Bolin Chen, Kai Ko, Annie Chen and Nikki Shao attend the premiere of mini movie Dive in 2013

The world premiere of “Dive in 2013” was held in Beijing today with the main cast in attendance, including Bolin Chen, Kai Ko, Annie Chen, Nikki Shao and Fu Xin Bo! The audience got to see the complete version of the mini movie (which will be officially released on May 20!) and Fu Xin Bo also performed the theme song “At this moment, love!” (这一刻,爱吧) for the very first time.

Nikki Shao was also the host of the event and revealed even though it was the first time Bolin and Kai had worked together, they are good brothers. The atmosphere on set was full of laughter and love, like a class reunion. The two male leads were also asked to re-enact their ‘love confession’ scenes from the mini movie, bringing more laughs  to the audience.

If you have watched the first three parts (or last year’s offering) I think you can guess how the series will end? But it’s about the journey not the destination right? I rather enjoyed the previous three parts so of course I can’t wait to see the ending! Side note though, who was dressing the girls today? (especially Nikki Shao!) She’s very pretty and the pink dress just looks weird on her.

Let’s face it, I don’t hide that I’m a Bolin fangirl – so I have to include these super cute pics of Bolin and Kai posted on their weibo and instagram today.


 I’m currently recapping “Dive In 2013” – you can all posts relating to this mini movie under the Dive In 2013 tag.



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