go with his gut felling to tell her.

Just when he’s about to say the keywords, the doctor comes out to say Bai Ming Li had a lot of internal bleeding and things aren’t looking too good… Zi Wen knows what Ye Chen is about to say, and looks creepy again…


EPISODE 11 preview – I can’t express all the feels I’m having at the moment. Looks like Ping An and Xi Le find out the truth! Zi Wen is plotting something (as usual!) and Xi Le is thinking about working with him so she can be Bai Ming Li’s daughter forever? What? I’m hoping Xi Le is faking all of this. Argh, I don’t know anymore!


4 responses to “Borrow Your Love Episode 10 Recap – No turning back from here”

  1. Davet Avatar

    Yay! Episode 10 recap is here!! : ) Adorable picture.

    ****Yea. I want to know the reasoning why YC’s sister jumped in front of the car. I don’t remember seeing the face of who was driving anyway. Only the hands that turned the wheel trying to prevent the hit. I hope they reveal who was actually driving and the reasoning of what the sister and Zi Wen was doing. ****

    I’m glad that Ping An is now looking towards her future. It shows that she is not only maturing, but knows what she wants to do in life now.

    I’m happy there is more Huo Ying and that he is trying to make up for what he did to PA. I think he should just tell his father that he does not want to engage in any if his cruel plans anymore.

    It seems as if Xi Le is becoming even more jealous of Ping An. She should know its not like PA is gaining everyone’s attention intentionally. She is only being herself for gods sake. I’m also starting to begin to believe that Xi Le is bipolar. The way she acts seems as if she has two different personalities as well. One minute she is being sweet like she was at the beginning of the series, then the next she is being creepy. I’m even surprised that Li Sha seemed to be scared of her at that moment. She and Zi Wen deserve each other. They both creep me out and just need to stay off the show. It needs to be more Ye Chen and Ping An and less ZW and XL.

    I laughed at the scene when Ye Chen met with the lawyer to give him the will. I mean who does that in that particular environment? Lol. Usually it’s in a closed and safe area. I hope it was planned on Bai Ming Li’s part.

    I can understand how Bai Ming Li feels on not wanting to tell the truth, but Ping An deserves to know. I mean you can tell that Bai Ming Li wants so much to spend more time with PA and it kills her inside.

    I wanted to fast forward the scene with Zi Wen going crazy. Not only because I hate his character, but also the fact that I feel his acting was terrible. The music even made it funny.

    Lol the driver said its every man for himself. It’s sad though that Bai Ming Li and Xi Le was in that crash. It’s also weird that Zi Wen was there after the fact. I mean how could he possibly know exactly where they were? SUSPICIOUS! I hope someone finds that out. Not to mention he was in a hurry when he left on the motorbike…

    Ye Chen is too sweet for his own good. He knows telling PA the truth would probably most likely hurt her, but he believes she deserves to know. He wants to be by her side through it all. And I felt the emotion in that scene when he wanted to tell her so badly. And I seen the way Zi Wen clenched his fist at the sight of YC trying to tell PA. So sad that both he and Xi Le are mental and don’t think things through.

    EPISODE 11: Xi Le will be on my hated list permanently if she actually starts to plot along with Zi Wen. I can understand the reasoning for Zi Wen because it has been his motive in the very beginning, but Xi Le on the other hand is a different story. In my eyes I don’t see her acting and I won’t hold my breath, but if she is and that’s a big IF, then she can probably get back in my good graces. I’m just happy to find out that PA will probably know the truth now.

    1. kat Avatar

      I don’t think the car intentionally hit YC’s sister right? Just that the driver didn’t see her in time when she jumped out? Maybe it was Zi Wen’s stupuid schemes at the time that didn’t work out… who knows!

      Yes I like how Ping An has changed even in just a few short months, at least it shows maturity. I’m still annoyed however, even though YC is the lead in this drama, his character is doesn’t really have his own storyline, it all relied on Bai Ming Li, or Ping An.

      I’m hoping, Huo Ying will step up in future eps. But he hates Zi Wen more because he stole Xi Le? Rather than ZW being an ass in general?

      haha you’re right about Xi Le being bipolar. I totally buy it, if this is a Western drama. Do they do this in TW dramas? This drama seemed to be so sweet, funny and cute in the beginning and I’m feeling a bit uneasy if she really is!! Li Sha is an open book, if she hates something she’ll say it, at least that’s the ‘good’ thing about her. You know what to expect. It’s scarier if someone’s like Xi Le who seems good on the outside, but hides her evil side.

      IKR about YC and the lawyer! If YC has the will already he should’ve just gone to the lawyer’s office so they can lock it in a safe straight away! Ah dramaland, silly things happen…

      It’s like Bai Ming Li wants to run away from the truth, she really cares for Xi Le too and don’t want to hurt her as well. Gosh I think it’s too late now right? After Xi Le getting away from an explosion with like… no serious injuries (what the hell?) they can’t have Bai Ming Li being ok as well????

      As for ZW’s evil looks as YC was about to say something… YC noticed! He had to!!! From the moment ZW acted funny before the car crash YC already suspected something.

      About the next ep… omg if this is a HK drama I would guess Xi Le would turn evil and plot against PA, then in the last ep she would regret everything and turn ‘good’ again. And ZW would go to prison or something. But I still don’t really see it in Xi Le’s eyes. Maybe Cherry Hsia’s acting is not quite convincing yet? I don’t know…

      Gah it’s going to get so angsty next ep I’m not sure whether we’ll get our hope for some roomie scenes ><

      1. Davet Avatar

        Throughout the whole series so far and also when YC’s sister died, his schemes has never been going the way as he hoped them to be. It’s hilarious because every time he comes up with a new plan, it gets blown up in his face and he has to rethink his ideas. Maybe he should just give up? Lol

        You are so right about that. It does seem as if YC does not have his own storyline. The whole series has been about Bai Ming Li and the issues regarding her biological daughter and Zi Wen’s vengeance. Usually when people are the lead, they are in most of the scenes and every time I see Ye Chen, he does not have that many parts to play in nor Ping An. I mean what’s going on? The way they have summarized the series does not correspond to what is actually happening. Well thats my opinion of course when I take the time to ponder over it. I know it have a lot of drama and etc, but if there are going to be leads; they need to make an effort in having him do his part as well as his co-lead. I’m seeing more of the people who I really don’t want to see.

        I want to see more of Huo Ying. What is his purpose exactly within this show? I mean there aren’t really many parts. He helps his father and his ridiculous schemes, then he tried to go for Xi Le and in turn started turning to Pin An. Does he know what he truly wants? Is he strong enough to stand up to his father or even tell Bai Ming Lai what is transgressing within her business? It seems to me when he first came in the series that he has a great deal if respect for his aunt, Bai Min Li. Or maybe that was all an act? I want to see more of him, so I can actually understand his character on what he is exactly thinking.

        And that’s why I don’t understand how Xi Le can’t rationalize on how bad hanging out with Li Sha is. You hit the nail on the head because Li Sha shows and tells who and what she hates. I see it as most of the time Xi Le can’t defend for herself and that’s why Ping An is always running to help her. Less of the times she portrays herself as an innocent person and going behind PA back as she listens to everything Li Sha tells her. I mean if you have to think about helping Li Sha with her plans then she is not a friend/ sister to PIng An. She wouldn’t even be hanging around or better yet talking to LS in the first place. PA deserves so much better and that’s why I’m starting to not like Xi Le’s character. It’s alright to want to act as the perfect daughter for Bai Ming Li, so shouldn’t she ask her ‘mother’ on how to act as that? It’s also normal to become angry sometimes at PA’s antics. I mean no one agrees to everything someone says or does. Maybe she just always had that dark side and hanging with Li Sha is bringing it out of her?

        At the beginning of the series it seems that Bai Ming Li was a cruel person, but as the series comes towards the end she actually cares. Yes she doesn’t want to hurt Xi Le, but she cares way more for Ping An. At the end I am sure she will portray that. That’s if she does not die yet. I hope she doesn’t. With the car accident and explosion, it is really going to be a number on BML since she was already severly ill and has not much time left. How they survived the explosion is beyond me. Maybe I just missed an important part? I know Bai Ming Li was covering her, but can they really survive after an explosion? It would have been believable if Xe Li had some kind of burn adorning her body and not just a scrape?

        YC always notices everything, but why doesn’t he say anything? I remember the way he looked at ZW when they were standing outside a building; Ping An mentioned something and ZW seemed as if he were a deer caught in a lions den. Lol. I don’t know any Taiwanese, but maybe I should learn? I think I might.

        Most likely that is probably what is going to happen. Everyone finds out the truth, Xi Le becomes angry and even more jealous and starts to help ZW in his plans. Then mostly she would regret or maybe not, it all depends. But if that does happen, I hope PA does not accept her right away. I never watched any dramas with Cherry. Maybe I should to see how her acting goes?

        That’s what I’m saying. I’ve been waiting on those ‘roomie’ scenes. I mean they are practically living together, so something has to go on. Well a lot of talking, but I want to know what about.

        1. kat Avatar

          HAHAHA I completely approve if they spend the rest of series on PA/YC only, we get so much Zi Wen these days and it’s always the same…

          You’re totally right about the description not matching what we’re getting. Although I’ve deliberately avoided anything on Wikipedia or the official summary since the beginning (because they always have spoilers!!) but all in all, apart from Bai Ming Li borrowing Xi Le’s love (?) as her daughter and Zi Wen borrowing Xi Le’s love, otherwise the ‘pretend lovers’ between PA/YC lasted for only about 3 minutes – yes this is the most annoying point of the whole series LOL.

          Too bad Huo Ying is not getting more screentime, but the writers are not doing him any favours. The way he ‘fell’ for Xi Le then possibly (?) Ping An was just too undeveloped. So far I just think he has good intentions, he wants to stay away from all the fighting between his father and Bai Ming Li and doesn’t want any confrontations. Guess I’m not counting on him to step up and help any of the other characters…?

          So far, I think Borrow ur love has stayed ‘realistic’ enough (for an idol drama) but this explosion just… what the hell. How can Xi Le be completely okay. I expected her to at least be lying on a hospital bed or something, with broken bones? Maybe Bai Ming Li will be back for one more ‘dying’ scene, surely she can’t be expected to live much longer after all this?

          I think in ep 11 we would at least get one PA/YC shipper moment when he tells her she’s BML’s daughter…. well, not a sweet scene but at least that’s something. I’m waiting for the time when he eventually punches Zi Wen in the face or something, or anyone. Hey, I don’t advocate fighting but when he did in episode 1, that was a highlight LOL.

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