Another Mulan adaptation starring Hou Meng Yao & Dylan Kuo finally airs

This could be the ultimate test for my current fangirling over Dylan Kuo. In a recent interview, he commented the dramas / movies he filmed in the past year or so had already aired (or has a release date) so any upcoming works are still at the negotiating stage. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that a drama he filmed back in 2011 – The Legend of Mulan (Hua Mu Lan Chuan Qi / 花木兰传奇) will finally be released on CCTV on July 18!

“The Legend of Mulan” will be competing with another much anticipated drama about a historical figure – “The Patriot Yue Fei” (精忠岳飞). However, it appears the two are aiming for different audiences. “The Patriot Yue Fei” is a more serious drama, a grand epic production starring big names like Huang Xiaoming and Ruby Lin. In contrast, “The Legend of Mulan” is trying to differentiate itself from all the other Mulan adaptations by going for the ‘idol drama’ angle, casting an unknown actress in Hou Meng Yao and transporting Dylan’s usual “princely/rich guy” character back in time to portray Prince Duo Lun, who is of course the love interest.

Looking at the 17 minute preview, this adaptation places a heavy emphasis on Mulan’s life before she enlisted in the army, the time when she was a seamstress. The battle scenes are done relatively well, although I am very concerned that they used the soundtrack for “Pirates of the Caribbean”? (from the comments on YouTube it seems they used the OST for Lord of the Rings as well??) For a production that reportedly cost $60 million, using other movies’ OST does not exactly scream ‘quality’.

So how is this the ‘ultimate test’ for my fangirling? First – I don’t usually watch historical dramas. It’s just not really my genre. Second – the dubbing. Horrid! I’m seeing his lips move but the voice just sounds so weird! At least at 30 episodes it’s not as straining as other historical dramas. Maybe the fast forward button can be my friend. Not sure what to think about the long hair, but I do like their scenes as a couple in the preview.


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  1. Kappy A Avatar
    Kappy A

    hehe I saw these photos while searching for Dylan goodies. He looks great although (everything else ignored) I’m not sure I’m gonna watch it for the same reasons you stated. Can’t believe they would use instrumentals from popular American movies. Minus points!

    Nope. I don’t recognize the girl.

    1. kat Avatar

      I think she’s a complete newbie (maybe from a reality show??) so it’s surprising they would cast her as the lead. Yeah, he does look good but I will probably rewatch his older stuff first before watching this lol.

  2. annedarmawan Avatar

    Wow! You were posting everything I want to search on a blog….
    Can’t wait to watch this one as well..

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks for the comment!!!! Despite how much I love Dylan at the moment i prob won’t end up watching it so you will have to tell me whether it’s good or not!!!

      1. annedarmawan Avatar

        Ow.. ic ic 🙂
        Ok! I will buy the DVD 🙂
        Thank u for letting me know 🙂

        1. leemyis Avatar

          I would do the same. I want a copy for myself. Dylan as Prince Duo Lun stole my heart with his beautiful and handsome figure. LOL! I wish they will make it to DVD soon.

          1. Hien Avatar

            Yeah i am agreed with you. Dylan is very good looking in his role. I love this drama so much becuase of Dylan acted so well in Prince Duo Lan.

      2. kat Avatar

        My name is kat

  3. Mitsuki Avatar

    I’m obsessed with this drama xD
    Already caught up with the eps that aired. It’s really good!

    1. kat Avatar

      I saw 2 eps last week ans surprisingly enjoyed it as well! Do you normally like historical dramas?

      1. Mitsuki Avatar

        Yep I’m a huge fan of historical dramas!

        1. kat Avatar

          I don’t usually watch historical dramas so how does it compare? Why do you like it? I’m just curious because it sells itself as an ‘idol drama’ so I don’t know how others (who normally watch historical dramas) would feel about that…

          1. Mitsuki Avatar

            I think there’s something about the distant past that’s really charming and it really captures me. My mom knows this well lol, when I used to live in China I would fight for the remote with my mom to watching a historical drama xD. I enjoy western historical shows as well like Merlin and I love reading books set in a Victorian setting and what not.

            Typically there’s like two types of historical dramas. The serious historical/plot focus one, and the more light hearted romance centered. This one is obvious the latter. I have seen more of the romance ones that the heavy historical ones and I think it’s pretty good so far. There’s some romance developing but also a nice plot that’s forming.

          2. kat Avatar

            Yeah I agree 🙂 I love Victorian era setting TV series / movies as well although it didn’t quite translate into a love for Chinese historical dramas. But so far, this version of Mulan is quite fast paced and the main couple are sooo cute. I’m getting sucked in already~!

  4. kat Avatar

    Who is the actor for magistrate chen cuz he is very good looking for a magistrate.

    PLZ reply back if you guys have an answer for me.

    1. kat Avatar

      It’s been a while since I’ve watched this. Do you have a pic or something? Or which episode did he appear in?

  5. Bruna Souza de Oliveira Avatar

    oiii alguem sabe o nome da musica que aparece no ultimo episodio?
    achei ela linda e me comoveu muito

  6. Yemi Avatar

    Duo lun / Mo jiang / Dylan Kuo looks handsome 🙂 with the long hair. The drama is also great, although the battle scenes at the beginning looked silly.

    1. Mai Avatar

      I haven’t watch any Mulan adaption before; but I ended love this adaption very much. Prince Duo lun/ Horse trader MoJian sure very handsome.

  7. cindy rossell Avatar
    cindy rossell

    can we order this movie

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