Love Ah! / Ai Ya Ai Ya / Ia Ia I Do Episodes 12-13

So I have already finished this drama, last week. But it’s got to the point where I’m not sure I have a lot to say about the remaining episodes, except a lot of ranting. I’ll try to contain all of that in the next post, since episodes 12-13 were watchable enough.


Episode 12

Normally when I finish an ep it will leave me some ‘memory points’. A scene, an exchange… something. But all I remember from episode 12 was that damn white vest. Just look at it. He has a broken arm but still strutting around like this. What was he doing again? Oh yeah, trying to save the replanted tree. I think.
As one of the residents pretty much bosses him around fussing over the tree, Xiang En is wondering why Ai Ya didn’t come to help him. Er… because you pissed her off in the last episode? This could be where my annoyance with Xiang En really began…


Xiang En: She knows I’m injured and doesn’t even come to help. I told her to go back and she really went back? She doesn’t even call me.


I’m tempted to call him Princess Xiang En from now on, because he’s behaving like one.


While Princess is moping Ai Ya ‘bumped’ onto Wu Wei on the street. (I think he deliberately waited for her? Is everyone a stalker in this drama?) He wants to hire her as tour guide again, because he’s feeling a little down. So is there a place where his happiness can be guaranteed? Ai Ya thinks so…


She takes him to her ‘secret hideout’ – the beach. He screams out that Tong Hua dumped him, which is technically true… but that was his plan anyway!


Wu Wei: Do you like Xiang En?

Ai Ya: eh… how did you know I like him?

Wu Wei: It’s too obvious! Anyone seen the way you two interact will know…

Ai Ya: Do you think Xiang En knows?

Wu Wei: How could he not know?

Ai Ya: But how could he not…

Wu Wei: He doesn’t want to do anything… and even repeated denied there was anything between you guys…

Ai Ya: How could you know what I’m thinking?

Wu Wei: Because I know Xiang En too well. He only has Tong Hua in his heart. Other women are nothing to him. He’s hot and cold… that’s his answer.


I think this was where my view of Wu Wei started to turn around. Yes he’s been deceptive throughout this whole drama just to get back at Xiang En but at least he uses his brain more. Xiang En being all hot and cold towards Ai Ya gives Wu Wei the perfect opportunity to sneak in, and Xiang En has absolutely no clue whatsoever. Wu Wei just seems much more mature.

When Wu Wei and Ai Ya goes back to Yuan Zhao Island, they bump into Xiang En.


Xiang En: How come you guys are together?

Ai Ya: Oh… I’m working.

Xiang En: Using work as an excuse again? Your work is going on a date?


Oh just shut up Princess! Acting jealous AGAIN is so not attractive.


Wu Wei: So what if I like Ai Ya? You two are together?


Wu Wei: Since you didn’t say anything… then Ai Ya is not your girlfriend.

Xiang En: I don’t need to explain to you what sort of relationship I have with Ai Ya.

Wu Wei: If she’s not your girlfriend, then you have no right to question who she goes out with.

Xiang En: You’re mistaken. I don’t care who she goes out with.


On the movie set, Ai Ya tries to help Wu Wei ‘win back’ Tong Hua. Tong Hua overheard their conversation and was surprised Ai Ya was trying to help her… they had a little chat and now have become friends? That’s weird. Tong Hua is even hiring her to help get Wu Wei back by cooking him something…


Oh… there’s also that whole subplot about Xiang En’s family history with Yuan Zhao Island. Can’t say I’m caring a lot about that part… but good news is the replanted tree is sprouting again. Not to mention Xiang En and Ai Ya cutely fell asleep beside the tree…


Episode 13

FINALLY. THIS was the episode we had been waiting for. But Princess Xiang En may have ticked me off so much in previous episodes that even his ‘declaration’… didn’t seem so romantic?


On the movie set, Wu Wei organised the director to get Ai Ya up on a stage, so he can walk in with his flowers and his delcaration.


Xiang En: Wu Wei! What are you doing?

Wu Wei: I’m only doing what you’re afraid to do. Telling Ai Ya I like her.

Xiang En: Who said I’m afraid?


*He goes in for the kiss*


Xiang En: Qin Ai Ya is my woman, no one can touch her! She is mine!


It started off romantic enough. But then I can’t help but feel it’s like two kids fighting over a toy. Xiang En just can’t bear Wu Wei having it so he goes all possessive. It just gets worse when after the declaration, he says to Ai Ya – “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.” – which seems normal enough on its own, but why does everything coming out of his mouth sound like an order?


This could be the only sweet scene of Xiang En and Ai Ya (as a real couple) for the entire drama. *sigh* She takes him to the night markets and sees a starfish bracelet that she liked, but since it was $800 (on a roadside stall? That IS expensive!) she didn’t buy it. So he says he’ll go buy some popcorn for her…


Guess what’s inside the popcorn bag?

I know, I’m a sucker for that also. But then he has to say these stuff again.


Xiang En: From now on, you shouldn’t take on more work. Money won’t be an issue I’ll take care of it. You’re responsible for making me happy.

Ai Ya: What? Girls who don’t work will become stupid!

Xiang En: From now on, the starfish will be mine. If you go out with another guy, you need to get my permission.

Ai Ya: This is a bracelet not handcuffs! Sounds like I don’t have freedom anymore.

Xiang En: Yeah they’re handcuffs. Without my permission you can’t take them off.

Ai Ya: You always like to boss me around. Don’t know how to be more sweet.


So to ‘demonstrate’ he can be ‘sweet’, he kisses her. What… that’s it?

Pretty much, because it’s all downhill from here. They agree to go out the next day but on the way home, Xiang En’s headache came back and he collapsed.


The next post might be really short, because I’ve been dreading this part of the story. Xiang En has some blood clot in his brain and needs an operation within two weeks. Otherwise he might die. At least they tried to work it ‘properly’ into the story by saying it was because he was hit by that truck in episode 1 / 2 (?) rather than just some random genetic disorder. But still hating where this is going.


Of course this is right at the same time when Xiang En’s company is having financial problems. There’re even rumours the company is broke. So Xiang En can’t tell his mother, not to mention he’s playing that ‘I must push Ai Ya away’ card because of his medical problem. Poor Ai Ya is so confused. Meanwhile, Tong Hua decides she wants Xiang En back. So she got her manager to secretly take a photo of her hugging Xiang En as evidence and showed it to Ai Ya. Ai Ya doesn’t believe it, she has to hear it from Xiang En.

Wu Wei senses this is the opportunity to win Ai Ya again, especially now when Xiang En has financial issues…





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    well at least he finally has some sense to actually kiss her!!!! ahhh dylan….

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      lol, Yeah at least, but I can’t help but feel it was more for his pride than he was actually ‘ready’ for it.

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    Can someone tell me where I can watch this drama?

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