Bolin Chen: I can find another girlfriend but there’s only one brother!

For years, the media had speculated whether there was something more between Bolin Chen and his real life BFF – Gwei Lun Mei. Just look at this photo Bolin posted this week… how cute are they!

But if last weekend’s episode of Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp / 快乐大本营” is anything to go by, looks like Bolin’s real soulmate is… Jaycee Chan?

Although this episode of “Happy Camp” had been delayed for two weeks due to the broadcast of special programming for the Ya’an earthquakes, it was worth the wait. Bolin was there to promote his new film “Machi Action”, while the other two guests, Jaycee Chan and Amber Kuo were there to promote their new film “Love Speaks”.

But the focus of the show was mostly on the bromance between Bolin and Jaycee. Poor Amber feels like a third wheel here!

Soulmate evidence no 1: Their special way of greeting

Gosh I can’t get over how hilarious this is. I can only express this in GIFs.


This is when they saw each other yesterday, and seeing each other again today…


This is when they haven’t seen each other for a while… eg. one month

They even have to add in a ‘MMMMMM’  as they do this, expressing how much emotion there is in each greeting. Jaycee explains that in Cantonese, there’s a term called “yuk gan”, like if you see a little kid and he/she is so cute you want to squeeze them. THAT sound. OKAYYYYYYY…. *dies of laughter*

Soulmate evidence no 2: Jaycee will fight till the end

Amber: I really feel their relationship is beyond lovers, their love is very… intense. Like when I’m chatting with Jaycee, within ten sentences there will be one or two about Bolin.

Xie Na (Host): So has there ever been a third party in your relationship?

Bolin: Well he’s not really a ‘third party’, he also became one of our brothers – Eason Chan.

Jaycee: Yeah… but if it’s a girl, I will always fight her until the end. In the beginning, I’ll always be at a disadvantage…. twice already. So I need to persevere, and finally… I’m still here.

He Jiong (Host): Bolin how do you feel about Jaycee always being the last person left in your life? Quite a bleak future?

Bolin: Hrm… brothers are for life.

Soulmate evidence no 3: If Jaycee and his girlfriend both fell into the water, Bolin would save Jaycee first!

During the show, there’s a game where both Bolin and Jaycee had to be attached to a wire. When hanging in mid air, they have to answer a question about the other, if they get the question wrong, the wire will pull them up.

Question to Bolin: What was the date that you first met Jaycee?

Bolin: 2004…. January 23rd.

(Jaycee’s answer was 2004 February 6!)

Jaycee: That was my first movie so I remember it very well. I felt really bad for him because he came from Taipei, didn’t know Cantonese, first time filming in Mainland China… so I looked after him.

Question to Jaycee: What is Bolin’s favourite type of housework?

Jaycee: Cleaning his room!!

(Bolin’s answer was doing the laundry! He’s a compulsive laundry / clean freak LOL!)

Bolin: I’m very uncomfortable with having dirty clothes in the laundry basket. (Do you wash everyday?) No, for example I might wear dark coloured clothes for this week… so I can wash them together, then next week I can wear whites etc…

Question to Bolin: What is the one flaw Jaycee cannot tolerate in a girlfriend?

Bolin: Well, we drink red wine frequently and he can’t stand it if she eats dessert before the wine is finished. (Jaycee telling him to say more…) Noisy! Ah no! Being late! Does not like cleanliness!

(Jaycee’s answer was makeup too heavy, having unsightly hair / not shaving!)

Question to Jaycee: What is your weird behaviour that Bolin cannot stand?

Bolin: I just told you off a few days ago!

Jaycee: Not having a shower!

(Finally they get the same answer!)

Question to Bolin: Fan Bing Bing, Lin Chi-Ling, Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo – which one would Jaycee choose to be his wife?

Bolin: Fiona is like a friend for life… since he’s promoting his film now he should choose Amber?

(Bolin was right! LOL)

Amber: I think you should add Bolin to the list.

Jaycee: Yeah I would choose Bolin because he would give me lots of freedom.

Question to Jaycee: If you and Bolin’s girlfriend both fell into the water, who would Bolin save?

Jaycee: Of course his girlfriend!

(Bolin’s answer was… Jaycee!)

Bolin: Of course save you! I can find another girlfriend but there’s only one brother!

Soulmate evidence no 4: Whoever leaves first will be the other’s pallbearer!

Jaycee: (to Bolin) When I leave, you’ll be one of the six people to carry my casket. Eason Chan will also be another one.

Bolin: Yeah we talked about this a long time ago…


Soulmate evidence no 5:  because Bolin said so…?

As I’m writing this post, Bolin posted these two pics as if there aren’t enough evidence of their bromance already…  together! together! LOL!

The whole episode of Happy Camp was so hilarious and the HD version is even officially available on YouTube! I had such a good laugh so it’s definite much watch for any Bolin/Jaycee fans!





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  1. carolies541 Avatar

    Okay, that looks hilarious!!! I always thought that Jaycee had something going on with Fiona and Bolin with Ivy or Gwei Lun Mei but it seems that I’m wrong because they love each other too much, LOL!! I gotta catch this episode of Happy Camp soon. Poor Amber feeling like the third wheel but it’s alright because she got Tony Yang, that’s more than a comfort, Heh!

    1. kat Avatar

      YESSSS you have to watch it!! The whole ep (even with more games towards the end) is hilarious!!! I’m sure they both have said if the other is a girl, they would be together already. awwwww. Or when they have children, one would have a daughter and the other have a son so they can marry each other and become a ‘family’. LOL.

  2. Aimee Juliet Avatar
    Aimee Juliet

    So i don’t wanna be Bolin’s GF,, poor me not being the priority! I will be very jelaous to Jaycee!! LOL.

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