Eric Suen and Cheryl Yang star in upcoming TW idol drama “Birth of a Queen”

I’m not sure which is applicable here – there could be a lack of upcoming lead young actors… or CTV is aiming for an older demographic with its idol dramas? After they brought back 90s pop idol Daniel Chan for its upcoming drama “Love SOS(airing on the 9th June after Borrow ur Love), CTV is doing it again with new drama “Birth of a Queen” (女王的誕生) which held its press conference last week. This time we see another 90s icon Eric Suen teaming up with Cheryl Yang in a drama by the same producer as “The Fierce Wife”.

It has been 13 years already since Eric Suen filmed a drama in Taiwan (gosh anyone remember Princess Huai Yu?) and he said it all happened because of fate. “I watched ‘The Fierce Wife’ on the plane and was very touched by the story. Surprisingly Pei Hua jie (the producer) called me and asked if I wanted to film a drama. I accepted it immediately. It’s really destiny.” Since he has to stay in Taipei for a while, he even rented a house and car.

In “Birth of a Queen” Eric will play Feng Ming Tai, the owner of a construction company who will have love tangles with Cheryl Yang and Janel Tsai. Cheryl will play Tang Mei Bao, a model who has been in the industry for ten years but never became famous. In contrast, Janel will play a supermodel – Zhu Di. Another supporting cast member is Johnny Lu, who will be the international director Yang Rui.

In making “Birth of a Queen” producer Wang Pei Hua wanted to refine “High Qualifications/ Rich / Handsome”. “I chose Eric Suen this time because he fits this criteria, he has the education qualifications, acting experience and lots of charisma.” As for the “Queen”, Pei Hua says “this drama wants to teach woman not to be a protected princess, she can control her destiny.”

“Birth of a Queen” will air in the beginning of September (most likely to be following “Love SOS”).

I must say I’m rather curious to see Eric returning to idol dramas, although the name and casting remains me of “My Queen”! (not necessary a bad thing because it’s one of my favourite dramas!)







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