Bolin Chen, Khalil Fong & Chen Kun at London Men’s Fashion Week

This post is image heavy – be warned!

Well dressed men, who doesn’t love them? Bolin Chen, Khalil Fong and Chen Kun got the elusive invitation to the front row of Burberry Prorsum Menswear’s Spring Summer 2014 show in London.

Rocking it at the arrivals – Chen Kun is playing it safe, I’m not sure about Khalil’s double breasted jacket and Bolin’s heart printed shirt is rather cute. (I am biased! Although Harry Styles also wore it previously…)

source: Getty Images Europe / Gareth Cattermole

source: Bauer Griffin / Gf

source: Getty Images Europe / Ben A. Pruchnie


During the show they sat separately and Chen Kun looked rather awkward sandwiched between Formula One driver Max Chilton and model Suki Waterhouse…

source: Xinhua / Wang Lili

source: Xinhua / Wang Lili


Here’s the beautiful invitation

source: chenbolin @ instagram


Our three suave looking men, why the serious face Chen Kun?


Because you must take a photo with Christopher Bailey (Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer) if you’re there…

source: Xinhua / Wang Lili


Finally – for all the Bolin fangirls 😀 I’ll post the link as well since the original images are all very large.





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  1. Shaz Avatar

    Ha, you’ve moved site – loving what you’ve done to the place!! Work life is a real b**** – means I can’t catch up with some of the most recent dramas!! Ah, love Khalil Fong, can’t believe they were down in the UK!! What a handsome looking trio, lol they did look awkward sitting apart though, bless!

    Again, congrats on the new website, will have to have a good browse around once holidays start!

    1. kat Avatar

      Hey Shaz, thanks for the message! haha the heart print was distracting but it’s good to see something different. (Although I’m biased looool).

  2. Shaz Avatar

    Not sure on the heart shaped print shirt, lol, kinda distracting!!

  3. cloudandsea Avatar

    oh man how can 3 of my favourite artist appear in London together AND I’M NOT THERE T_T

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