Borrow Your Love Episode 13 Recap – I have a bad feeling about this

Firstly I can’t believe it was right in front of me and I never noticed that Borrow ur Love is actually finishing NEXT WEEK, not this week!!! >< The follow on series “Love SOS” had announced their airing date (9th June) a few days ago and it just didn’t click in my head. Arrghhh… okay. I hope the finale next week will be a good ending to this series.

Episode 13 starts at the Ji house, where Ping An is ready to team up with Director Ji to take down Xi Le. I must admit I didn’t realise things would happen so quickly! I seriously thought did I miss out on the beginning?

Ping An convinces Director Ji she is the real daughter and he agrees to help her… on condition that she will marry Huo Ying. *gasp*

Director Ji: I have been fighting with Bai Ming Li for most of my life. If her daughter marries my son, then it would really be a truce.

Now it’s not a surprise since we saw this in the preview last week but again, it’s all happening so quickly I haven’t had time to digest any of it! Huo Ying even said he had already proposed to Ping An and she already accepted? HUH? Why does it feel like they edited some scenes before this one?




I don’t think my heart can take it anymore when there is a super cute scene attached as Ye Chen and Ping An left the Ji house.

Ping An: I want to ask you, if I pretend to be Huo Ying’s fiancee, will you be angry? You really don’t mind?

Ye Chen: If it’s for the greater good, then just do what is right. Why should I mind?

Ping An: You’re so dishonest. If you’re jealous just admit it. Not ‘man’ at all.

(So he pushes her to the fence and leans over her….)



Ping An: Hey! You big pervert!

Ye Chen: eeehh… haven’t heard this name for a long time! So let me ask you, what do I need to do, to be ‘man’?

(She kisses him on the cheek.)

Ping An: This is what I mean! Idiot!

HINT HINT YE CHEN – when girls ask these questions it’s because she WANTS you to care!!! OMG I am dying of happiness. I can just watch this scene over and over.

Back to business – the Huo family will deliberately release information that Ping An is Bai Ming Li’s real daughter. When the timing is right, they’ll hold a press conference.

Zi Wen expresses disbelief that Ping An will work with Director Ji, but thinks that they’ll use her in the end anyway. So Xi Le says she’s happy Ping An is fighting back, because she doesn’t like Ping An ‘giving’ her everything…

At the press conference, Li Sha announces to the world that Ping An is the real daughter. She also casts doubt on the legitimacy of the will, claiming that the real one has disappeared. When the reporters asks the DNA paperwork can be fake, Ping An presents them with Bai Ming Li’s handwritten letter, and the tape where her parents sang the lullaby.

An old man watching the press conference hears the lullaby and recognises the voices. He goes to the florist but the owner tells him Ping An hasn’t been there for a while. He says he’s a friend of her fathers and leaves her a business card. But the owner didn’t believe Ping An has a father and just threw the card away… (WTF?)

Outside a board meeting, Xi Le / Zi Wen and Ping An / Ye Chen / Ji family crosses paths. Ping An wonders whether Xi Le and her can be friends again.

Even though the security wouldn’t allow them to enter, but Director Ji says since he’s a shareholder, he should be allowed in the meeting. He introduces Ping An as the real daughter of Bai Ming Li and wants a new election for the CEO.

Zi Wen says Ping An has no standing to be in the meeting, since she isn’t even a shareholder. But Director Ji announces Ping An is engaged to Huo Ying, so he’s transferring some of his shares to her!

After the meeting, Director Ji tells Huo Ying to be careful since those shares were meant to be for him. If he doesn’t marry Ping An he will be very poor. Huo Ying thinks they now have the upper hand, they just have to wait until the next meeting to elect a new CEO.

Zi Wen and Xi Le are at a park. Zi Wen tries to contact some of the other shareholders, while Xi Le is just reflecting on what has happened. She sees a cart selling fairy floss and asks Zi Wen to buy one for her.

Xi Le: Ping An is really good at spinning fairy floss. She can make them really big and beautiful. We are like this fairy floss, she’s the large, loose sugar on top, while I’m the skinny but strong bamboo stick. Without me, she cannot form her shape, but without her, I’m only just a bamboo stick.

Even though our relationship has broken down now, I still believed she can’t survive without me. But just then I saw many people wanting to protect her, support her, that’s a feeling of loss. I finally… lost this friend.

That has to be the weirdest metaphor ever. But it does show Xi Le is willing to throw in the towel… but of course looking at ZI Wen, he’s not going to let it go so easily.

When Zi Wen is in the shower his phone rang. Xi Le saw a message came up and it was from Blackie.

She meets with Blackie and he told her EVERYTHING. Including how Zi Wen faked the stabbing to win her heart, how he switched Bai Ming Li’s will… and the car accident of course.

Xi Le breaks down and faints on the road…

Xi Le: If everything is fake… then what is real?

Surprisingly, Ping An was the one by her side when Xi Le woke up. It was because the nurse saw that the emergency contact person on her phone was Ping An. Ping An senses the awkwardness and says Zi Wen will be here soon so she will leave, but Xi Le doesn’t want to see him.

Ye Chen comes in to tell them all the paperwork has been taken care of, so Ping An leaves with him. Outside, they see Zi Wen walking in but they didn’t even acknowledge each other.

When Xi Le sees Zi Wen, all she wants to know is whether he loves her. She keeps on asking him – “Do you love me?” but he never gave her a straight response. He could only answer with – “I can’t live without you…” Xi Le is getting so emotional that they had to sedate her.

At the lawyer’s office, Ye Chen and Ping An are told since Ping An has the DNA report, she has a prima facie case. But it could be a long litigation. Ping An didn’t really want to go through it, because she already put some money aside when she was working. Plus, Bai Ming Li gave some money to the head of the orphanage to give to Ping An… so Ping An is not so poor anymore. She wants to use this money to study overseas.

Ping An: After everything passes, I want to go overseas. Then… I can also meet a blonde hair blue eyed boyfriend…

Ye Chen: What what what… say it again… what?

OMG this series is doing my head in. One minute it’s so serious and heavy handed the next minute we see Ping An and Ye Chen pulling each other’s faces in the lawyer’s office. Even the lawyer is not amused. LOL. These two are so ridiculously cute.

Then the lawyer tells them he found a land title deed amongst his notes. The title deed belongs to Ye Chen.

It was that house Ye Chen grew up in! Bai Ming Li saved it all along and kept it for him. I love this scene of Ping An and Ye Chen visiting the house. THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS. Honestly, if the series ends here I will be happy. Seriously.

Ping An: Mr Wong (lawyer) said after Wei Zhen’s death, mum was the one who kept paying taxes and protecting this place. Even when a corporation wanted to buy it, she bought it back by paying a high price, using your name. I think she’s really sorry about what happened to Wei Zhen.

Ye Chen: Actually, you can’t blame Bai Ming Li for Wei Zhen’s accident. She’s not the one to blame.

Ping An: So you have forgiven my mother?

Ye Chen: She knew of my identity all along but still trusted me wholeheartedly. For me, she’s like a teacher and a close friend. How am I qualified to say I forgive her?

And I once stupidly thought I have to leave you… to give justice to Wei Zhen.






Ping An: No… you can’t leave me!

Ye Chen: Don’t worry… I won’t leave you.


Xi Le goes to find Bai Ming Li’s will like Blackie said, and finally – she realises Zi Wen never loved her. She was going to tear it up, but…

Xi Le: Why did you have to keep this will? You should’ve burnt it. Then I will never find it, and I can forever live in your lies…

Have to agree with her there. Why leave evidence behind Zi Wen??? She takes the will and plans to give it to Ping An, but Zi Wen arrives just in time to try to stop her.

Xi Le: Wei Zhen’s death was because you were seeking revenge, that I can forgive. But you chose to cause a car accident on our wedding day, I cannot accept it!

(More weird logic again… but I guess even Xi Le is leaving him now…) She runs off with the will but tripped and fell. The will fell on the ground so Zi Wen picks them up just as a car is coming along. Xi Le pushes him away…

Since no one messed with the brakes this time, the car stops in time, but Xi Le is having an asthma attack again.

At the hospital the doctor says luckily Xi Le got there quickly so she’s okay. The driver of the car tells Zi Wen he found the paperwork (the will) and gives them back to Zi Wen.

Zi Wen and Ye Chen meets at Ye Chen’s house. FINALLY~ Zi Wen gives the will back to Ye Chen… it was what Xi Le wanted to do.

ZI Wen: This is the first time in many years that I have faced the past. After Wei Zhen’s death, I refused to see, listen, think… now I can finally understand what Wei Zhen was trying to tell me.

Now that Zi Wen has effectively given up… we see Xi Le doing the same. She wants to return everything to Ping An, but Ping An says she doesn’t care about those things. Xi Le is a bit pissed off, because all the things she wanted, the things she worked hard for, Ping An doesn’t seem to value them. She would rather see Ping An being mad at her, than not caring.

The meeting to elect a new CEO is about to begin but Ping An is nowhere to be seen. Huo Ying and Li Sha are waiting impatiently, but when Ye Chen arrives, he just gave them the shares that Director Ji transferred to her. Ping An wants Xi Le to remain CEO. Li Sha angrily leaves…

Afterwards Ping An tells Ye Chen she’ll be going overseas, in about a week’s time.

Ye Chen: Oh… you’ll come back right?

Ping An: Will you wait for me?

Ye Chen: I will… but don’t make me wait for too long.





At the Bai mansion, Zi Wen begs for Xi Le’s forgiveness but she refuses to hear it. He tells her the news that Ping An never showed up to the meeting, so she’s still the CEO.

Ping An goes to the florist to say goodbye, just after she left the old man came back to ask about Ping An again… luckily (?), Ping An left something behind and when the old man sees her, he calls her “Mi Bao”??


There are a bunch of words jumbled in my head at the moment about next week’s preview. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE. ARGH. Now I wish this series would just end at episode 13 because I have a BAD feeling where we’re heading. WHY do we have to throw in a terminal illness subplot right at the end? I don’t even care if Zi Wen is not truly sorry and planning something else. I don’t even care if Blackie actually kills him. Ping An / Ye Chen are the only ones I’m caring about. Looks like there will be lots of sweet moments between them next week BUT… Ping An might have leukaemia.

Ping An: Waiting for the day you won’t be afraid of bows anymore, that’s when I will return.

NOOOOOOO. I am crying already.

I don’t want to have my heart ripped out AGAIN. Why again? Here’s the thing – when I found out the writer of “Borrow ur Love” (Lin Ya Chun) also wrote “The Outsiders”, it didn’t register. But a few days ago I was contemplating re-watching “White Robe of Love” (which is a drama on my favourite list but I have only watched it once…) because why? It ripped my heart out. I’m not sure I could take that again, despite how much I loved it. Then I decided to watch a little bit of it… only to find one of the writers of White Robe… is Lin Ya Chun. The common link between The Outsiders, White Robe of Love and Borrow ur Love? Dylan Kuo as the lead. And what happened in those other two series? Not so happy returns. The Outsiders, I could understand that’s where the story had to go, but White Robe – I was crying my eyes out and swearing at the writer because it just wasn’t necessary.

Dear writer I hope you’re not doing this again.


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  1. Davet Avatar

    I actually thought episode 13 was going to be the final one, but it also happened to another Taiwanese Drama that I watch as well. So I had a feeling that it would happen here too, but I was still shocked no less.

    Things did seem to happen rather quickly. Maybe it’s because the series is actually pretty short? I guess that was the big part for Huo Ying. To be announced to marry Ping An. At least the father would like to make a truce. What?! He already proposed? When did this happen? Argh. This series can be frustrating at times.

    Ye Chen and Ping An’s beautiful moment. Couldn’t get enough. Finally! Someone took the initiative to give the first kiss. LOL.

    I am actually pretty glad that the Ji family got the word out about Ping An. For once, I agree with Xi Le. Ping An does need to fight, I don’t like her just giving everything that rightfully belongs to her away so freely. It’s true XL received some pain, but PA did as well.

    In your face Zi Wen….. I don’t think Ping An is going to actually marry Huo Ying. I’m also sure that if everything turns out just the way it was supposed to, then Ping An will return the shares to HY and maybe even more.

    I see that XL is starting to face the reality bit by bit. It’s so funny how Blackie told XL everything. That’s what Zi Wen get, it’s starting to bite him in the butt and more. Zi Wen was so stupid to trust Blackie with everything anyway. Plus he used to work for BML and then he went off to him. That’s a big red flag.

    Ping An is real. Duh. LOL

    She asked the question and when she awoke she received her answer. I’m surprised Ping An doesn’t say anything to voice out towards Zi Wen. ZW did tell the truth. He can’t live without her because he needs her shares and probably to use her more.

    I’m loving Bai Ming Li even more than before. She truly wished for Ping An to be taken care of after her passing away. It’s truly sad to see BML die.

    LOL. That scene was too adorable. It’s so cute when they both like to push each others’ buttons. I was so elated to see such a display of playfulness and love.

    It seems like we were getting many lovable and funny scenes with YC and PA. It still disappoints me a little with how the story line became, but it was a good series none the less. I still wish there were more scenes with PA and YC from the very start. I loved the scenes with this episode, I just wish there were more because I am hooked even more. LOL. Especially with the scene at Ye Chen’s old home. BML really use her resources. It’s a shock she knew so much about YC, but he didn’t know anything about her before of what he learned. But when you think about it, its obvious because Bai Ming Li wanted to know of Wei Zhen and if she had any family members around. Which took more researching. I am grateful that now he realizes that he doesn’t have to leave Ping An and I believe she is not going to let him go. Through BML ways, she wasn’t really being cold hearted, but smart because most of the times it is very hard to trust many individuals. She was not only caring and loving, but she was also a mentor.

    LOL. And I say this again, because Zi Wen does not think things through. He is a complete idiot in my eyes. Dumb ZW. I have to laugh at what Xi Le said. So if he did not cause a car accident on the wedding day, would she forgive him then? OMG. ZW and XL just gives me headaches.

    So it took what happened in the past, for Zi Wen to actually face reality as well. Maybe he did care for Xi Le. Somewhat? Even though he finally can see the wrongs and the message Wei Zhen was trying to tell him, he is still number one in my hate book. I am glad he now understands; now he just needs to atone for his mistakes and more.

    Episode 14:

    Yea, Zi Wen can die for all I care. As I said before, he is still in my hatred book. I guess Blackie turned on him because he didn’t get his money or whatever.

    This is just becoming an even more disappointment. If PA does have Leukemia, then that would be devastating and sad. I would demand a remake and then I will direct it. LOL. I’ll rewrite it if I have to. (That’s only wishful thinking. Lol) But I still like my idea. Even though I admired parts of this series, I still believe that this drama should be remade into what it should have been. I already know what should be written differently.

    1. kat Avatar

      There is something super annoying about TW dramas. Why can’t they just be up front about how many episodes there will be? Especially these ones where filming had completed before airing. If it was only going to be 13 episodes I can understand the part about working with the Ji family is going to be fast, but really, if they did some better editing (especially with that ZW/XL scene on the road) they can quicken the pace up and end it on a happy note.

      I laughed so hard when Ping An called him pervert again. And that whole scene.. totally was not expecting it and I just died and gone to heaven. All of their moments in ep 13 were precious. Seriously didn’t think they would feed this to us again after ep 9 but woah… even at the lawyer’s office. HOW can they be so adorable???? I just loved PA/YC because now they’re ‘together’ but it’s all very low key. There’s no big confession, they just naturally drifted towards each other. Now they’re holding hands and officially a couple.

      Kinda miss BML now. I never had a lot of sympathy for her because of everything she had done in the past (especially with abandoning PA and her father) but now after her death, we find out so much she had done ‘behind the scenes’ that we never knew about. I was always surprised at how much BML trusted YC in the beginning, giving him the task of finding her daughter etc… and now finally we find out why. Feel so sad about it! Gosh I think we even saw more scenes of BML/YC friendship than PA/YC OTP!

      Yeah that XL and her weird logic. She can accept her husband tampering with someone’s car brakes which eventually led to Wei Zhen’s death but she can’t accept him doing the same thing on her wedding day. Whatever. I guess all she wants is for ZW to love her, at least for a little bit. But now she finds out everything, she finally wakes up to the fact that maybe her friendship with PA is worth more to salvage than her blind love for ZW. I hope she doesn’t back down in the next ep. ZW deserves it.

      Looking at the preview it’s kinda hinting ZW is not truly sorry. Argh I’m rolling my eyes. I totally support Blackie stabbing him. But really that car should’ve ran him over to put all of the audience out of their misery.

      The preview is doing my head in. It’s showing PA does have some sort of illness and she wants to spend some time travelling with YC before she gets treatment. I have no idea why the writer did this (except for her tendency to torture the audience probably), It’s just unnecessary. I hate tragic endings for the sake of nothing.

      1. Davet Avatar

        I believe this whole series needs to be edited and altered. There were some disappointments on their part.

        I agree as well. All of their scenes in this episode were just to die for. They were too cute, too adorable, and very funny. Ping An and Ye Chen just fit together.

        I miss Bai Ming Li too. We learned so much about her and now she’s gone. I have to say throughout the whole series, even after her passing, she keeps shocking me through what she has done in the past. She did more for Ye Chen and Wei Zhen than Zi Wen ever did and he has the nerve to call WZ his sister.

        Xi Le is just weird when it comes to Zi Wen. She never thinks clearly when she is around him. Now that she knows that he also lied to her and knows the truth; maybe she can start doing some kind of good to make it up to Ping An?

        Zi Wen totally desrved the stabbing. I wonder what will happen afterwards though. Will he die? Will Xi Le actually be beside his bedside? I find that she will, but it will be a shock to find out that she isn’t. I mean she did push him from getting hit by that car.

        It is unnecessary. I believe this drama should have been summarized into a different story line and PA becoming sick is just too much on the viewers. Especially when the show is near it’s end.

        1. kat Avatar

          If they give us lots of PA/YC cute scenes AND it ends on a good note, I’m willing to overlook those problems. If not, I’ll be throwing things!!!

          Even though Xi Le pushed ZW away from the car, that was before the time when she pleaded and asked whether he loves her.. and then he wouldn’t give her a straight answer. Maybe that’s when she finally realise the truth, don’t go back to him XL!!! Just from that fairy floss story XL probably wants to make mends with PA, but just haven’t worked out how yet?

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    i agree with you.. i ont want PA to have an illness but that preview is looking good

  3. Shaz Avatar

    This series is a far cry from what I had expected, but the fact that it kept me glued has got to count for something! It’s not something I could re-watch and there are a lot of qualms I have concerning pacing of plot and character development. But, as you say, as long as they give me a decent ending where PA/YC end up together, I think I can leave the drama on a decent note.

    It’s like the director/producers didn’t know where to pitch this drama in terms of storyline, hence why I found all the subplots and the general pacing far to blurred! It could have been handled so much better, that’s for sure. But without it, I would never have been introduced to Dylan Kuo, lol so I’m willing to give in a little! Bring on the final episode!

    Thanks for your continuous recaps Kat, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to understand a great deal!

    1. kat Avatar

      Exactly, I didn’t realise it would be so dark, concentrating on the family/revenge plot and not much on the romance. If they have a PA/YC only version then I can rewatch LOL… provided the ending is good!

      Awwww thanks so much for leaving comments Shaz!!! It has been fun discussing this series and of course Dylan fangirling 😀 😀 😀

      1. Shaz Avatar

        Yes, it was quite dark considering the more light hearted moments; quite a confusing contrast. The pleasure’s all mine Kat, it’s always fun to read other people’s take, especially when you find yourself to be the only drama fanatic in the household, haha!

        And I’m glad I stumbled by your blog, because now I’ll be stalking it from time to time! I look forward to more fangirling – my Dylan Kuo obsession has only just begun lol

        1. kat Avatar

          That was definitely the case in ep 13, when they switched between the serious corporate fighting etc and the PA/YC cute scenes, feeling so schizophrenic sometimes. One minute I’m giggling at the OTP the next minute the music becomes sombre and everyone starts crying o_O

          Yay do drop by 😉 fangirling is more than welcomed here.

  4. kpopfan Avatar

    i just want to know what going to happen to PA and YC they were supposed to be the main thing in this drama not the supporting actors.. now tat Blackie has stabbed ZW i wonder how XL is going to react… there is so many questions that need to be asked and it is so sweet how in the preview it shows PA and YC spending time together i hope nothing serious will happen and it has a good ending…. PA and YC is the ultimate OTP
    yeah… thanks allot Kat.. your recaps are so good without them i wouldn’t have understood this drama and wouldn’t be fangirling over dylan….

    1. kat Avatar

      The lack of PA / YC is definitely the most annoying part of these 13 eps!!! They are like supporting actors >< It does look like the finale will give us lots of PA/YC goodness but this "Oh I have a terminal illness so I want to create some beautiful memories with you… then I can be strong enough for the medical treatments” is just so ARGH. And then he wakes up and she’s not there… and the leaving him a note thing. It is STABBING at my heart. If I’m already getting so many feels just from a one minute preview I can’t imagine what pain it will follow if it’s not a happy ending!! Thanks so much for the comments!! It has been so much fun writing about it and of course the fangirling! 😀

  5. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah i totally i agree with you about the terminal illness thing and then leaving him… PA you have to come back for him is all i am thinking about….. why cant they just decide how many episodes the drama has… it annoying thinking how much can they get into one episode left and then find out its going to have an extra one…. i hope dylan movie turns out good

    1. kat Avatar

      Only 3 more days now!! >< I don't understand why they don't definitively tell people how many eps a drama has at the beginning. It's so weird. It's not like Borrow ur Love is still filming. They finished it before it started airing! Gah.

  6. kpopfan Avatar

    its today……. its annoying when they dont tell you exactly how many episode its going to be….. i just hope it has a good ending….

    1. kat Avatar

      Same~ I’ve decided I want to find out the ending straight after the broadcast so I can go back and watch the ep prepared for the good/bad!!!!

  7. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah…i usually do that with the worth watching dramas or the dramas you cant help but to watch again… i guess i can do with this as i know that its focused slightly with the supporting actors and i know when there is PA and YC scene…

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