Just You Episode 1 Recap

Out of the three currently airing dramas that I’ve watched (Love Around, Love SOS and Amour et Patisserie), I am least interested in the actors of ‘Just You’. Normally I wouldn’t even watch it, but since I’m not really loving the others at the moment, just thought I’d give this one a go and it turned out better than I thought!

The drama starts with Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Kuo) as she begins the day, having a bath while talking to her friends on the phone. They’re getting ready for a big day at work – Alex, her friend’s boyfriend is going to propose to her friend Kate.

Outside a house we see a young man (Qi Yi – Aaron Yan) getting out of a car. He sees the front yard and remembers back to his childhood when he and his parents were there.

Qi Yi: I’m back.

He sees the roses on the front yard and couldn’t help but pick one off and crushes it.

Inside the house Liang Liang is feeding her goldfish (Shan Shan) when she realises she ran out of fish food. Someone is opening the door and she thought it was her friend Princess, but it turns out to be Qi Yi. As she stands up, her towel gets caught on something and the towel fell off so Qi Yi sees… everything.

He then takes out the title deed, to show he’s the owner of the house. They argue because he wants her to move out straight away, while she has already paid for half a year’s rent three months ago, so she is still entitled to live there for another three months. She has to go to work, so she leaves angrily.


He looks around the house and sees a bit of a mess (clothes lying on chairs) so he just had to pick them up. He sees a table and reminisces about his childhood again. This was a table that his father had bought him as a birthday gift. Inside the drawer it has a drawing of his family in it.


Qi Yi: I’m really back.


In the office, everyone is gathered around Kate as they’re preparing for her proposal. Kate has a notebook detailing the plans for her life. Alex will propose to her at 27, get married at 28, first baby at 29 and second baby at 30.


Then a bunch of parcels arrives at the office. It has a note with instructions on how to set up an office. The new owner requires precision on how his office is to be set up, down to what angle the books should be placed on his bookshelf.


Liang Liang and one of the other co workers bumps into Qi Yi at reception. Liang Liang thought he followed her all the way from home but then realises he is the new owner of Gaze Designs.


The staff are all gathered in the meeting room, which was decorated for Alex’s proposal. In the midst of the proposal, Qi Yi walks in and pins up a notice on the wall.


To increase productivity, all levels of staff can only interact professionally. All office romances are prohibited. If this rule is breached, they will be fired immediately.

Qi Yi then introduces himself as the new owner,  so Alex asks why there is this new rule. Qi Yi just simply answers because he doesn’t want anyone romantically involved in his office. After he leaves, Liang Liang urges Alex on to continue with the proposal, but he hesitates because he doesn’t want to lose his job. Kate is disappointed and leaves.

Liang Liang tries to comfort her friend and suggests she will try to reason with Qi Yi about the rule. But Kate is adamant that Alex and her are finished because he doesn’t value their relationship. She even tear out the pages from her notebook saying she doesn’t need those plans anymore. Liang Liang is very angry and storms into Qi Yi’s office.


But he is talking on the phone (in English) – did he just send his best regards to ‘Mr Di Caprio’???? LOL. Then he receives another call and he speaks in Japanese. After the calls, Liang Liang just goes off at him saying how stupid the new rule is.


Qi Yi: First, you’re very rude. Second, once the notice goes up the wall, it becomes a company rule. If you don’t want to follow it,  you can work somewhere else.


Liang Liang: Why should I work somewhere else?


Qi Yi: Then follow the rules.


Liang Liang: This rule is unreasonable! Why do I have to follow such unreasonable rules!

During lunch, the girls are talking about their new boss over fried chicken. Princess doesn’t work at Gaze, but she is Liang Liang’s neighbour and friends with Kate as well. Just when Liang Liang is bad mouthing her boss, he appears behind them and hands her a schedule for one on one interviews with every staff member later that day.


The interviews are a chance for Qi Yi to assess all the staff at Gaze. When Liang Liang sits down, she acts like a child and gives him very little information. He decides that he needs her out of his house ASAP.


Liang Liang walks past the noticeboard and wanted to tear up the note about the office romance ban. But Qi Yi catches her and reminds her if she rips it apart, she will be fired. She reluctantly puts it back up the wall and Qi Yi asks her to get the financial information of Gaze for the past ten years. So she stays behind until late to photocopy them.

After work, Liang Liang goes to the pet store to buy some fish food. The pet store owner is Lin Yo Wei! (I haven’t watched ‘Two Fathers’ so I have forgotten how cute he is!) But his guest star role was kinda random, since Liang Liang forgot to take the fish food as she left the store?

Liang Liang then catches up with Princess and Kate to talk about how to best defeat the new boss. They give him the nickname “lion” because when he arrives in the room, everyone is scared of him. They talk about how they can get Qi Yi to lift the romance ban… and they devise the plan for making him fall in love with Liang Liang, so he can abolish the rule. (We all know that will happen from the title of the drama right?) So “Operation Lion Hunt” begins!

When she gest back home though, Liang Liang finds all her belongings packed up as Qi Yi wants her to move out. He even gives her the three months rent plus extra compensation for moving costs and hotel costs when she looks for a new place. However, Liang Liang will not give up so easily, especially now when Operation Lion Hunt is at stake!


After Liang Liang puts everything back in its place she smells something coming from the kitchen. Qi Yi is making minestrone soup and he just stepped away to take a phone call. So Liang Liang remembers one of Princess’ advices – to capture a man’s heart you have to capture his stomach first. So Liang Liang adds some special seafood flavouring to his soup, to make it taste better.


As Qi Yi sits down to have his soup, Liang Liang wants to play music and dance with Shan Shan (her goldfish…hrm). Qi Yi is annoyed at the noise and turns the music off. Liang Liang is of course pissed off too so she sits down at the kitchen table and starts singing to her fish instead. Just when Qi Yi asks her to shut up, she tells him about the seafood flavouring she added and he begins having an allergic reaction.


Piggyback scene! But it’s the girl who has to piggyback Qi Yi to the hospital lol, poor girl. But he’s discharged fairly quickly, and she feels quite bad for what happened. She even slept outside his room just to make sure he’s okay. But the next morning he coldly brushes her off and leaves for work, not before reminding her she only has 20 minutes before start time and she must move out today.

Qi Yi arrives at the office to call a staff meeting where everyone has to report on the status of their projects. Even though Liang Liang is running late, she still stopped to buy breakfast before cycling to work. She arrives 30 seconds before her scheduled start time but Qi Yi still calls her out to be late.


Qi Yi: In my view, if you arrive five minutes before work then you’re late. Because you guys will eat breakfast, gossip, refresh your makeup then slowly start work. You arrived 30 seconds before work, that is super late. I don’t care about your working habits in the past, from now on I hope you can be more precise about your time. Respect yourself and respect your work.


As everyone is giving their progress reports, Qi Yi asks about a particular project which is handled by Liang Liang. In his office, he gives her a scolding for the way the project has been handled so far. At this rate, their proposal will be rejected and he doesn’t want the company’s reputation to be at risk because of her. Liang Liang asks for another chance…


Qi Yi: If you don’t win this project you will return to the administration department. Or you can resign.




Oh the scene where she drops her towel. I’m having a ‘Borrow ur Love’ deja vu moment. I’m not a Aaron Yan fangirl, so that eyeliner is doing nothing for me. (It’s more of a turn off.) But I kinda like his character, since he seems to be the only one acting like they should in a professional workplace. Seriously, who would storm into their bosses’ office and starting going off about how unreasonable he is? And that scene at the end where Qi Yi comments about the staff’s behaviour? Right on the mark. I actually agree with him. His obsessive behaviour (where everything has to be precise) is fun to watch, for now I can live with the eyeliner lol.


I don’t mind Puff Kuo in general, but then I’ve only seen her in a TW movie “Machi Action” where she was the type of character Aaron is playing now. The cold, stern boss and she was quite good in it. This is a complete change and her cutesy behaviour, loud voice / screaming is a huge turn off. One of the supporting characters, Princess is even more exaggerated. I hope I can tolerate her as the series goes on. At the moment it’s hard to believe Liang Liang is what… 27 years old?


The story itself – maybe I just need something light and fluffy at the moment, nothing to stress the brain out. (I have “The Outsiders” to screw with my mind so yeah…) I’m a sucker for this type of story, and don’t mind continuing on. I like the ending song though, have never heard Aaron sing before (HA – I’m kinda old for boybands?) so it’s a nice surprise. Overall, it’s a good way to pass the time especially if you like the lead actors.






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  1. heisui Avatar

    I read this to stare at the screencaps of Aaron but the moment you mentioned Lin Yo Wei I forgot all about him. AHH I LOVE ZHEN HUA <3 <3 <3

    1. kat Avatar

      LOLOLOL he was that much of a distraction!?!??!

      1. heisui Avatar

        AHAHA yeah it brought back memories of Zhen Hua. Honestly I think Lin Yo Wei is a better actor than Aaron.

        1. kat Avatar

          I will have to take ur word for it since i have only seen Lin Yo Wei in Endless Love and i don’t rmb much from it!!!! Lol. Aaron is ok in Just You, although there hasn’t been much to stretch his acting chops….yet.

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    i think i need to watch this… it sounds good

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah the storyline is quite cute and Aaron/Puff has good chemistry 🙂

  3. kpopfan Avatar

    do u know where i can watch it with englsih subs ?

    1. kat Avatar

      Both viki and dramafever has it 🙂

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