Just You Episode 5 Recap

NOTE: Screencaps added!


Qi Yi is going to a meeting with the directors of the supermarket and takes Liang Liang with him. Poor Qi Yi, it’s because the directors especially asked for Liang Liang, so for now, she’s not fired yet. Liang Liang realises, and asks the obvious question.


Liang Liang: So… I can stay at Gaze?

Qi Yi: Do I have to say everything twice for you to understand it?


At the meeting, Director Chao thanks them again for last night. He talked to his children on the phone for a long time so he was grateful for Qi Yi and Liang Liang’s help. The director also advises them their Creative Director will be responsible for working with Gaze on this project. So he will also be at the meeting where they will sign a contract.


New character alert! Dean (Dean Fujioka) – the Creative Director has a history with Qi Yi, and it looks like an antagonistic one! After both companies sign the contract, Dean and Qi Yi starts speaking in Japanese. Dean comments that Liang Liang is a cute girl, while Qi Yi replies back that it’s none of his business.

As Qi Yi and Liang Liang leave the building, she starts asking him whether he has a history with Dean, and what they were saying in Japanese. Qi Yi doesn’t answer her questions, and just simply said (in Japanese)


Qi Yi: Which part of you is cute?


We see Dean back in the office looking out the window. He tells the directors he wants to be working in Gaze’s office for this project so he can communicate better with them.


At Qi Yi’s office, he tells Liang Liang a number of things she should prepare for this project. So Liang Liang gets up the courage to ask – is she a formal staff member of the marketing? / proposal department now? (I assume she was only a junior / intern beforehand?) As much as Qi Yi hates it, he replies that it’s temporary, and if she doesn’t do a good job, she’ll be the first one he fires.


Princess arrives at the office and the girls go to the rooftop for some girls’ talk. Princess thinks this is a great opportunity for ‘Operation Lion Hunt’ again – Liang Liang can cook him dinner as an apology and thank you for not firing her. At the supermarket, the girls are trying to pick what Liang Liang can cook with since Qi Yi has seafood allergies. Kate suggests hot pot.

They bump into Alex and notices he has a basketful of instant noodles and canned food. He says since he’s living alone now, things can be kept simple. Princess and Liang Liang makes an excuse to go away so the (ex?)couple can talk…


Kate shows she still cares for him by commenting he shouldn’t eat so much processed foods. He asks her which washing powder she used when they were living together. He missed the smell of fresh hanged laundry when Kate used to do them. Kate felt touched…


With her shopping in hand, Liang Liang arrives home to find a man standing outside. Turns out he is Qi Yi’s father, so she invited him inside and stay for dinner.


Qi Yi arrives home to find another man’s pair of shoes in the shoe cabinet. He looks extremely irritated by this.


Qi Yi: Cheng Liang Liang, if you bring a man home you should ask for my permission first right?


But he quickly realises the guest is his father, and they sit down for dinner. The atmosphere is awkward though. Liang Liang suggests they play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ after dinner…

(Game – they play rock paper scissors to determine a ‘winner’. The winner gets to pick Truth or Dare then spins a bottle. Whoever the bottle points to is the person who has to answer the question or do the dare. The ‘Dare’ in this game, is where the winner flicks the loser’s forehead with his/her finger.)


Liang Liang wins the first time, and she lightly flicked Father Qi’s forehand. She won again the second time, and flicked Qi Yi’s forehead… quite hard. LOL.


The third time, Qi Yi finally wins and he picks ‘Truth’. He spins the bottle and it points to his father. A flashback takes us to Qi Yi’s childhood, when he asks his father – why didn’t you ask mum to come back? That is the question Qi Yi really wants to ask, but he just said he can’t think of a question so he has to be punished. His father doesn’t want to hurt his son, so he pretended to flick Qi Yi’s forehand.

Father Qi and Liang Liang decides to go for a stroll outside while Qi Yi is cleaning up. He comments that the area hasn’t changed at all, and finds a park where they both sit on the swing and have a chat. Father Qi doesn’t think he has been a good father to Qi Yi at all…


Liang Liang: If you don’t know how to be a good father… then you can be a good friend!

Father Qi is staying over for the night so Qi Yi sleeps in the lounge. Father Qi asks his son what he really wanted to ask before…


Qi Yi: Let bygones be bygones. The important thing is we’re all very well now. Plus I believe one day when mum has thought about it clearly, she’ll come back.


They both see the table that Father Qi bought some 22 years ago… wishing that they can be a complete family again…


Just as he is about to sleep, Qi Yi notices Liang Liang outside taking care of her roses. She tells him that story – how she doesn’t believe the roses will ‘die’ if she replants the wilted petals next to the plants. She gives him a rose petal, but he just lets it drop to the ground.


Qi Yi: A plant is a plant. Dead is dead.


He tells her that he hates roses. And when she moves out, she must take the roses with her.


Liang Liang: Why do you hate the flowers so much?

Qi Yi: Because they always wilt at the most inappropriate time.

The next morning, Liang Liang notices the house is empty. She thinks she might be late again but it’s only 7am. So she decides to clean the bathroom / have a shower but accidentally knocks some cleanser to the floor, spilling it everywhere. Since she just bought this tube and didn’t want to waste it, she decides to just leave the mess there and when she comes home tonight (before Qi Yi), she can use the cleanser to clean the floor…


At the train station Qi Yi says goodbye to his father. He asks his father to move in with him but his father hesitates… Qi Yi thinks if he moves back then maybe one day his mother will move back too. Father Qi declines initially but Qi Yi tells him to think about it.


The staff meeting has Qi Yi giving Liang Liang most of the responsibility with regards to the supermarket proposal, but she has to report to him everyday on its progress. He also tells Kate to organise a 3 day 2 night staff training event.


Liang Liang is happy that this is going to be a staff holiday, but Kate warns her why would their boss be so nice?

Kate’s proposals are turned down by Qi Yi, he says that they’re not going on vacation, it’s staff training. She should choose places like the mountains or farms. Qi Yi asks Liang Liang whether she has worked on the proposal yet, but she hasn’t. He’s annoyed that the supermarket had sent them their product information yesterday and still she hasn’t started. She promises she will work on them ASAP.


Liang Liang stays back late to work on the proposal so Qi Yi leaves for home first. Then she realises she left the cleanser on the bathroom floor. So she tries to get home earlier but it’s futile because as he goes to take a shower, he slips and breaks his arm.


Liang Liang: It really really wasn’t intentional. I know whatever I say, you will still be angry.

Qi Yi: Then shut up.


She offers her help with anything he needs since it’s her fault that his arm is in a cast. Qi Yi initially rejects the idea but then Liang Liang reminds him… how are you going to shower?

The rest of the episode is pretty much Liang Liang helping him clean with a brush… blow dries his hair… and then shave. I think it’s clear the way to a man’s heart is helping him shave… then you can stare into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time! As she is helping him, Qi Yi starts to feel something for Liang Liang!



First, I saw this article during the week from Ask a Manager (a great blog on workplace issues, job search etc) titled – “Can my company prohibit coworkers from dating and fire us if we do?” I immediately thought of ‘Just You’!!! HAHAHA And the answer is:


It is indeed legal to prohibit dating between coworkers (with a few exceptions, such as in California, where courts have ruled that the state constitution provides broader privacy protection in employment matters). And you can indeed have a policy that requires one of the parties to move on if a relationship happens.


That was an interesting drama-related tadbit I just thought I’d share. 😛 As rare as it is, it does happen in real life!


Back to episode 5, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than episode 4. The introduction of the new character Dean is exciting (although I don’t like how Qi Yi will most likely be all jealous just because Dean is interested in Liang Liang, but I concede that is necessary for the drama to move forward). Plus the parts at the end when Liang Liang takes care of Qi Yi? Yes it’s overused in dramaland but it was also very funny. I had a good laugh – especially when she uses the brush to help him clean and accidentally hit his ‘private parts’. The look on Qi Yi’s face!


I know Liang Liang’s loud and exaggerated expressions are a turn off for a lot of people, but I just enjoy seeing Qi Yi being all snarky and put her back in her place. I hope now that he starts to have feelings for her, this doesn’t change! Someone needs to shut that girl up and Qi Yi must be the man to do it. I’m still looking for the full versions of the opening and ending theme though – where is it internetz!





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  1. newkdramaaddict Avatar

    Happy to find your recap. I’m up to this ep. It is fun to watch. Just hope the intro to Dean doesn’t get too ridiculous. I personally hate triangles so I hope he is being introduced just to irritate Qi Yi

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanksss!! Dean is really quite a funny character, I like him more and more as the story progressed lol.

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