Borrow Your Love Episode 14 (Finale) Recap!

I feel so conflicted about episode 14 being the final episode of ‘Borrow ur Love’. On the one hand, I think the plotlines have run its course and it’s time to end this (and probably could have done so last ep with better editing). On the other hand, I’m still bitter over the complete lack of Ping An / Ye Chen shippy goodness, which was about the only thing that had kept me watching for this long. So once again I’m twiddling my fingers hoping for a miracle, hoping something in this final episode will rest all our shipper hearts.

The episode starts off with Ping An / Ye Chen talking to Uncle Sun, who was the owner of the restaurant where Ping An’s father performed at. I think Ping An was in tears for entire first part of this ep, first when she found out her father is really dead (haven’t we been through this already?) and also when she receives a box from Uncle Sun, who kept some stuff her father left behind. Uncle Sun also says her parents never got married officially, so that’s why Bai Ming Li had a hard time finding Ping An.

I hate to sound insensitive but I just want PA/YC cute scenes, like 10 episodes ago. I don’t really want to rehash about how her father died. So tempted to fast forward. Until we get to a scene inside their apartment…

Ping An is crying over losing both her parents. Ye Chen tries to convince her to get some rest, but Ping An says she can’t calm down. So Ye Chen offers to sing her a lullaby… except he doesn’t know the words to the one her father used to sing. (aww this is cute and funny!)

Ye Chen ended up singing…’Silent Night’? (the Chinese translation to ‘Silent Night’ = Ping An’s night lol)

After this rather sombre start to the episode we get some shots of Zi Wen making desserts? (Did Shi Yi Nan had a say in this?) He’s trying to win Xi Le back, she might just fall for it.

Zi Wen also gets a call from Detective Hsu, they meet and the Detective asks for his help…

After Ping An and Ye Chen met with Uncle Sun to get the box of her father’s belongings, they sat down to open it. Now I know why they’re making us sit through this, to set up that horrid terminal illness sub-sub plot that’s coming. (I call it sub-sub plot simply because the writers are throwing it out there in the last possible minute.)

In the box, Ping An finds her father’s driver’s license, some sheet music her father wrote, some drawings Ping An made as a child and a letter. At least we get some closure – her father left a letter to Bai Ming Li, which explains why Ping An ended up as an orphan. Her father had leukaemia, so he played the ‘noble idiot’ card and took Ping An with him so Bai Ming Li can live a new life. The logic defies me, and as usual Ye Chen is on my side…

Ye Chen: I can’t understand it, what does it mean? Your father is ill and doesn’t know for how much longer he can take care of you. He took you away at such a young age. Causing you to be away from your mother, and for being an orphan for so long!

Ping An: But I feel so touched, it looks like my father loved my mother a lot…

Ye Chen: Is this love? I don’t understand. If two people are truly in love shouldn’t they be by each other’s side for the rest of their lives?

Ping An: I think I understand. If my father didn’t leave, there wouldn’t be the Bai Ming Li we knew. If my mother had to see the person she loves die slowly, and can’t do anything, and even have to look after a young child… she might never recover, or can’t find another person to spend the rest her life with.

If that was me… I might choose to do the same thing.

THIS IS A SET UP. Now Ping An is going to do the same thing when she finds out she has an illness. ARGH. I feel like banging my head against the wall.

Zi Wen tries to win Xi Le back by making cute boxed lunches for her. But she wouldn’t even eat them. He finally intercepts her at an elevator and pretty much forcefully takes her to Wei Zhen’s grave.

Zi Wen: That day when I saw you ran in front of the car, I finally realised. I finally woke up. What have I done to deserve two people willing to give up their lives for me? If I’m still not grateful, then I’m not human!

I thought after getting revenge I will be really happy, but I felt so empty. Lucky I have you, and my life has meaning again. Xi Le, I really can’t live without you!

Yes that’s because you have nothing else Zi Wen. Xi Le is no longer blinded so she doesn’t believe him. She even meets with Ye Chen on the rooftop to make sure Zi Wen did give the will back to him.

She also tells Ye Chen Zi Wen brought her to Wei Zhen’s grave. Ye Chen reveals Zi Wen never visited Wei Zhen all these years because he thinks that’s the only place Zi Wen will be sincere. Yep, with just one sentence Ye Chen placed enough doubt in Xi Le’s mind to make her wonder whether she should give him another chance… which lasted for about two seconds because she overhears Zi Wen talking on the phone with Blackie…

Just when I thought there is a little PA/YC goodness (they were in a supermarket and she sat in the trolley while he pushed her around!!!!) but that was fleeting since Ye Chen receives a call from Xi Le. She tells him Zi Wen is meeting Blackie so Ye Chen decides to follow Zi Wen. He tries to call Detective Hsu, but couldn’t reach him…

At the ‘stakeout’ Blackie discovered Ye Chen straight away and held a knife against his neck. I think it’s obvious by now Zi Wen is actually working undercover for Detective Hsu, to bring Blackie to justice. But during a struggle, (where Ye Chen totally had the upper hand by the way), Blackie was aiming the knife at Ye Chen but Zi Wen pushed him away… so Zi Wen got stabbed.

Zi Wen: Brother, I owe you a lot. When you went to jail for me, I didn’t forget it, I just kept it in my heart. The times I borrowed from you… I can only repay you like this.

Ye Chen: You haven’t changed, you’re still my good brother…

RIP Zi Wen. Can’t say I’ve ever liked you. That blood was so fake. And the acting isn’t so great either. Moving on.

Xi Le is having a hard time accepting Zi Wen’s death and dreams about him. Ping An tries to bring her back to reality and they start to fight. Please turn down your volume when watching this scene because the Ping An / Xi Le screaming match is extremely high pitched. I’m looking at the clock thinking we only have about 20 minutes to go and still we haven’t got to the illness part????

FINALLY~ when Ping An is hanging some clothes Ye Chen notices the bruises on her arm. He’s worried that leukaemia is hereditary so they go to the hospital for a check up. The news isn’t good. Ye Chen tries to encourage her but Ping An just suggests they should go away for a holiday…

[Insert cute PA/YC shippy scenes, gosh they were too short. I’m just going to go crazy on the screencaps, we had been waiting for this for so long.]

Ye Chen gets angry and asking how the Gods can be so cruel to Ping An. And I’m getting just as angry why we’re getting such shitty plotlines thrown at our face.

She wants to create some memories before going to the hospital treatment… he wakes up and she’s not there. (You know, that stuff in the preview.) Can you tell I’m losing motivation to finish off this recap?

It’s somewhat random for Xi Le and Li Sha (!!?) to send off Ping An. She’s going overseas? Even Huo Ying turns up because he helped her organise everything?

Ping An: Maybe if he doesn’t know my real condition, one day he’ll forget me and can start a new life.

Li Sha: Oh come on! Only idiots think like that! Why don’t you use your brain for once Xie Ping An!

LOL. That could be the only sensible thing Li Sha ever said in the whole drama.

Ye Chen: It’s been so many days. Ping An, where did you go? You didn’t even leave me one word. What do you want me to do? I can’t begin to think about the days without you. I made braised pork rice, but nobody eats it. Fried some eggs, but noone fights me for them. My flowers are about to die, I can’t save it. And noone will call me pervert… Ping An, I really miss you. Really… really miss you.

Xi Le tells Ye Chen it was Huo Ying who helped Ping An to go overseas to get treatment, then gives him a note from Ping An…

with the bow inside LOL. He jumps away…

Ping An: Scared you right? The day you’re not scared of bows anymore… is when I’ll return…

So of course he waits for her… he spends his time reading stories to the children at the orphanage. He even made a swing and says each day he’ll tie a bow to the swing, when the swing is full of bows… that’s when Ping An will return.

At least the writers give us what we want, she returns, they hug, happy ending.


After everything I’m just glad it ended, and I still maintain that it should’ve ended at 13 episodes. The ending was supposed to be satisfying, and yet I just felt empty. Or should I say, I didn’t feel anything during the last part with the illness. Actually, watching the ‘behind the scenes’ gave me more closure. The part where all the actors talked about their experience working on the drama and thanked the supporters. I liked that more than the actual ending. o_O

I might write another post this week wrapping up ‘Borrow ur Love’ when I get my head together – what a ride it was.


14 responses to “Borrow Your Love Episode 14 (Finale) Recap!”

  1. kpopfan Avatar

    this episode seems good just wish it was filled with PA and YC scenes…. cant wait for screecaps

    1. kat Avatar

      I really miss their bantering and teasing early on in the drama, even though there were cute scenes in the final ep the tone was different and less enjoyable than before.

  2. Shaz Avatar

    Le sigh. Can’t believe they still went ahead with Ping An’s illness, what a dull sub plot, and completely devoid of logic! But oh well, all’s well that ends well I guess! Can’t say I’m overly hyped over the ending, like you, my main reason for watching the drama was for PA/YC goodness, but even that was majorly lacking. I’m just glad it’s over, it would have just dragged otherwise! Thank you for your recaps as always!

    1. kat Avatar

      I KNOW! It’s like they needed something to fill up the last 20 minutes of the drama so hey! Let’s throw in this illness thing. They have underutilised two of the leads in the whole series, both PA / YC are much stronger actors than ZW / XL but all the emotional weight rested with the wrong people. Maybe that’s why I would rather watch Bai Ming Li than those two.

  3. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah…. i agree… i am just wondering since she came back in the end would he have ever given her the pearl design he made….. if the writers included that i would explode…and the thing with PA illness just makes me want to shout… i ate it when they add stuff like this in on the final episode as well… at least we know now where all the cute and funny scenes are with PA and YC …… and dont forget we even saw Dylan topless so the writers have actually given us something to keep replaying and to be spazzing about 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Hold that explosion because the writers totally forgotten about the necklace!!!! What the…

  4. kpopfan Avatar

    yeah……they forgot the most important part !!!! the peal design

  5. Shaz Avatar

    Lol still couldn’t motivate myself to watch the final episode, how rubbish is that! But I’m loving the screen caps you added of pa/yc moments, just a pity that they’re short lived. Well that’s one drama down lol, I’m now tuning into Fabulous Boys, seen as thought the Koran version is one of my favourite dramas. Kudos Kat!

    1. kat Avatar

      I understand what you mean, I felt like I was just going through the motions when watching the final ep… for so long we waited and waited for PA/YC and it felt too little, too late. 🙁

  6. Shaz Avatar

    LOL and I see what you mean about the fake blood on Wei Zen, looks like something out of a 60s vampire film! Come on, at least make it look as if he’s suffering!

  7. Z Avatar

    Don’t anybody think that the ending was Ye Chen still dreaming about Ping An coming back? I mean he fell asleep and earlier Xi Le said that Ping An didn’t contact them at all till then.

    1. kat Avatar

      Ahh yes, I read that interpretation in another recap of the episode >< Personally I choose to believe in a happy ending... after everything they went through!

  8. Jane Avatar

    Hi! Omg just stumbled upon your blog while I was watching Borrow Your Love, because I was looking for ep recaps (because, if we’re all honest… the drama drags when Ye Chen and Ping An aren’t together) and we could be soul sisters, I swear! we both have an (unhealthy) obsession with dylan kuo and bolin chen (fangirls). anyways, just wanted to stop by and tell u that ur blog is fantastic! so glad that you frequently update!

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAA Hello!!!! *high fives* There is so such thing as an unhealthy obsession LOL, it’s completely normal! I mean, just look at them! How can one NOT fangirl? 😉 Thanks for visiting!!!

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