Just You Episode 2 Recap

Continuing from the last episode, Liang Liang agrees she will work on a new proposal. Just as she’s leaving, she gives him breakfast, because he has to take his medicine with food. Since she didn’t know whether he’s allergic to anything else, the sandwich doesn’t have eggs or mayonnaise.


Liang Liang is at her desk trying to think of a new idea for the proposal. The client is a supermarket chain where they would like to have a product especially promoted for summer. Qi Yi receives a phone call from the client so he tells Liang Liang they will be working together for this project because of its importance. If the client is satisfied with the summer promotion, they will win more work for the rest of the year.

Qi Yi drives Liang Liang to an area where there is a high density of this supermarket chain. He tells her to do 500 surveys before the end of the day, to find out more about their target customers. Liang Liang is annoyed at first, but she has no choice but to do them. Qi Yi on the other hand stays in his car and takes photos of the passerbys. They’re all holding a cup of coffee. Then he calls a locksmith…


Liang Liang goes back to the office extremely tired after completing the surveys. In the kitchen she finds Alex and Kate, where he tries to patch things up. Liang Liang is happy for the couple, but Qi Yi appears and tells them all to go to his office.


Since Alex and Kate have breached the ‘no office romance’ rule, Qi Yi asks them to sign a warning letter. Liang Liang is annoyed saying how unreasonable he is, but Alex and Kate just accepted the situation and signed the letter. Due to this incident, Liang Liang vows to seek revenge on Qi Yi again…


When Liang Liang arrives home, she realises Qi Yi changed the locks and despite her screams he refuses to let her in. So she actually calls a police officer, and claims that Qi Yi is her boyfriend who has suicidal tendencies. She’s worried about him because he has locked himself in the house. With all the fake crying and pleading the police officer believes her and she gets back into the house.


Qi Yi and Liang Liang argue again and Liang Liang is flat out refusing to move out, since she still has three months left on the rent agreement. Qi Yi just doesn’t know what to do anymore, except allow her to stay. But she has to abide by these crazy rules!


1. Before entering the house you must take your shoes off and put them in the shoe cabinet. Every pair should be 6cm apart. They cannot be at at an angle or messy.


2. The living room must be neat and dry. You cannot eat snacks on the sofa, drink coloured liquids and no food crumbs can fall on the floor.


3. The refrigerator has to be separated into sections. This third is yours, the other two thirds is mine. You cannot store your things in my section. Also, all junk food and expired leftovers are forbidden.


4. After eating a meal, you must clean all dishes within five minutes and cannot leave any watermarks. The dishes have to be dried thoroughly using an antibacterial cloth.  Then they have to be neatly put back in the draws in the correct categories. The clothes washer have to be sanitised every week. After you do your laundry, the washer has to be cleared within three minutes, no hairs or cottons can be left over.


Finally, no matter when or where, the bathroom must be completely dry. After 9pm there cannot be any weird noises. Also, no one in the office can know we are living together. If someone finds out, you are responsible.

As Qi Yi sits down to eat the dinner he cooked, Liang Liang wants to join in but he doesn’t want to share. So she goes to a cafe with her friends, Kate and Princess. They discuss Qi Yi’s freakish rules and also starts to think about the proposal since Liang Liang has to come up with an idea by tomorrow. Kate offers to help, and through all the surveys, they found that coffee is a drink that a lot of people don’t enjoy in summer. Since iced coffee is too sour, if there can be a seasonal special blend, people will more likely to buy.


Back at home, Qi Yi is looking at all the photos he took and has an idea as well. He arrives at the same cafe where the girls are eating. Turns out he knows the owner and they discuss the special blend coffee for summer as well.


When Qi Yi and Liang Liang arrive home, they find the electricity got cut because Liang Liang hasn’t paid the bills. After they find some candles Qi Yi decides to have a shower but turns out Liang Liang never paid the water bills either. So here he is, with shampoo in his hair walking around topless. He got so annoyed at Liang Liang and starts bossing her around – telling her to get water for him, and then more candles. Qi Yi tells Liang Liang to just leave the bucket of water at the door but she didn’t want to see him naked so they struggled a bit and she ended up… (well the camera never shows it) but I’m assuming she accidentally touched his private parts! Qi Yi feels like strangling Liang Liang… especially when he finds a leaf floating on the bucket of water…

The next day at the client meeting Qi Yi is offered a cup of tea, with a leaf floating on top. He’s disgusted and Liang Liang wonders why he’s squirming. Being such a neat freak he’s probably still traumatised by the ‘dirty’ water the night before!


The client thinks their idea for a summer edition coffee is a bit risky, but is willing to give it a shot. They have to come up with four different samples for the client to taste test. After trying the samples, the client liked sample 3 the most, but the coffee beans are from “Hope’s Tree”, whose owner has a strange temper and doesn’t like working with large corporations. Qi Yi will try his best to convince the owner, and he asks Liang Liang to work overtime to prepare a proposal.


After Liang Liang finishes the proposal, she thought of one of Princess’ methods for “Operation Lion Hunt”. Since they’re alone in the office, Liang Liang tries to ‘seduce’ Qi Yi, but he just got scared and decides to go home. Liang Liang gets a call from her parents, to tell her they’re going to her house for a visit…

Liang Liang’s parents tries to open the front door but the lock has been changed. So they decide to climb through the windows. Qi Yi arrives home and thought they are burglars, so he calls the police.


Inside the house, Liang Liang’s parents are surprised to find the place so tidy. It’s spotless and the music collection now includes Beethoven. Qi Yi and the police are outside waiting to bust in to catch the burglars. Luckily, Liang Liang arrives home in time to explain everything.


After the police left, Liang Liang’s parents confronts Qi Yi as to why he insists that Liang Liang move out. Qi Yi explains he already offered to pay her the three months rent plus any moving costs so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t move. But Liang Liang rebutted by saying she took a long time finding this house and liked living here… they continue to argue and eventually Qi Yi reveals that this house was where he lived as a child. So he wants to move back ASAP.


The Cheng family are at the kitchen cooking dinner. Qi Yi watches on as their interactions remind him of his own family. It has been a long time since he has seen this house so lively. Mrs Cheng invites Qi Yi to have dinner with them. Qi Yi is reluctant at first, but cannot refuse.

Liang Liang has a talk with her mum about what has been happening in the office. Mrs Cheng thinks Qi Yi is a good person and is definitely boyfriend potential because he’s so successful and has his own company. Outside the house, Mr Cheng is gardening. He explains to Qi Yi that roses are like people. If you give them love they will grow and blossom. But Qi Yi thinks it will only be short lived as roses will wilt. Mr Cheng says Liang Liang always bury the roses after they wilt and hope that they will regrow someday… she’s an optimistic…



“Just You” has definitely been enjoyable so far, it’s fairly low key but there’re also a few scenes here and there where I can laugh out loud. (especially how Qi Yi is such a clean freak!) Liang Liang / Puff Kuo is still annoying me with her OTT facial expressions but Qi Yi / Aaron Yan is growing on me. This is another couple where I’m loving their off screen interactions more than what’s happening on screen. (the other example being George Hu / Annie Chen) However, in contrast to “Love Around”, I feel there’s a strong potential for Qi Yi and Liang Liang, especially with the introduction of Liang Liang’s parents. You can just see in Qi Yi’s eyes how much he yearns to be part of a loving family like Liang Liang. Now I want to find out what happened to his parents.


It looks like next week will concentrate on the coffee summer promotion proposal, trying to convince the owner to supply coffee beans to them. As long as there’re heaps of opportunities for our couple of develop, I’m happy.





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  1. katherine calison Avatar
    katherine calison

    Why there is no last episode where is the ending?

  2. katherine calison Avatar
    katherine calison

    Please post the ending of just you

  3. katherine calison Avatar
    katherine calison

    Please inform me if there is next episode after episode 17

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah there are 20 episodes in total.

      1. katherine calison Avatar
        katherine calison

        But where can i find the other after episode 17? Ive been looking for it on the website but i cannot find it. Can u please help me? Thank you

        1. kat Avatar

          Episode 18 is not out yet, it will be aired on Friday. 🙂

          1. katherine calison Avatar
            katherine calison

            Ok thank u. I will wait for the next episode. In what website can i find it? Thanks again

          2. kat Avatar

            Viki seems pretty fast with subs, it’s on DramaFever as well I think?

          3. katherine calison Avatar
            katherine calison

            Hello is the episode 18 of just you already available? Because i cannot find it. Thanks

          4. kat Avatar

            It’s broadcasted in Taiwan on Friday nights 10pm. As for the times when it gets uploaded I guess that depends on each site. Viki has this info on their page. Other sites I’m not sure of.

          5. katherine calison Avatar
            katherine calison

            Hi may i ask if how many episode does “just you” have? I already watch episode 20 but i think its cut because there is no ending.. thanks

          6. kat Avatar

            It has 21 episodes (they may have extended it? I’m not sure).

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