Borrow Your Love Episode 12 Recap – Only one more ep to go?!

Xi Le: Why did she have to use me? Have any of you asked for my opinion? I thought I was so happy, but my happiness was borrowed from you. I borrowed your mother, borrowed your identity, and even borrowed the man you were supposed to marry.

Episode 12 started with an intense confrontation scene between Xi Le and Ping An, where Xi Le ripped the pearl necklace from Ping An and threw it on the floor.

Xi Le: You must think I’m a laughing stock. Since you never asked me when you lent me these things, then don’t expect me to return them to you.

Ping An: Xi Le… I’m so sorry…

Xi Le: I’ve said it before! She’s MY MOTHER! I won’t return her to you.

For this whole scene Xi Le talks like Ping An was a part of Bai Ming Li’s deceit, Xi Le probably should’ve said all this to Bai Ming Li but since she doesn’t have the chance anymore, she takes it all out on Ping An…

Ye Chen goes to the florist where he found the card amongst the flowers at his sister’s grave. He thought the flowers were from Zi Wen, but it turns out Bai Ming LI was the one who had been regularly sending them. She even told the florists she’s sending flowers for the girl’s brother, who is in a faraway place and could not send them himself.

So we finally find out Bai Ming Li knew about Ye Chen’s past all along… so did she really caused Wei Zhen’s death and that was the way she showed her remorse…?

As Ye Chen is pondering this he finds Ping An looking through her box. The box contains some of the things Bai Ming Li left her, including the wedding dress, a letter, a photo and a cassette player. She tries to play the tape but something’s wrong with the player. So Ye Chen offered to fix it.

Ping An mentions she wants to visit the orphanage in the next few days but isn’t it Bai Ming Li’s funeral in two days time? She reveals she promised Xi Le she won’t go… and Ye Chen gets angry. He wants to confront Xi Le about it, but Ping An of course stops him.

Ye Chen: I know you’re always thinking of Xi Le, but how long will you continue tolerating this? You don’t want to fight to take back the shopping centre, the money… that I can understand. But she wants to take your identity as Bai Ming Li’s daughter, and don’t even leave you a chance to say your last goodbye. What the hell is that?

I think Ye Chen has just said what every viewer is thinking… but Ping An just doesn’t want to talk about it and make some excuse to leave since she’s hungry…

Ye Chen VO: What can I do with you? Ping An, I want to help you, bring everything back to their original state. Not letting you suffer anymore, when can I let go? When can I leave you? I can’t let Wei Zhen down, because even if Bai Ming Li was unintentional Wei Zhen still died because of her.

Well, Ye Chen… NOOOO you can’t leave Ping An!!!! I’d vote for Wei Zhen’s death caused by Zi Wen 😛 Then Ye Chen can be with Ping An guilt free.

Xi Le goes to find ZI Wen at his office. She wants to get married ASAP and tells Zi Wen about Ping An taking back some of Bai Ming Li’s stuff. He talks her into keeping the shopping centre, because Ping An wouldn’t know what to do anyway… “doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not, as long as you believe it, it’s yours.” Hrm. What kind of weird logic is that?

Ye Chen goes to find the driver who hilariously jumped out of the car before the explosion a couple of episodes ago. The driver wonders how it happened, because Bai Ming Li have always been very careful about her cars, to the point where it gets serviced every three months. Ye Chen is fairly convinced now Blackie was behind Bai Ming Li’s accident… so how did Wei Zhen’s accident occur?

Since the Ji family now pretty much controls the shopping centre, Li Sha came up with the genius plan to assign Ye Chen as her driver from now on. But she forgot he could just quit, which he did. I’m glad her scene was short!

Ye Chen gives his resignation letter to Zi Wen… and said – we have to talk. On the rooftop, Ye Chen wants to find Blackie and asks Zi Wen how to contact him, but Zi Wen of course plays dumb. Ye Chen even goes on to ask whether Blackie had been working for him all along – as if Zi Wen will admit it now.

So Ye Chen asks the final (and probably most important) question – Did Zi Wen ever go to see Wei Zhen? Like ever? Zi Wen says it’s too painful for him to confront the past… but Ye Chen deduces this as Zi Wen having something to do with Wei Zhen’s accident, so he can’t face her.

Ye Chen wants Zi Wen to swear in front of Wei Zhen’s grave he didn’t do it, but Zi Wen will have none of it.

Ye Chen: You’re lying! I’ve known you for so many years, I can tell you’re lying!

Zi Wen: I don’t care what you say!

Ye Chen: From now on, you Li Zi Wen are no longer my brother.

Got to say though, if the ‘pretend relationship’ between Ping An and Ye Chen was thin, this supposed ‘brotherhood’ between ZI Wen and Ye Chen was even more non existent throughout this series?

Anyway… Xi Le overhead their whole conversation…

At his apartment, the mood suddenly turns all dark and gloomy as Ye Chen tells Wei Zhen he will bring Zi Wen to justice… but before then, there’s something he needs to take care of. He takes Bai Ming Li’s cassette player in his hand… (I don’t like the tone of this!!!)

He goes to find Ping An at the orphanage. She’s like her old self when talking to the headmaster there. She receives a phone call from someone at the food court asking her to cover her for a few days since she injured her hand. Ping An agrees. Ye Chen is annoyed because Ping An could be the CEO now, and yet, she’s still going back to work in the food court?

Ye Chen brings her the cassette player which he fixed. She listens to it and it was the song her father sang… then it turns out Bai Ming Li was singing it too.

Ping An can feel the happiness when they were singing that song. But that’s when she begins to wonder, how can Bai Ming Li leave this family? If she didn’t leave, they could be a blissful household right now. Why did Bai Ming Li leave her? Now Ping An thinks things were better when she was just Xie Ping An from the orphanage, no complications, no heartache.

During this scene, Ping An’s nose is bleeding again. Oh dear, this is turning so depressing I can’t take it anymore…

Zi Wen’s drinking again as Xi Le comes home. She tells him she overheard the conversation on the rooftop.

Xi Le: So what if you don’t have any friends. I don’t have any either. At least, we have each other.

Another reason they’re so compatible and deserve each other. She doesn’t care what kind of person he is, since he’s the person she loves.

He confesses he’s the one who caused Wei Zhen’s death. Ye Chen was right (as usual). There’s a flashback scene of what REALLY happened… Zi Wen was so determined on revenge Wei Zhen tried to talk him out of it. But he tampered with Bai Ming Li’s car anyway (Wei Zhen knew as she was spying on him…). Since he wouldn’t listen Wei Zhen ran in front of Bai Ming Li’s car so Zi Wen’s plans would fail…

Xi Le: But… you didn’t mean for this to happen…

… I have no words for this.

Main point is… he finally tells Xi Le he was using her as revenge.

Xi Le: I only know if I’m Wei Zhen, I will definitely forgive you. Because I don’t want to let you go…

Outside the funeral, Ping An hides in a corner to sing that song for Bai Ming Li…

Inside, Li Sha tries to convince Xi Le to give up now, since she’s not the real daughter. Xi Le scoffs at her and is happy to hear Li Sha is so afraid of her. Ping An was the person LI Sha hates the most and now she wants her to come back? Xi Le won’t let Li Sha forget she’s also from the orphanage…

Zi Wen has some information Bai Ming Li had already set in motion to help Xi Le become the new CEO. Director Ji is of course furious… poor Huo Ying tries to calm the situation but is not making it any better.

As Ping An is working at the food court, Xi Le as the new CEO comes down for an ‘inspection’, which was really an excuse for her to criticise everyone there, especially Ping An…

On the other hand, Ye Chen finally gives Blackie’s phone to the Detective… besides ZI Wen’s number Blackie had also been calling this nightclub. So Ye Chen goes there to investigate.

Ye Chen’s outside trying to get some information from the valet parking guys whether they’ve seen Blackie. But he bumps into Li Sha, who is drunk. Her ‘friends’ heard some rumours that she’s from an orphanage, so they all deserted her. She throws up so he takes her back… to his place? (the one with the glass bathroom door!?!?!?!?!?)

Ping An returns home to find Li Sha lying on the bed and Ye Chen… well, topless in the bathroom. She wants to turn back and leave but Li Sha tells her what happened. Li Sha goes on to say even though she had hated Ping An for a long time, now she can see Xi Le is turning into another Bai Ming Li, so she wants to help Ping An take Xi Le down.

Ping An realises Li Sha is Sha Sha from the orphanage. Li Sha then thanks Ye Chen and leaves. Ping An ponders whether Li Sha is sincere, but Ye Chen thinks Li Sha has a point. If Ping An doesn’t stop it Xi Le will become another Bai Ming Li. Ping An wonders what she can do next…

Ping An: Hey! Next time you’re forbidden to bring drunk girls home… except me.

ARGH. They’re doing this again. Showing us how cute Ping An and Ye Chen could’ve been and yet we’re getting bogged down by all this other stuff. ><

At the florist, the other staff at the food court rushes in to tell Ping An there’re plans to get rid of the food court… (DUN DUN DUN!).


But the REAL shock comes from the episode 13 preview

Director Ji (to Ping An): I want you to marry Huo Ying and become my daughter in law.

I’m falling off my chair. Huo Ying actually smiles! Ye Chen is (of course) alarmed!

Also… Xi Le finds the will?! (She didn’t know Zi Wen switched it?)

The lawyer is talking about a land title deed… and the land belongs to… YE CHEN? (Where is this address? Is this the shopping centre?)

Xi Le has a fight with Zi Wen… some documents fell on the ground… as Zi Wen picks them up a car comes flying by… does it hit Xi Le??!?!

Ping An tells Ye Chen she’s going overseas to study…

Ye Chen: You will come back right?

And then finally… an old man is at the florist asking Ping An… “You’re Mi Bao?” Is he one of her relatives????

I think I’ve given up hope on seeing more cute Ping An / Ye Chen scenes, there hasn’t been any (extended) ones since episode 9 or something. ARGH. Seems like there’s still so much happening in the finale next week? I guess as long as PA/YC end up together, I’m okay with it?!?


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  1. Davet Avatar

    Ok now it comes down to why the series was actually named, “Borrow Your Love,” because it was speaking about Xi Le. Which still doesn’t go right with the summary of the show. It seems as if Zi Wen and Xi Le should have been the stars.

    Xi Le is in denial much? It’s understandable that since she can’t say certain things to Bai Ming Li because she passed away, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to take her anger out on Ping An. All she is doing is thinking about herself instead of actually asking PA how did she feel, or if she knew all along. If she thought back she would know that Ping An was sitting right beside her when BML announced who her daughter was out of the two in the beginning.

    It’s a surprise that Bai Ming Li was showing her respects to Ye Chen’s sister and not only that, but she knew of his past. That grew my attention even more and it’s heart breaking as well. So that comes to the conclusion that Zi Wen has not been showing his respects when HE was the one for her DEATH. Oh I can’t wait til he is knocked down his high horse. YC needs to punch him some more. Lol.

    I agree, YC has spoken the words that we viewers were thinking. And it wasn’t Bai Ming Li who killed Wei Zhen, it was Zi Wen since it was he who cut the brakes.

    A logic of greed and denial. Lol. It will be their downfall.

    I love the fact that Ye Chen is smart in this show. He thinks about every little thing that seems important and he always draws the right conclusions. You just have to love him. I’m sorry Ping An, but I might take him from you. Lol. Seriously, I love his character within this series. Ye Chen has finally untied himself from Zi Wen. Great choice.

    Ye Chen and Ping An scenes always makes me giddy and, depending on the situation, shed a few tears. Which of course was the scene when he fixed the player for her and she heard her father and mother sang a song. And it’s understandable that now the questions that she thought of in the past episodes are resurfacing, but it’s sad now because she can’t get an answer. Instead of Xi Le getting upset, it should be Ping An because she never received as much love as Xi Le nor the many luxuries. And the one thing that she did receive was broken by XL.

    What?! Another Nose bleed?! Please let it be from stress and not a sickness emerging.

    As I said before, ZW and XL deserve each other. All they care about is themselves. Especially ZW, I don’t even think he cares for XL because he’s just using her.

    I was so excited when they FINALLY showed the reason behind Wei Zhen’s death. My sister-in-law and mother looked at me as if I grown another head. They will never understand that greatness of Taiwanese dramas. Lol.

    I have no words for what Xi Le had said both times with Zi Wen. I’m speechless.

    I feel for Ping An. She couldn’t even attend to her own mother’s funeral which she rightfully belonged to.

    Out of everything you remembered; it was the glass bathroom door? LOL.

    Yes! The words I wanted to hear. “Take Xi Le down.” I can’t wait for her to see all the wrong she has done and the people she neglected who was there for her since the very beginning. IF she choose to see it.

    I don’t see Xi Le being another Bai Ming Li, because throughout the series, BML had her reasons and she was also sincere in most things. With XL, it’s nothing but greed and denial. BML was never greedy from my point of view. There were things that I didn’t agree with, but she had reasonable excuses and that’s why I can’t become angry with her character.

    I’m glad PA finally knows who Li Sha is. I don’t think Li Sha is being sincere, but at least she is willing to help put XL where she belongs and have PA take up her rightful place.

    I totally agree. I love the mushy stuff between her and Ye Chen, but we don’t receive much from it. Their scenes together are always so short.

    Episode 13:

    WOAH! Marry Huo Ying?! LOL. Of course he has no objections, but what will Ye Chen do? I can’t wait!!!!

    I wonder what land Ye Chen received as well.

    It seems as if the car hit Xi Le since she pushed Zi Wen out of the way, but I have a feeling Zi Wen will have some type of conscience and push Xi Le out the way or pull her.

    If Ping An does go overseas, take Ye Chen with her! They need more time together than what they been having.

    Hmmmm…. Ping An might have some more help coming her way.

    I have to say I’m somewhat disappointed with the YC and PA scenes and this drama in general. It was mostly supposed to be about them, but instead it was the opposite. It showed more of the supporting actors and the problems than the actual point of the series. I guess, I can be alright with knowing that PA and YC end up together as well. At least do a kiss scene or something. Even a kiss on the cheek is fine. YC can even say those three words, “I Love You.”

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes I also the inherent problem with this series was that it was described as a romantic comedy (two people pretending they’re together to pair up their friends) but it’s more like a family / serious drama and the romantic elements were only supporting roles at most. It’s even more worrying when a lot of screentime were given to Zi Wen and Xi Le, both are not ‘bad’ actors I suppose, but they aren’t that strong. BML though, I didn’t mind. She’s pretty much also the lead but she’s very good.

      This drama continues to bring surprises especially about the flowers as Wei Zhen’s grave. I just assumed it was Zi Wen all along! Any tiny sympathy I might have for him just vanished at that point. BML even knew about Ye Chen and it turns out it wasn’t a coincidence at all how he ended up to be her driver? There’s probably a plot hole somewhere how at the beginning with the kidnapping and then YC working for her but let’s not think too much about it haha.

      Poor Wei Zhen, she gave up her own life to try to stop Zi Wen’s revenge but he just fell deeper into the hole. He even blames BML for her death and just can’t see what Wei Zhen was trying to do. How can he be blinded for so many years…

      Sadly they never made it very clear why BML left her family. She just kind of glossed over saying she wanted a ‘better’ life with a rich guy basically. That’s pretty cruel. Ping An initially probably feels overwhelmingly happy that she actually has a mother who loves her so much, but now feels really conflicted when she remembers what BML left behind. As BML said before maybe it was better Ping An didn’t know the truth…?

      They have ONE ep left, the writers CANNOT throw in a random sickness for Ping An! This drama is rather sad already. I will be throwing stones at the writers if the nose bleed is related to some terminal illness. Gahhh…

      Ah yes I remember the important stuff like the weird glass bathroom door. Just remember PA and YC had been LIVING TOGETHER in that house for a while now HAHAHA. And they gave us a YC shirtless scene for no particular reason. I’m not complaining.

      In the next ep, I’m kinda hoping they can kill BOTH Zi Wen and Xi Le in the car crash! Wouldn’t that be a happy ending? Then YC and PA can be happy ever after… and there MUST be a scene when he finally confess and give her that pearl he designed… hopefully that will happen!

      1. Davet Avatar

        I agree,. This series could have been described as family/ serious drama. The creators disappointed me immensesly. With everything that was suppose to go on, it was the very opposite. The stars did have the most camera time, the summary was all wrong, and they just did not give what some of the viewers were expecting. The show did have some great qualities and kept most individuals interested. Well that’s my opinion on the matter.

        The drama did bring surprises and finally you have stepped to my side lol. Zi Wen just needs to go somewhere very, very, very far away. I can understand if he felt it was his fault (it was his fault) for Wei Zhen’s death and he couldn’t face her grave, but he could have done what Bai Ming Li has done. Which showed his respects and have someone send flowers for him. Wei Zhen’s life seemed to not have no meaning to ZW since he was so nblind with greed.

        It is cruel to leave for money when it seemed as if she was content with her family. That she had so much love for Ping An and PA’s father. She might have felt it was better for her because she wouldn’t fall to so much pain and heartache, but PA deserved to know the truth, so that way she can have some kind of ease that she had a mother out there. Even if questions came to mind why BML left her in the first place.

        It would be pretty much dumb to give PA a sickness at the very last episode unless they plan to do a sequel which I highly doubt.

        OMG. You are so right. I loved the shirtless Ye Chen, I just wished I knew what excatly went on as they lived together. If only they had gave the actual stars more screen time. I mean they had to shower right and… THE GLASS DOOR…. YC already saw PA naked in the first episode which I found very hilarious. I mean what certain activities did they actually do. Just talk? Confess his undying love? We know that isn’t true. Did he secretly kiss her while she was asleep or just watched her? Did he hold her while she slept? This is killing me.

        LOL. I never thought you would have said to kill both Zi Wen and Xi Le. It made my day, yet it would be a happy ending, but we know for sure if that did happen, Ping An would be devastated, then it might lead to another “nose bleed.” Oh yes that better happen; his love should be confessed and or the pearl being given to her that he designed or there will be a mob with torches and pitch forks coming for the writers/ creators.

        1. kat Avatar

          A lot of times I question whether Zi Wen loved Wei Zhen all that much, couldn’t even send flowers for her! He’s too consumed by his hate he just can’t see anything. Even when his target BML is dead he didn’t feel any better afterwards. I wonder whether he will ever be truly sorry for everything he had done.

          Yes it’s way too weird to give PA an illness now. Maybe it’s one where it isn’t terminal, but she can’t go anywhere so has to stay and YC looks after her lol. (Then of course not long after she gets better.)

          Ah you’ve listed some great possibilities there about what could’ve went on in YC’s place. That hilarious scene in episode 1 was the reason I stayed with this drama! So much potential wasted 🙁

          Even if just ZW died PA will still be devastated, PA is just too kind hearted. But surely YC can make her feel better with his truly romantic confession she cannot refuse… HAHAHAHA.

          1. Davet Avatar

            I think he isn’t happy yet because he still did not achieve all his goals as of yet. BML is already dead, but he also wanted her shares and to take over and that’s why I believe he is helping Xi Le. Well using her even more is more like it. I don’t think he will be truly sorry for his actions. If he does, then it might be too late?

            LOL. That naked scene was the reason why I continued watching as well. And how he always made fun of her body, which I thought was very funny and cute.

            Sometimes being too kind hearted can be a problem. Just look at the way she’s letting Xi Le walk all over her. I’m sure she understands how XL feels about the Bai Ming Li situation, but most of the things XL is doing are way out of line. Ping An usually confronts others who are wrong, but I think when it comes to her supposed to be friend/ sister figure, she can’t really say anything. Maybe because she’s too hurt by the one person who was by her side since they were kids? Xi Le should already know what kind of person Ping An is, but she’s letting hatred consume her; just as it and greed did for Zi Wen.

          2. kat Avatar

            ZW will never be truly happy since a big part of what he wanted to do was to stick it to BML which can never happen now lol. He just has to continue because it doesn’t seem like he has anything other purpose in life. Take away this revenge he has nothing!

            YES!!! The eggs!!! Omg~ I’m still laughing thinking about it.

            Maybe in a way Ping An is still trying to deal with everything, and being good to XL is the only thing she knew from all her life so she just keeps doing it. PA has always been the ‘protector’ of XL, so she still has those instincts?

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    i wish there are more yc and pa scenes i totally love this drama but i need subs to watch it im stuc on episode 9 and i think theres sooooo much scenes in tht ep tht i need to watch

    1. kat Avatar

      YES! Episode 9 was pretty much loaded with PA / YC goodness, and sadly from that point onwards the series doesn’t focus on them (as a couple) all that much!!

  3. kpopfan Avatar

    this drama is truly one of the best that i have watched. as episode 9 was loaded with PA and YC scenes i thought the chemistry between them wold develop and focus more on the main actors rather than the supporting actor. ZW and XL they really are a couple that only thinks about themselves. BML turned to be a really protective character. the GLASS DOOR. i recommended this drama to a friend and when i asked her what she thought it was all about the glass door.
    You are so right. I loved the shirtless Ye Chen, I just wished I knew what excatly went on as they lived together. If only they had gave the actual stars more screen time. YC already saw PA naked in the first episode which I found very funny. I mean what certain activities did they actually do.
    Question:( as i cant watch this drama without english subtitle and nobody has subbed ep 9) was ye chen actually shirtless or was he wearing like the vest top thing?

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah unfortunately PA and YC seemed like the 2nd leads for most of this drama. Especially YC which I am rather annoyed! They have truly wasted PA/YC’s great chemistry with only so few cute moments of them together.

      LOL! The glass door was a highlight!! It’s a pity it didn’t make more appearances in this drama.

      About your question – you mean in episode 12 right? Because YC was actually shirtless there 😀 😀 😀 (Although he did have a towel draped around his neck…) AND after PA came into the room he quickly put his white vest top thing back on. 🙁

      1. kpopfan Avatar

        thnxs for that 🙂 …… yeah i agree…. wish this drama had more episodes so that we can see more YC and PA moments and more of the chemistry developing between them. this drama was mainly based on the suprting actors and stuff so it wouldve been better as the main plot was supposed to be a fake couple so they can get XL and ZW together…
        the shirtless thing…. y couldnt he have left it off for a while…. and even though amanda is married there shouldve been at least one kissing scene in the whole drama…
        im looking forward to the last episode wondering whats going to happen to the couple and XL and ZW…. the thing with li sha is kinda hard to believe that she is going to help PA as she hated her…. i think at the end it will be like the dramas where they go their ways and then they meet up later like in a few months or so and they should a romantic scene then…..
        if the directors made a scene when they were living together the glass door wouldve have showed up more and there could have been some cute moments then.

        1. kat Avatar

          Yeah it seems a lot of us were mislead by the plot outline – it was more of the ‘borrow love’ for each of the four characters. YC was supposed to ‘borrow’ love from PA re his sister (never really felt that aspect) and of course PA’s ‘borrow’ love from YC was so fleeting you blink and you’ll miss it. Funny that YC/PA probably didn’t need to do anything to bring ZW/XL together… ZW was with her anyway because she’s BML’s daughter!

          It would be great to have a PA/YC kissing scene!!! >< But don't think it's happening... yeah that would be ok, if PA went away to study then we see them a few years later he's waiting for her with that pearl necklace hehehe...

  4. kpopfan Avatar

    it would be so romantic if he finally decides to give the pearl necklace to her and im trying to figure out whats going to happen to ZW and XL….
    if that couple ends up getting destroyed im ok with that because they both think that everything revolves around themselves and money/power. since the beginning i have hated ZW and then slowly i began to hate XL…
    also trying to work out whats going to happen to the “sisterly bond” between XL and PA.. would PA forgive her ??.. considering YC is not going to forgive ZW for killing his sister i think YC could end up persuading PA to not trust XL again because of ZW… what going to happen to happen to the Ji family and is Huo Ying going to be chatting up girls again in before a major scene….. so much things to ask… and too much spazzing over YC

    1. kat Avatar

      no IF!! He must give her that necklace!! hahahaha~ The writers cannot dangle that in front of us episodes ago and not follow up with it… just. can’t. I’m curious to know what will happen to everyone else (ZW/XL) and the sisterly bond… but knowing me I’ll just be spazzing everytime YC is on screen LOL.

  5. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah agreeing with the spazzing….. just like my friends spazz over the bad guys every time dont understand why in this particular drama but… yeah he has to give the pearl necklace….. and i hope that there is another drama or movie thats like this because this was soo good and it was more about the bonds between each character
    and the new movie with dylan in it i hope that is good…

    1. Davet Avatar

      This drama was indeed a great one, but it was also a disappointment. The disappointment of not having the series actually go the way as it was summarized to be. If they do however make another similar drama or someone else on that matter, I hope they will stick to what the story line was supposed to be and give the actual stars the most screen time as it should have been.

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