Mini Movie: Discover love from the heart – Ariel Lin as Cheng You Qing is back!

Let me say this up front, technically Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) does not appear in this mini movie – unless his photo / scenes from “In Time with You” counts?!

In a mini movie to promote Singapore tourism, Ariel Lin reprises her role as Cheng You Qing. The male ‘lead’ (more like a supporting role) in this mini movie is Yorke Sun, the leader of Taiwanese boyband 4ever. (where David Hsu / Latte / Nic from ITWY is also a member!)

The mini movie takes place… where ITWY left off? Cheng You Qing reflects on her relationship with Li Da Ren, from friends to couple. Like any other husband and wife they would fight, and make up… and they’re fighting now. So You Qing went to Singapore on her own.

At the Merlion Park You Qing is looking at a photo of Da Ren when the phone rang. As she reaches for her phone, the photo blew out of her hand.

Da Ren: You’re not answering your phone, where are you?

You Qing: You didn’t want to come anyway, so does it matter where I am?

Da Ren: It’s not that I don’t want to, I can’t.

Da Ren: Stop it now… where are you?

You Qing: Aren’t you the good guy and love taking on other people’s shifts? Since your work and colleagues are more important than me you should be with them and not care about where I’m going.

Da Ren: OK then, when you’re not mad anymore call me.

You Qing: Fine. I will definitely have a really, really good time.

Da Ren: Take care.

HAHAHAHAHA I am laughing so hard at this. That really reminds me of Da Ren. 😛

As You Qing is walking through a market, Yorke runs up to her and says he’s been looking for her. She was initially taken aback by the approach but it’s because he found the photo of Da Ren that she lost before.

They bump into each other outside a restaurant, and he asks her whether she’s Cheng You Qing? She then talks on the phone with Nic, who tells her he couldn’t come to Singapore so he found her some company. So.. Yorke is a friend of Nic’s when they studied in England and it’s his first time in Singapore. He wants to see the city where his parents grew up. Then he invites her to his aunt and uncle’s place for an authentic Nonya meal.

At the hotel You Qing gets into bed and says goodnight to Da Ren… LOL. Except he isn’t here so she moves to the middle of the bed. (Now I wish Da Ren is here too!)

You Qing does more touristy things (Universal Studios!) then eats with Yorke’s aunt and uncle. He explains why it’s called… Nonya. As You Qing watches the older couple taking care of each other… she thinks of Da Ren.

At The Helix Bridge, Yorke explains the story behind it. You Qing mentions she has been here many times but only for the beautiful night views. When she says “we”, Yorke immediately knows she’s talking about the ‘legendary’ Da Ren.

Yorke: Nic also said… Da Ren ge loved you for 14 years. He gentle and caring, every girl’s prince charming and dream guy.

You Qing: Yes yes yes, he’s the most perfect, he’s the most caring… I’m the most critical. So every time we fight, it’s my fault.

To cheer her up, Yorke says she’s most beautiful when she smiles.

You Qing: Actually, we didn’t really fight. It’s just that… seems like the feeling has changed. Da Ren and I shouldn’t be only just family. Do you know for a husband and wife, the most valuable thing is besides family, you’re also friends and lovers? You can choose to leave him, but you choose to be together. You will hope to be with him forever. Hope that…

Yorke: Hope that your love will never die…

You Qing: Do you think that’s impossible?

Yorke: I’ve never been married, so I don’t know.

He then tells her a story about a scientist and a flower – something about his wife loves this flower and comments if the flower doesn’t wilt, that would be good. So eventually the scientist discovered a way to preserve the flower forever…

Well, the point is – of all the places she can go, why did You Qing choose Singapore? Is it because she wants to rediscover that sweet feeling she had with Da Ren before they were married?

Da Ren: OK I surrender! Please tell me where you are.

Da Ren: Where?

Da Ren: Where?

Da Ren: I beg you, don’t scare me, Cheng You Qing, tell me where you are…

Da Ren: Good friend, I hear you’re fighting with your husband.

Da Ren: He really deserves it. You’re right, don’t tell him where you are.

Da Ren: So he can panic and be scared…

Da Ren: But tell me, where are you…

Da Ren: Thailand? Japan? Hong Kong? Malaysia? Singapore?

You Qing: Answer my question, if you’re right, I’ll tell you.

You Qing: What is the relationship between Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing?

You Qing: 1. Family. 2. Husband & wife. 3. Good friends.

She waits and waits… but Da Ren doesn’t reply!

Yorke is at her door telling her he’s taking her somewhere fun…

At a room she notices there’s nothing fun… except a bed. She’s getting scared, but as the window rolls up… it’s an aquarium?

Two divers swim towards her, one with a banner which says – 4. All of the above and the other says – 7.40pm Gardens by the Bay!

Back in her room she finds a gift, a white dress and flower pendant – “To Li Da Ren’s one and only Cheng You Qing”.

You Qing: Li Da Ren, I’ve walked where you’ve walked, drank the coffee that you have drunk, now… I want to principle your principle…

(I *think* she means follow his principle… I think. Don’t quote me on this.)

Da Ren: If I say I can’t make it, will you be mad at me? Sorry…

But we see a dark shadow walking towards her… “Cheng You Qing!”

You Qing: My principle is… no matter where I go, you can never leave my side.



Awwww.. this feels like a fanfic LOL. Just some fluff for ITWY fans, although it would’ve been a million times better if Da Ren is actually in this!!! (Or even Nic…) >< WHY~~~!!! This is bringing back all my ITWY feels.

To Singapore tourism – it would be helpful if the audience knows where the characters are (like that room with the aquarium!). Plus it would be good if you can introduce us to some new places to visit. If your target market are those who had already seen ITWY, then I think most of the audience would know about the Merlion Park, Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands by now?

But overall… Ariel looked so beautiful, and her geeky glasses are back! I’m in love with them.


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  1. Wendy Avatar

    omg pls. so good. i now want to go to singapore?! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, SINGAPORE TOURISM

    1. kat Avatar

      lol! They should make a part 2 of this with Li Da Ren next time ohhh now that would be gooood.

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    this seems good i want to watch this….. i have seen ariel in iswak ( it started with a kiss) and i didnt really know what to say about her acting but this might change may view on her

    1. kat Avatar

      It’s only a short film about 20 minutes long so you definitely should! Even though I hadn’t seen her earlier work like ISWAK she was so good in In Time with You… pity this mini movie isn’t a proper ‘sequel’…

  3. kpopfan Avatar

    just reading about seems good wish they do make a sequel. (after i check out)…. but some sequels dont turn out good… some are better than the first one

  4. hitokirihoshi Avatar

    hmm i think i need to really find a copy of ITWY.

    1. kat Avatar

      YESSSS~!! (I’m biased since it’s my favourite TW drama….) But Dramafever and Viki have it if you watch online streaming…. 🙂

  5. misscupcakees Avatar

    Awwww, if only Li Da Ren was also here!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah~ it would’ve been perfect if they have a reunion, if if it was just a micro film. 🙂

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