Amour et Pâtisserie aka The Pâtisserie with no name premieres this Saturday

After watching the 15 minute preview for upcoming drama Amour et Pâtisserie (沒有名字的甜點店 / The Pâtisserie with no name), which will premiere this Saturday on PTS, it’s not really screaming a ‘must watch’ for me. HOWEVER, I will give the first few episodes a try because…

Desserts… who doesn’t love them? As the title suggests, this drama is about a Pâtisserie, with no name. Watching the preview was making me hungry already.

Paris… parts of the drama were filmed in Paris! I’m taking a guess here and say it was probably the flashback scenes? But hey, it shows more effort than your regular TW idol drama…

Interesting casting… I probably should’ve just wrote Xiu Jie Kai but ever since “Black and White” I’m finding the photos he posts on social media (those of him working out! hmmm) more interesting than the dramas he’s been in. He will be the ‘ex boyfriend who comes back to try and win the girl’s heart’ in this drama. Nothing groundbreaking here, but I’m trying to erase any memories of him from “Ring Ring Bell”.

As for Sandrine Pinna, I’m quite neutral towards her. Even after that mostly unbearable “Endless Love” from 2010. My only reservation is that why did this drama took so long to air? (They started filming in July last year and wrapped up in November!) Is it because Sandrine announced quite suddenly late last year that she was engaged… then married (earlier this year)… and now she’s five months pregnant?

The wildcard here though is first time lead Liu Yi Hao. Apparently he’s nicknamed the Taiwanese version of Rain? I only remember him as one of the classmates from “In Time With You”!?  But his happy, go lucky character here seem to suit him. Did I mention he has dimples…? lol.

Story Outline

A girl returns from Paris to open a French Patisserie in a small alley. The Patisserie has no name, no signs, no menus. She will only make three types of desserts per day depending on her mood, so one can imagine how bad business is. Nobody knows her past, and no one knows her secrets beneath the cold demeanour.

One day, a backpacker with a cheery disposition stumbles upon the shop. He didn’t want to leave so he even stayed on as a helper. His arrival changed the atmosphere of the patisserie. Suddenly the place feels alive again and he became the communication channel between the girl and the outside world. The girl’s desserts even healed many customer’s broken hearts. When everything was going well and a relationship was starting to develop, a famous pastry chef returns from Paris and disrupts everything…

The girl will have to face her past, where will her future be? Why did the cheery guy arrive at the patisserie in the first place? Who can heal the girl’s heart?


Photo credits: Amour et Pâtisserie official site, Amour et Pâtisserie official Facebook page



4 responses to “Amour et Pâtisserie aka The Pâtisserie with no name premieres this Saturday”

  1. kpopfan Avatar

    i thougt i should try this drama out and i agree with liu yi hao being a tw version of rain…
    Question: have u watched When Love Walked In..Zhou Mi and Calvin will be playing rivals who are vying not only as successor of a company but for the love of Victoria, who turns out to be the long lost granddaughter and heir to the company.(victoria from kpop band f(x) who is chinese….)

    1. kat Avatar

      Gosh now I hope someone picks this series up because I’ve been looking for links all morning and can’t find any! >< No I haven't watched When love walked in... it never aired in TW? Weird... just cos I really hate dubbed shows and always have to wait for the original voice version lol.

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah same cant find any….. it never aired ?…. it supposedly aired in 2012 in taiwan and china i thought u might had seen it ……….. i dont think it was dubbed because i usually hate it when they dubbed it but most of the time i end up watching it…. (sorry i keep asking questions)………….

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah it says (on Wikipedia though!) the version with their original voices was supposed to air in Taiwan but no dates… but then again it’s Wikipedia so.. haha may not be the most reliable source.

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