Just You Episode 4 Recap

After the meeting, Liang Liang goes to Qi Yi’s office to try to convince him to withdraw the warning. But of course it falls on deaf ears. She leaves his office disappointed.

Qi Yi: Cheng Liang Liang, you have time to hassle me. Why don’t you use that time more wisely to work on your project?


Seeing her so dejected, Kate hands her a cup of coffee. Liang Liang thanks her friend but Kate says the coffee is not for her. She tells Liang Liang to not give up so easily so Liang Liang takes the coffee to Qi Yi but the result is the same.

As everyone is leaving work, they all interrogate Liang Liang about what happened that night she spent at the coffee plantation with Qi Yi. Liang Liang simply shrugs them off and makes up an excuse to stay behind at the office.   Qi Yi is talking to Director Chao, one of the directors of the supermarket. Director Chao wants Qi Yi to go drinking and talk business with them, but Qi Yi doesn’t like drinking. Liang Liang overhears the conversation and says she can drink. So reluctantly, Qi Yi takes Liang Liang to some kind of karaoke place.

(This is where the storyline gets a bit… HUH. I hope this isn’t the way this drama is headed)


At the karaoke place, Liang Liang starts drinking alot and sings… twinkle twinkle little star. All the old business men seems to be enjoying themselves while Qi Yi tries to convince Liang Liang not to drink so much. Then suddenly, Director Chao starts breaking down… because Qi Yi and Liang Liang reminds him so much of his own children.


So they all go to the cafe and Director Chao tells them about his history. He used to be school teacher but when an opportunity came up, he went into business to earn more money. But that also meant he spent less and less time with his children and eventually, he got a divorce and his ex wife took his children to the US.


Liang Liang tries to comfort Director Chao – we can’t change the past but we can go back to the future! She proposes they all go to the school where Director Chao used to teach and walk down memory lane.


Outside the school, they is no way in so Liang Liang suggests they climb the fence. But Qi Yi takes the sensible approach by asking the security guard and they are actually allowed inside. In a classroom, Director Chao gets to play teacher while everyone else are his students. Qi Yi – who was a prefect at school takes on this role again…

When Liang Liang asks Director Chao to give a speech as if they are his children he writes “My Apology Letter” on the blackboard. He apologises for not being there with them. Qi Yi takes photos of Director Chao.


In the trophy room, Director Chao explains one of the awards was won by his son. They had another one at home but because they moved several times, he doesn’t know where it is anymore. Liang Liang was about to just steal it when Qi Yi stops her. Yes it’s better if they just takes photos with it instead.


Qi Yi then sends the photos he took earlier to Director Chao. Director Chao is surprised and sends it to his children. He gets a phone call straight away from them. The director is so happy since he hasn’t talked to his children for a long time. As he had such a good time, he thinks Liang Liang and Qi Yi are decent people and agrees to work with them on the proposal. He will even consider giving more work to them in the upcoming year.

In a park, Liang Liang is drinking some more to celebrate their success. Qi Yi comments that even with her silly brain, she can still win that proposal. Liang Liang is happy that Qi Yi is finally praising her. When Qi Yi thinks she has already drank too much and wants to go home, Liang Liang drags him somewhere else… she drags him back to the office.   They go to the roof to watch the stars.


Liang Liang: I can see through you.

Qi Yi: What.

Liang Liang: You are actually quite caring.

Qi Yi: That’s not true.

Liang Liang: Do you have a dream to go back to the future?

Qi Yi: I don’t.

Liang Liang: You do.

Liang Liang: I DO! I have a dream that more people will know about the roses my parents grow. Do you have a dream? Or do you think dreams are something that is too naive?

Qi Yi: OK I’ll tell you, since you won’t remember it tomorrow anyway. When I was in primary school, my father’s business failed. So during high school I had to work and study. Before my parents separated, our family was like yours, we liked to count stars on the roof. My mother was like your mum, really wanted us to count stars with her. Every time I won something, she would force me to take a photo with the award on the roof. When your parents visited last time, I saw you all chatting happily and it reminded me of my family. But I believe one day, my family will be back together again.

Qi Yi definitely thinks Liang Liang has had enough to drink and is time to head home. But Liang Liang has one last thing to do – she takes this chance to try to convince him to lift the romance ban. They argue since he wouldn’t and finally – Liang Liang swipes his phone and manages to lock him out on the rooftop/balcony, and still, he wouldn’t lift the ban. So Liang Liang just leaves him out there.

The next morning, Liang Liang wakes up but Qi Yi is not at home. She just assumes he had gone to work already. However, at work, everyone is wondering where Qi Yi has gone since he’s normally half an hour early. Clients are waiting but he is nowhere to be seen. Eventually, they send the clients away since they still couldn’t reach Qi Yi.


Liang Liang receives a phone call from Director Chao, reminding her of the meeting they are having later that day. Now Liang Liang is worried since Qi Yi is missing. Kate asks her what happened last night, but the last thing Liang Liang remembers was when they were drinking in the park. Kate suggests they call Qi Yi again and they realise – Qi Yi’s phone is in Liang Liang’s bag.

They panic and wonder what happened to Qi Yi. But Liang Liang has no memory of it. In the meantime, Alex returns from a work trip and brings presents for everyone, including Kate. He asks her to have dinner with him. She asks he’s not afraid of the romance ban anymore? And he replies no… Liang Liang comments since Qi Yi is not here, the romance ban can also take a day off.


Princess arrives and the girls decide to go up to the rooftop to each some food. That’s when they discover Qi Yi is still there…

Qi Yi: Please use the next lift. I don’t want to breathe the same air as you anymore!


Logically, Qi Yi is mad as hell while Liang Liang tries to apologise. We flashback to what happened last night…


Liang Liang returns to the rooftop with the romance ban notice, telling Qi Yi to think hard about how inhumane it is…. They argue and Liang Liang leaves him there…


Qi Yi explains he originally worried for her if she loses her job. Since she helped on some projects he considered keeping her but in light of her recent behaviour, he decides to fire her. He also gives her a letter outlining the compensation she will receive. He suggests she should use this money to find a new place to live.

The rest of the episode is pretty much of Qi Yi driving in a car, with Liang Liang chasing after him and pleading him to change his mind… until he arrives back in the office to receive a phone call from Director Chao. Director Chao especially mentions Liang Liang, and Qi Yi just has this look on his face… probably sensing to keep this client, he might just have to put up with Liang Liang a bit longer…



ARGH. Don’t do this now drama. The whole premise with Director Chao etc etc was just… completely weird. To think the other directors of a serious corporation would play along is quite silly. Whilst I enjoyed the conversation Qi Yi and Liang Liang had on the rooftop the whole set up with her being drunk meant she was completely annoying for the whole episode. Liang Liang has always walked a fine line and I was actually quite happy that Qi Yi finally decided to fire her. I was hoping with this she can finally rethink about her behaviour and actually you know… grow up. But alas, Qi Yi probably has to keep her since Director Chao likes her. GAH.


Sadly this was probably my least favourite episode so far… and ‘Just You’ was travelling so well. I hope it doesn’t go downhill from here.   In the episode 5 preview there’s a new ‘rival’ coming in though! Dean Fujioka!!! OMG it has been a long time. (Since Miss No Good! One of my guilty pleasures…) So I’m hoping with a new character there’ll be more sparks between Qi Yi and Liang Liang.






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  1. char Avatar

    Lol I was just going WTF?? throughout the entire break-into-the-school scene. Maybe they were all drunk…?! If I were the director those two would be the absolute last people I would trust my proposal with…

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHA Yeah I know right! That is NOT how normal people behave, let alone people who are supposed to be professionals?! Somehow that wins the heart of the director? Crazzzzy.

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