Love Ah! / Ai Ya Ai Ya / Ia Ia I Do Episodes 14-15 (final)

I think it’s has almost been a month since I finished this, so I better write this up before it gets sucked into the blog blackhole. (which has swallowed a couple of my posts already!)


Ia Ia I do has been one of those dramas where if I was to represent it graphically, it would be a bell curve. It slowly builds up to a great mid section (unfortunately I think the best episodes were 8 to 11) then slowly dies off as it ends. Bit by bit they take away everything I loved about this drama and watching the final two episodes felt more like an obligation than enjoyment. Well, I got this far already might as well finish it.


Kinda like what I’m feeling right now as I’m typing. I have the memory of a goldfish, so apart from the painful ‘will he die’ storyline which was finally in full steam ahead mode by episode 14 and the even more ridiculous scene in a hospital in the final episode – I don’t have many memory points.


But alas, this post gives me an excuse to post these adorable behind the scenes pics – a reminder of why Ia Ia I do was not a complete waste of time. These two better not take another ten years for their next collaboration, they are just way too cute together, on screen and off screen.


Episode 14

Xiang En learns that he needs an immediate operation on his brain to remove the blood clots, but there’s only a 10% chance of success. Instead of talking it through with his loved ones, he decides to spend his remaining time fighting for the Yuan Zhao Island proposal and letting go of Ai Ya, so she can find happiness with someone else. (ARGH. Yes I am cringing…)


Xiang En: Fine, you can be friends with whoever you want. Even if you want to be with Wu Wei I’m ok.

Ai Ya: Do you know what you’re saying? I don’t understand.

Xiang En: I hope you don’t understand.

Ai Ya: You… want to reconcile with Tong Hua? That photo… tell me the truth, do you miss Tong Hua?

Xiang En: Yes, I can’t forget Tong Hua.


As if this wasn’t annoying enough, next we have the most unprofessional doctor ever. Xiang En visits the doctor for more medicine as his existing medication doesn’t help with his headaches anymore. His doctor tries to convince him to have the surgery ASAP, but Xiang En needs more time. He asks the doctor not to tell his mother about it…


Just as well the next patient to see this doctor is Tong Hua. And this doctor thinks he only promised Xiang En he wouldn’t tell his mother about it… so it’s not a breach of anything to tell Tong Hua instead. WTH. Maybe doctor-patient privilege doesn’t exist in dramaland.


When Tong Hua confronts Xiang En about the operation, Xiang En comes up with the brilliant idea that they should get engaged, so Ai Ya will let him go…


I guess the more interesting parts in the middle of all this is the reveal of Ai Ya’s family history. Turns out her father was close friends with Xiang En’s mother. They were like siblings. Ai Ya’s father went away for business and the family always wanted to go back to Yuan  Zhao Island to develop it and make it a better place. However, on their trip back to the island there was a shipwreck which was how Ai Ya was found by the island residents. OK, so it was a rather contrived way to set up this scenario – since the residents agreed Ai Ya’s father has authority over the island forest for development, Ai Ya now has the deciding choice over… well, Xiang En or Wu Wei will win the development proposal. Guess how she will decide?


Actually none of them. Until she actually reads the proposal and discover Xiang En’s plan does not involve moving the forest at all.


Now that all sensible plotlines are out of the way – we’re left with stuff like Ai Ya trying to win Xiang En back by making some fan sign (it says “I love Ji Xiang En”) and waiting outside Xiang En’s house.

Similarly, Tong Hua is trying to win Wu Wei back by… stalking him again. This girl clearly has issues.


Episode 15

Finally, Wu Wei tells Tong Hua it was all a lie. It was all some lame revenge plot because Xiang En allegedly stole his girlfriend during their university days. I say allegedly, because it was all a misunderstanding. Of course it would make sense if the editors didn’t cut all of this part out. So the audience never knew why Wu Wei hated Xiang En so much until the last episode. But then… by this point does it matter anymore?

Realising everything with Wu Wei was a lie, Tong Hua does one decent thing in this whole drama by telling Ai Ya that the engagement was fake. Ai Ya confronts Xiang En by waiting at his house again and which leads to possibly my favourite part of this episode (apart from the ‘Behind the scenes’). She hugs Xiang En…


It really should be rather touching, but I cannot focus apart from the fact that she’s making this speech while leaning on his chest. Argh lucky girl. That man’s muscles are ridiculously distracting.

Xiang En finally allows Ai Ya back into his life and more cute, shippy scenes ensue. They eat fried foods together. (I place emphasis on this because it is important, I wonder if Dylan actually ate that onion/calamari ring while shooting this scene.) Ai Ya tries to convince him to get the operation ASAP, he hesitates but promises her he definitely will get surgery…

On the ferris wheel, Xiang En has a headache and faints. He’s taken to hospital…

Seriously, I have got to hand it to the writers because I did not see this coming at all. It was a complete surprise because it’s just plain crazy. Ai Ya is by Xiang En’s bedside holding his hand when she realises she lost the starfish bracelet Xiang En gave her. So she goes looking for it… and of course it was in the middle of the road… and she got freaking hit by a car. WHAT IS THIS! They end up placing her right next to Xiang En’s bed. (separated by a curtain of course) Now both our leads face the possibility of death? I am banging my head against a wall.

At this point I would recommend skipping to the end. Xiang En being in a coma while Ai Ya recovers and tries to talk to him etc etc is just time wasting.

Finally!! Happy Ending~ Xiang En wakes up, Wu Wei apologises to Xiang En, Xiang En & Wu Wei will work together for the Yuan Zhao Island project, Wu Wei and Tong Hua patch up… and of course – Xiang En and Ai Ya says I DO! *throws confetti*


Best parts of the final episode – hands down. I know it was a drag sitting through some scenes towards the end but the BTS was worth it.


Dylan and Tammy are filming the scene where he feeds her potato chips…


Tammy: Tastes good.

Dylan: Really?

Tammy: Yeah.

Dylan: Calories, this is full of calories, you’ll get fat from eating this.

Tammy: I know.

(The crew starts eating the chips too…)

Dylan: Don’t put calories in your mouths! Really! You must stop eating this! It’s too fat!

(Tammy eats some more…)

Dylan: Stop it Chen Yi Rong! This is calories!

(She ignores him, keeps eating and walks away… Dylan picks up the cup of chips and starts smelling it…)

Dylan: It’s too enticing…  In my imagination I can already feel how enjoyable it is.  (He sees all the other unhealthy foods the crew has…) What on earth is this! They’re all full of calories!

(The crew teases him…)

Dylan: Go away! I can’t take this! I’m drinking black coffee because… if you want abs, you have to restrict your diet. Don’t think that it’s okay to have one bite then exercise tomorrow because if you indulge often, taking another bite, another meal… then you’ll fail.

I think this is why I can never be as fit as him LOL.

The filming of the wedding scene and both our leads discuss their ‘dream weddings’…


Dylan: My dream wedding… it must be by the sea, in a church, I think I want to be riding a horse, with a few good friends. Those good friends will be my groomsmen.. and the group of us will arrive on horseback.  When I arrive, I will wait for the bride… it must be in a church. She must be walking on a red carpet… that feeling. I wouldn’t want a grand wedding, won’t invite too many people. Only need my best friends, my father and my closest relatives will be okay.


Tammy: My dream wedding… I had thought about this, it’s quite silly. Everyone can wear whatever they like except the colour white. I am the only one who can wear white. Or everyone would wear white, but only I will wear red or pink. And then… it will be held at a comfortable place, very relaxed, starting in the afternoon where everyone can eat, drink, chat… that will be good. I don’t want anything too complicated, just have my closest relatives and friends.

I LOL-ed so hard when Dylan was describing his dream wedding. Funnily enough I do think he’s THAT kind of guy. I know actors generally can’t be so truthful in interviews / have to build up a ‘good’ image for the public but over the years he has shown that he can be a complete softie when it comes to relationships. When he first became famous he openly admitted he had a girlfriend, plus on variety shows like Kang Xi Lai Le when Xiao S asks him difficult / awkward questions, he gives truthful answers! (Because the answer can be quite embarrassing!!!)


Anyway, I’m just glad even with all the internet problems I’ve been having lately this post is complete! WHEEEE~ Looking back at the screencaps were rather enjoyable. I really hope these two will collaborate again~






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  1. heisui Avatar

    I really like the BTS pic of Tammy, Dylan, and the second male lead. Gee Tammy is so lucky she gets to star with so many great actors..*cough* Tony Yang *cough*

    1. kat Avatar

      YESSSS lucky girl~ she has been in dramas with most of my favs like Raymond Lam, Peter Ho and Dylan of couse.. plus many other hot guys – Roy Qiu! Now add Melvin Sia on the list! haha.

  2. Kappy A Avatar
    Kappy A

    This drama totally slipped off my radar! I just have too many, let me tell you!

    Kat got the love bug now. Her posts consist of Dylan’s handsome face everywhere. (Hey, not that I mind…)

    1. kat Avatar

      Well, it wasn’t anything to write home about, but it had a lot of Dylan-hotness – highly recommended in that department.

      HAHAHA I made so many screencaps!!! Already tried to restrain myself but you see through me Kappy~!

      1. Kappy A Avatar
        Kappy A

        Dearyyy Kat! The sidebar says your twitter is open but there’s no link to it. Are you hiding Dylan’s pics in there? 😛

        Me too, I mostly keep Dylan/PingAn-related screencaps. He has strong jawline which I like, very mucho.

        It’s unfortunate that I haven’t seen HQ videos for Borrow Your Love. It’s indeed not loved at ALL.

        1. kat Avatar

          whattttt that’s weird, it’s @dramapot 🙂 Although I haven’t got to the habit of posting there regularly yet >< HAHAHAHA now my desktop wallpapers are a rotation of various YC / YC&PA pics, makes me swoon everytime I see them. Seems like TW dramas in HD are hard to find in general right?

  3. thuyduong9 Avatar

    your post and information are really cool and i really enjoy it! Can i have the behind the scene video link please?

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks! On this site, part 6 & 7 are the behind the scenes for the final ep.

      1. thuyduong9 Avatar

        really funny ! thanks! by the way I am looking forward to watch more behind the scene video from other dramas but i just can not find them. can you show me the word “behind the scene” in Chinese letter please?

        1. kat Avatar

          It’s usually ‘幕後花絮’ (or just 花絮 sometimes).

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