Love Ah / Ai Ya Ai Ya / Ia Ia I Do Episode 9

Episode 9 was a bit of a blur for me. The storyline isn’t moving forward all that much (or I wasn’t paying attention except for our OTP?). Maybe I should rename all posts about this series to ‘Xiang En / Ai Ya highlights reel’ because that’s the only thing that’s keeping me watching lol.

After what happened at the restaurant Ai Ya finally accepts she’s in love with Xiang En but there’s nothing she can do about it. She fell asleep while looking after the replanted tree (ah yes that subplot about the Yuan Zhou Island development…) and then has a dream…

It’s like a carrot they’re dangling in front of the viewers. THIS is how cute our OTP can be. Keep watching and you might get some more…

Are we counting how many dramaland clichés this series can throw at us? Because we’re heading to the next one, where the girl gets sick and the guy looks after her. So Xiang En was the one who was trying so hard to disassociate Ai Ya from his life, but guess what, he’s the one who turns all stalker-ish and watches her from outside the store where she works.

He sees her coughing and isn’t feeling so good so he bought some cold & flu medicine for her. At the register, Ai Ya was trying to remain professional and just doing her job, but he just looks at her with this intense gaze.

She looks at the stuff he brought to the register and it was… sanitary pads? (What?) He paid then leaves the store but he left the medicine at the counter.

Ai Ya: Ji Xiang En, did you forget? Or did you leave it behind deliberately? Qin Ai Ya… of course he forgot. When did you have such an active imagination? It’s not like you to be so impractical.

During a break, Ai Ya is outside having a chat with her best friend (who is also in love with her) Chao Qun. Xiang En watches from afar, with a stern look on his face. I think they’re trying to show he’s jealous, but it’s all a bit confusing.

So Xiang En goes back to the store asking for a refund of the stuff he bought earlier, yeah the sanitary pads.

Xiang En: I want a refund! The things you sold are not good to use.

Ai Ya: Mister, these are some of our best selling products. Can I ask what sort of problems you’re having when you’re using them? You can gives us your valuable feedback so we can improve in the future.

I think everyone is wondering what the hell is he talking about since well, he can’t exactly use the sanitary pads. Ai Ya was trying to contain her annoyance at him and daydreams about hitting him on the face.

(More great stuff for the ‘Behind the scenes’ reel, Tammy had to hit Dylan repeatedly in the face for this scene, and she hit him rather hard. LOL)

He insists on the refund and just continues to stare at her, but not in a nice way. So she has another daydream… this time he’s kissing her?

After they processed the refund she’s getting a bit annoyed at him (as she should, what the hell is he trying to do?) so she put the medicine on the table and said he forgot to take them last time. And he just takes them and leaves…

I’m beginning to think handsome guys can get away with a lot of crimes, like stalking. Isn’t that what he’s doing? Ai Ya goes on the bus, Xiang En follows. Then she’s handing out flyers, and he takes one. She goes to the supermarket and picks up some milk, he takes it from her hands and just leaves. He doesn’t say anything in any of these scenes. Ai Ya should be pretty pissed off by now.

In a somewhat hilarious display of bad acting (on both sides unfortunately) Chao Qun goes to confront Xiang En, telling him to stay away from Ai Ya’s life.

Xiang En: Me? She’s the one disrupting my life! She’s always in my mind giving me a killer headache!

Chao Qun: Don’t think you can disturb her life just because she borrowed $300k from you!

Xiang En: Wrong! I gave her that $300k. You like her?

Chao Qun: That’s none of your business. So, do you like her?

Xiang En: That’s none of your business. How can I like her? She’s a money chasing girl, she can do anything for money… I’m not interested in that kind of person, I even look down on her.

Chao Qun explains Ai Ya took the $300k to help someone. Xiang En realises he made a mistake.

Chao Qun: Even though Ai Ya loves money, but it’s never for herself. In the past, it was for her ex boyfriend who wants to study overseas but she was duped. Then it was for Apple Grandfather (the people who adopted her)’s medical bills. After he passed away, now she has to worry about Apple Grandmother’s nursing home fees every day!

You don’t understand Ai Ya at all! How can you like her?

Chao Qun is absolutely right here. In this episode Ai Ya does a backflip… twice even though she didn’t want to. Initially, she returned the $300k Xiang En gave to her at the restaurant (in episode 8). But after she found out one of the other island residents need money to repay some debts, she asks for it back. She didn’t explain why, so Xiang En assumes she can even leave behind her dignity for money. He chose to believe she’s just a money chasing girl even though he had seen how much she had to endure – living in poverty and looking after Apple Grandmother.

Bet Xiang En is sorry now. He does make it up to her in the next ep… I was planning to write episodes 9 and 10 together but there’s quite a lot in 10 so I’ll stop here. There’re a couple of things nagging in my mind about how Xiang En is portrayed in these couple of episodes, which just grows more puzzling as we go along. I think they’re trying to show Xiang En having some sort of internal struggle about his feelings for Ai Ya but it’s just coming across as a bit weird and inconsistent. There isn’t enough in the story to really show what Xiang En is thinking… plus we’re reminded in every episode that Xiang En is having a headache. Yep, I think we’re ticking off every possible thing idol dramas can throw at us now.





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  1. Shaz Avatar

    Ah the episode where he stalks her! I agree, it was a confusing episode with regards to Xiang En and Ai Ya and their feelings towards one another. This is perhaps where the editing suffered; I felt there was something missing before he started the stalking. It was unexpected behaviour on Xian En’s part as they didn’t show what triggered it, or it wasn’t made very clear. Now that I know what was said, wouldn’t it have made sense for Xiang En to go in stalker mode after being shown the light by Chou Qun (loved his character!)

    Either way, I’m betting Xian En’s character was written that way, but unfortunately, it didn’t translate all too well on screen – the directing is seriously flawed. But as you said, his behaviour is completely inconsistent, and rather than seeming desperate or emotionally conflicted, he naturally comes across as a pain in the ass. Lol and after what he said to her at the restaurant (thanks for inserting dialogues btw) I can’t believe her reaction towards his stalkerish behaviour is so absent minded and taken with a pinch of salt! Why isn’t she returning all the nastiness albeit in an Ai Ya natured way! She was so sassy to begin with, but when it comes to Xiang En’s annoying mood swings, she just takes it. Dialogue could have been much sharper.

    Having said that, I quite enjoyed a lot of the cliches thrown in, shame they didn’t always use it to their advantage though – it could have been OTP cuteness heaven had they fine tuned some of them, especially when she goes over to his house to take care of him. Lol I wanted more OTP cuteness dammit!

    But yes, for what it’s worth, this drama is most definitely a guilty pleasure, love it or hate it. Ha, and as you say, the behind the scenes are completely worth it!

    1. kat Avatar

      I’m concerned about the level of stalking in this drama, Tong Hua does it too in ep 12? At least she has a better set up and I understand why she did it. You’re completely right about the editing, it would make more sense if Xiang En went into stalker mode AFTER Chao Qun had a chat with him. Side note Chao Qun reminds me of Li Da Ren for some reason, maybe a less good looking version LOL.

      Xiang En is starting to annoy me in the next few eps. He acts like a jealous boyfriend like ALL THE TIME. He’s always… why didn’t you an answer my call? Why did you say you’re at work when you’re going out with Wu Wei? Seriously, she’s just your ‘friend’! If you want her so much just move along already and stop being all possessive. Yes Ai Ya needs to get her sassy back. But alas, she must be too in love with him now so everytime she looks at him, she’s turned into mush.

      I think the only person Xiang En has admitted his feelings to… was the little girl. To everyone else including himself he’s still denying it.

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    your review are always so good….. i definitely need to watch this do you know where i can watch this with english subs….. even though i havent watched this i can tell that there is a few drama clichés… i am a big fan of dylan now… totally fangirling just looking at his pictures

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks~! I think some eps were subbed on viki, but not all? Otherwise I’m not sure where to find them… 🙁

  3. kpopfan Avatar

    thank you…. Kat …… this question may seem kinda personal ( i think) and you dont have to answer it but do you watch these with subtitles or can you understand them and how old are you…?? sorry about the age question it just that i dont have that many friends that watch these “asian” damas…..
    people find me weird there isnt that many people who like this stuff in my school there are a few peple from the Philippines and china other than them i only know ( met) 7 people who like this stuff….
    i kinda hate it when people ask me why i like this stuff and i give a really good explanation and they are all like why dont you just watch asian dramas(because i am asian) meaning bollywood/ indian/pakistani type and im all like it is asian… (dont know why i added this part in)…… sorry to any one who reads this if you think im being judgmental or racists in any way…..

    1. kat Avatar

      No problem 🙂 My first language is Cantonese, so I understand some Mandarin but I rely on the Chinese subtitles most of the time. Hahaha let’s just say I’ve finished studying and have worked for a number of years already 😉 Don’t worry, most Asian people I know watch Korean or HK dramas, I only know a few people who might watch TW dramas once in a while. That’s why we have the internet haha, and that’s why I started this place as an outlet for all the feels!!!

  4. kpopfan Avatar

    thanks for that…. it only because when i ask people they say i shouldnt really be watching this so i ask them why and they reply back saying English films have age certification and i guess they have them in other countries as well… how old are you again…… as i am half Indian and Pakistani they think i should be watching them type of dramas… my response to that…. i am nearly 14 and what i watch is still Asian and i dont know my own language( gujrati,punjabi)… i know a bit of mandarin/chinese, Korean some Japanese and a little bit of Taiwanese……
    my mum and my aunties mostly joke about me watching this type as they believe i would want to go there(China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan) on holiday (which i do) and “meet” somebody…. and this is where i start fantasizing about meeting all the stars…. mainly the male actors/singers……
    without the internet i wouldnt be into any of this stuff and that is why once again thank you Kat for your wonderful website….:) …..(sorry for me babbling on in this reply)

    1. kat Avatar

      Well, we are all different and can’t see why people from a certain background must watch certain types of dramas… if you enjoy it, then what’s the harm? TW dramas are pretty tame and conservative, there are adult themes but it’s mostly sugar coated… at least most idol dramas anyway. haha your family are teasing you, maybe you can all go on holiday there to convert them lol.

  5. kpopfan Avatar

    lol…yeah….. but anyway if there is any thing there that i find hard to watch my friends usually tell me what happens…. like in devil beside you and iswak2 (it started with a kiss s2) there was a scene and my mum came in the room so i just closed it and she was like what are you doing…as most girs try do when they’re my age blame something or convince them nothing was wrong except the computer crashing…then in school i said to my friend you didnt tell me that there was a scene… and she said sorry… but now that i think about it after i watch them they not that bad….

  6. Kanga Avatar

    anyone know where I can watch ep 9 onward with eng sub? thank you!

    1. kat Avatar

      I’m not sure sorry~

  7. Nikira Avatar

    Can anyone tell me where I can find this drama? viki does not work and no other sites have it.

  8. farbiahlina Avatar

    Hello, does anybody know where I can find this drama with subtitles in english or spanish. Please

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