Borrow Your Love Episode 11 Recap – Everyone’s cards on the table now

At the hospital, it was a miracle that Xi Le walked away from the accident in fairly good shape. And now, it’s even a bigger miracle that Bai Ming Li is actually, well, still alive! She wakes up and FINALLY tells Ping An and Xi Le the truth.

Xi Le just can’t accept it, while Ping An is hesitant at first. But once Bai Ming Li calls her daughter ‘Mi Bao’ (the name her dad called her when she was little?), Ping An knew Bai Ming Li is her real mother. Right after Ping An calls her ‘mother’, Bai Ming Li falls into unconsciousness.

Seriously, I thought right here that Bai Ming Li is gone, but no – the doctors actually revived her but she’s in a coma.

Outside, Ye Chen tries to comfort Ping An and she hits him for knowing all along but never told her. Of course she’s not mad at him per se… she just needed to release her emotions.





Xi Le is in shock, wondering who she really is,..

Zi Wen: As long as I’m here, you’ll always be Bai Xi Le.

Hrm… I think that’s the direction he’s going. Even if Xi Le is not the real daughter, Zi Wen will try to find a way to conceal the truth…?

Zi Wen convinces Xi Le to go home and rest first, since she sustained some minor injuries. (She broke her hand? That’s it?) At home, he tells her he’s not all that surprised Bai Ming Li would do this, since she’s a cruel and cold hearted person who will do anything to get what she wants. Initially Xi Le won’t hear a word of it, but as she thinks things through, she begins to feel the hurt caused by Bai Ming Li pretty much using her to protect Ping An.

This feeling is escalated when she finds a parcel delivered for Bai Ming Li. It was a second wedding gown Bai Ming Li ordered for PIng An. Puzzled, Xi Le rushes into Bai Ming Li’s room to find a letter to Ping An, expressing how much she loved her and how that practice walk down the aisle was enough… Xi Le breaks down, wondering how Bai Ming Li can do this to her. She was just the fake daughter Bai Ming Li used to ‘take the fall’ if anyone hurts her daughter.

Ping An stayed at the hospital with Ye Chen just in case Bai Ming Li wakes up. He tries to encourage her not to give up hope and just generally ‘being there’ like he said he would all those episodes ago. But of course that’s not it, while Ping An is asleep he texts Detective Hsu (remember him?) to get an update on what really caused the car accident.

Zi Wen sneaks back into Bai Ming Li’s room to pretty much gloat at his ‘success’. But it just shows how pathetic he has become. He’s about to remove her oxygen mask but decides against it because that means she would die ‘too easily’. He wants her to know who was behind everything and to be sorry for what she did. He wants Bai Ming Li to see her real daughter get nothing while the fake daughter / him takeover the shopping centre… this guy is going to go crazy soon surely…

Since the doctors are unsure when Bai Ming Li will regain consciousness, the shareholders hold a meeting to appoint an interim CEO. Zi Wen helps DIrector Ji gain this position for now. Li Sha wonders if Zi Wen can be trusted, but Director Ji thinks even if Zi Wen gets Xi Le’s shares, he still has the upper hand. Plus there’re rumours flying about whether Xi Le is the real daughter anyway, so he thinks Zi Wen might be placing his bets on nothing…

All this time Huo Ying looks rather sombre… he’s probably the only person in the Ji family who is sad about Bai Ming Li’s condition.

Xi Le is still living in an illusion because when she arrives at the hospital to find Ping An there, she tells Ping An to go away… Ping An of course is heartbroken.

Blackie boldly turns up at Zi Wen’s office demanding his share of the money. Zi Wen is alarmed of course, and tells him he can’t get anything since Bai Ming Li is still alive. Plus Xi Le almost got killed and if Blackie killed Xi Le, then he would end up with nothing.

So Blackie decides he wants to speed things up by going to the hospital and try to kill Bai Ming Li. Ping An arrives in time and scares him off. As she chases him to the car park he threatens to harm her… but of course who else would arrive to save her? I love that cheeky smile Ping An has when she sees Ye Chen… Ye Chen punches Blackie in the nose and as Blackie runs away, he drops his phone. Ye Chen picks it up and recognises the number Blackie had been calling… he rushes off.





When Ping An returns to Bai Ming Li’s room she is actually awake. Wow this woman has a strong will to live! While they say their goodbyes Bai Ming Li wants Ping An to look after Xi Le, because she owes her. Xi Le overhears their conversation…

Bai Ming Li: Mum believes you, you’re a brave child. Even if mum is not by your side, you will not be afraid, because you’re my proudest daughter.

As Bai Ming Li drifts away she hallucinates Ping An’s father reaching out to her, singing… eventually her heart rate goes flat…

Ye Chen confronts Zi Wen about what he found. Although everything happened might seem like a coincidence but when added together, he knows something is not right. Zi Wen doesn’t hide it, he admits it was all for revenge. Ye Chen couldn’t accept this, this is not the ‘brother’ he knew from years ago. He shouldn’t have gone to jail for him. Plus Bai Ming Li had been good to him. But Zi Wen pulls out his trump card, he reveals Wei Zhen was killed by Bai Ming Li’s car. Ye Chen goes over the edge and punches him in the face, a few times.

Ping An tells Xi Le the news, but Xi Le just coldly dismisses her, telling Ping An to leave. Xi Le refuse to believe Ping An is Bai Ming Li’s daughter…

Ye Chen arrives home to find Ping An there.

Ping An: My mother is gone, Xi Le is not allowing me to be near her… I can’t do anything, I can’t do anything…

Ye Chen voiceover: Wei Zhen, I promised you I will seek justice for you. But I also promised Ping An I will be by her side. Tell me, what should I do now?

At the lawyer’s office, it’s announced that everything will go to Xi Le. Ye Chen disputes this, but the lawyer can only say this is what was in the envelope. So Ye Chen and Ping An goes to see the doctor who also witnessed the will. Although they can prove Ping An is the real daughter, without the other will (or any other evidence) it will be difficult to make a case.

Ping An thinks this may be for the best, since she wouldn’t know what to do with the shopping centre anyway. Even though XI Le has changed, Ping An is still willing to give up everything for her.

Ye Chen meets with Detective Hsu at Wei Zhen’s grave. The detective looked up police records about Wei Zhen’s accident. Although there was something wrong with Bai Ming Li’s car, a witness saw Wei Zhen running in front of it. The detective asks for the information Ye Chen promised, but he just says it was only an excuse for the detective to help him. In reality, Ye Chen wants to give Zi Wen another chance, because he sees the bunch of flowers Zi Wen brought for Wei Zhen. Inside the bunch of flowers he finds a card…?

Ping An goes to the mansion to see Xi Le. Xi Le just coldly drops the box with the second wedding gown on the floor…


Gosh episode 11 was packed with emotions, now that the inevitable has happened it looks like the last two episodes will focus on Xi Le, and how she will turn into another Bai Ming Li? From the preview, Zi Wen will also tell Xi Le he’s been using her? (Why?) Ye Chen will try to convince Ping An she’s the only one who can ‘save’ Xi Le? Li Sha will switch alliances and help Ping An get back her shares? (As if? It’s got to be a ploy for the Ji family to take advantage of everything…) So is Huo Ying going to do anything for the rest of the series? Why did Ping An’s nose bled in the last ep? Argh, I have so many questions and so limited time left to answer all of them!

With all this I’m actually more concerned about the truth behind Wei Zhen’s death. Why did she run in front of the car?


(Just looked at the ratings this week – gosh how can this series be consistently… number 3? Behind King Flower and Fabulous Boys? It’s even dropped from last week. OK granted it’s not really an episode to watch on Mothers’ Day but still, argghhh…)


4 responses to “Borrow Your Love Episode 11 Recap – Everyone’s cards on the table now”

  1. Davet Avatar

    I was so excited that Bai Ming Li finally told the truth. There was so much emotion between Bai Ming Li and Ping An during their short moment. After BML fell unconscious when PA finally held her hand, I thought she had died right there. I even shed a few tears.

    I did not feel an ounce of sympathy towards Xi Le though. I still can’t fathom why she was not seriously injured in someway, but oh well. And after the statement Zi Wen announced, I knew there was going to be something awful coming. So, I agree, he will find a way to not let the truth out. He has already taken the will and that also plays a big part on Ping An gaining what is rightfully hers and the unspoken truth most do not know.

    I can understand how Xi Le feels when she finds the other wedding dress, the note, and how she’s finally piecing things together, but one has to have an open mind in most situations. Xi Le would understand more if she would’ve put herself in Bai Ming Li’s shoes and pondered a little more.

    Finally, the detective is doing something that we all wanted to learn about.

    Hmmm… A ‘success’ that he had to re-plan over and over again lol. As in the suicide note that Zi Wen’s father had left to him, it clearly stated that he was met with his demise because of how greedy he had become. Now Zi Wen is walking in his father’s footsteps. He is being taken over by greed.

    I was against Directer Ji and Li Sha, but I agree with them. It’s fairly obvious Zi wen cannot be trusted and in this case I will be on their side until all this foolishness is cleared. I still did not like the way she treated Ping An; however, I’m willing to root for my enemy to bring down Zi Wen and Xi Le. I just hope they keep their eyes open and hope they soon find out who the real daughter is. Even though that is an advantage for PA, it is a disadvantage as well.

    It is very sad to see that Huo Ying is the only one affected by Bai Ming Li’s condition. At least someone in the Ji family is concerned.

    Every second that goes by with Xi Le, I start to hate her even more. She is too simple minded and wants to push away the one person who was there for almost their whole lives. Not to mention Ping An was LIED TO AS WELL. All Xi Le cares about is herself at the moment and I will laugh when all that comes back and bites her in the ass.

    Now we see why Zi Wen was so afraid for Xi Le. It was because of the shares. If she died then his revenge would have been for nothing and pointless. I don’t even care that he using Xi Le anymore. They both belong together.

    I love the rescue scene. So adorable lol. It brightened my day and what have been going on between everyone. And FINALLY, Ye Chen has some leads that are clear in his assumptions.

    Then, it went sad again with all the emotions between Bai Ming Li and Ping An. I had to shed a few tears once more. Lol. Ping An is such a good person and even though the way Xi Le has been acting towards her, she is still willing to look out for her. Not only for her mother’s last wish, but for herself as well.

    I laughed so hard when Ye Chen beat up Zi Wen. He deserved it and more.

    As I said before, Ping An is a good natured person and is willing to give up her rights to everything to someone who has changed to a cruel person. In the beginning of the series, she told Ping An to think things through clearly, but she isn’t even taking her own advice. It’s funny how now she is starting to look like Bai Ming Li. In denial much?

    I hope Ye Chen decides to tell the detective all he knows and maybe Hsu can help with the situation somewhat?

    Episode 11: Since she is already looking the part of Bai Ming Li, I have no doubt that she will try to become her. If Zi Wen does tell Xi Le he has been using her, then I can’t wait to see her reaction. It would be stupid of her to keep taking part in his plans, but with the way she feels about Bai Ming Li lying to her, it probably won’t be a surprise if she does continue in her tirade.

    If they decide to ‘save’ Xi Le, then I hope they give her a hard time for her to gain their trust once again. That’s IF she has been saved.

    You right; it does seem like Li Sha is switching alliances which can be concluded that there is an ulterior motive. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be surprised? But in Ping An’s case, she needs all the help she can get and that could be an advantage. She probably knows the Ji family cannot be trusted. Hopefully she has a plan on taking care of them as well. Not everyone can be trusted and that’s how Bai Ming Li saw things.

    I have a feeling Huo Ying will have an important part now since it almost towards the end. We just have to wait it out. Hopefully. Ping An’s nose bleed could probably be just that; due to the stress that she has been going through lately. Maybe?

    I also agree. I mean I believe it’s Zi Wen’s fault for Wei Zhen’s death, but it has to be more to it for her to just jump out in front of a care. Did Zi Wen use her as well?

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes I thought BML was gone in the first scene too! You know I can take all the usual unrealistic elements in idol dramas but if they’re going to make an effort and do the explosions, then at least have Xi Le injured more seriously… or someone burnt?? Gah. Just have to let that one go.

      Maybe I’m being too ‘nice’ to Xi Le, just the way she overheard BML’s last conversation with Ping An had gave me some hope for her. I can accept it if at the end she sincerely apologises to Ping An and dump that loser Zi Wen. Initially Xi Le might work with Zi Wen because of their common hatred of BML but hopefully in time she will think things through and at least treasure the times when she had a mother (even if it was a fake one, better than nothing?).

      *gasps* rooting for the enemy to take down Zi Wen and Xi Le?! That is like playing with fire! I’m just thinking who do I dislike more – Zi Wen, or Li Sha. Probably Li Sha since she’s just mean, at the very core at least there was a reason why Zi Wen did all these things. For Li Sha it’s just jealousy.

      I’m glad Ye Chen gets to punch TWO people this week lol. THAT scene with Zi Wen was a highlight. Finally, Ye Chen gets to emote a bit and not just standing in the background looking like he can see through everyone.

      Well.. I’m *hoping* the Ji family will pretend to help Ping An then try to cheat her shares… but Huo Ying comes to the rescue? Give him something to do? Then Ye Chen can confess his love and they can live happily ever after. HAHA this is what it looks like in my brain now…. (oh and Zi Wen goes to jail, plus new evidence determines YC was wrongly jailed or something.)

      1. Davet Avatar

        Usually most people who overhears the concern of someone would actually be nice and try to work things over, but instead she went all evil on the two people who actually cared for her. Xi Le keeps overlooking the most important facts, and not to mention that BML is on her death bed too. How cruel can Xi Le be? At first I thought XL thought things through logically, but I was mistaken. She went from good to bad. Maybe that ‘bad’ was just in her all along? I thought nothing could tear her and Ping An apart, but I was wrong on that accord as well.

        Zi Wen is a loser. Lol. I don’t think she will dump him, she’s “too in love” with him. When he lied to her before and she found out, she still forgave him. The idiot. I agree, even if Bai Ming Li was not her real mother, at least she had the chance to know a mother’s love. Again BML still worried about her when she was laying in the hospital bed and also took the majority of the ‘injuries’ when she was already extremely ill.

        With Li Sha, she doesn’t hide what she wants, but with Zi Wen you never know what he has up his sleeves. Even though majority of the time his plans don’t work out. Lol. But it is only temporarily that I am rooting for them because I hate Zi Wen and want to see his reaction when he falls down his high horse. I disliked him ever since I seen his true intentions. I understand your point as well though.

        Yes, please let Huo Ying have a big part regarding the business and his family. He really does need something to do. And Zi Wen goes to jail, he better. Lol. Yea, I hope the truth of YC from the past comes up. YC already told Ping An WHY he went to jail; I just hope he tells her WHO he went for.

        1. kat Avatar

          Oh well even if Xi Le doesn’t dump Zi Wen… he’s going to jail anyway HAHAHA. I guess the way BML shielded her is the true sign that BML did feel for her. She’s probably too traumatized to see it now. Since it was ‘luck’ that no one decided to harm Xi Le when she was the pretend daughter. What if something did happen? Maybe Xi Le thinks that… it wasn’t the best plan to start with and for BML, she didn’t have enough time to right the wrongs she planted.

          It’s been so many times now where Zi Wen tries to lie and find an excuse for his actions! Yes I can’t wait to see him feel truly sorry for his actions. I wonder if that will ever happen.

          Yeah hoping Ping An will find out about Zi Wen, she’s like the only one who doesn’t… yet!

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