Mini Movie: Dive In 2013 Finale

I’m trying to tie up a couple of loose ends at the moment, one of them being the final ‘episode’ of Dive in 2013 the mini / micro movie! It was released like two months ago and there wasn’t much content in the ‘finale’ though – only about five minutes long this time?


Continuing on from Part 3, as Xin Yi and Ke Dong walks further away from each other, Ke Dong decides to send a message…


Ke Dong: I don’t have classes on Thursday, should we go celebrate the end of our internship? Actually I want to…

But he deleted the “Actually I want to…” part before sending the message. Xin Yi replies yes with a smiley face, and Ke Dong is so giddy he does a little skip and a whirl.

A few days later, Ke Dong (dressed in a school uniform) meets Xin Yi at a cafe. He gives her a gift – it’s also a school uniform. He takes her back to her high school…

Cute scenes follow for our couple…

We all know eventually what happens right?

That’s it! There really wasn’t much in it but it wraps up the ‘Dive in 2013’ series pretty neatly. I still like last year’s version better though, and it’s not completely influenced by my Bolin bias! The stories last year were more varied? I wonder if Cornetto will make another series of mini movies next year?


>> The complete version of Dive in 2013 is on YouTube. 🙂






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