Just You Episode 7 Recap

Sorry this recap has been a bit late. >< I have been a bit distracted this week because something came up (it’s a good thing!) that requires some planning so I feel like this recap is a bit all over the place. But I did upload the opening themesong by Alien Huang and Genie Chuo to the Themesongs page though! Still looking for the full version of Aaron’s ending theme!! Does anyone have it?



In the aftermath of Shan Shan’s death, Liang Liang is crying as she buries her goldfish. Qi Yi tries to talk to her but she ignores him.


Next morning before work Qi Yi notices the bathroom is all wet. He’s annoyed…


Qi Yi: Didn’t I tell you this before?

Liang Liang: Yes, no matter when the bathroom should always be dry. Well you can wait until all the water has evaporated then go inside.


Liang Liang’s coldness towards Qi Yi extends to the workplace. During the staff meeting, Dean notices something is going on between Qi Yi and Liang Liang.

Qi Yi then finalises the details of the staff trip with Kate. Dean says since he’s working closely with Gaze now he should be a part of it. Qi Yi objects as all the planned group activities need a set number of people. Dean persists and eventually, Qi Yi agrees that if Dean can find someone else to go with them, he can go.


Kate is about to fax the details of the staff trip to the organiser. She finds Dean at the fax machine. He says he’s waiting for a fax so he will send over the information for her.  However, once Kate walks away Dean faxes another proposal away…


Liang Liang, Princess and Kate are at the balcony/rooftop chatting about what happened to Shan Shan. Liang Liang complains that Qi Yi has no idea because Shan Shan was a female fish, while the one he bought was male. Her friends try to calm her down saying Qi Yi didn’t mean to kill Shan Shan, and if they were in the same position, they might do the same thing. Liang Liang is still angry though.

In Dean’s office, Qi Yi notices he has a toy tiger on his desk. Dean explains it was a present from the other staff. He’s stirring Qi Yi up saying everyone at Gaze has a toy animal which represents them… except Qi Yi doesn’t have one.


Dean: A leader needs everyone’s true acceptance. This will make them the king of all animals.

When Qi Yi looks around the office, he notices the toy animals on everyone’s desks…


In the afternoon, Liang Liang goes out to complete some customer satisfaction surveys on the summer special blend coffee. When she finishes, she opens a parcel she received from the coffee plantation owner. He sends her the last harvest of coffee beans for the season, along with some coffee biscuits he made. He thanks her for planting that tree of love for his wife and with her help, he can now share his coffee beans with more people…


When Liang Liang arrives home, Qi Yi is there already. (Was he waiting for her?) He asks her about the surveys and she just snaps back saying they’re not at work now so she shouldn’t need to report to him. In anger, she throws her shoes in the shoe cabinet. Qi Yi just can’t help himself but remind her about the shoes.


Qi Yi: For a goldfish, how long do you have to be like this!

Liang Liang: She’s like my family, like my child. Shan Shan has been living with me for 15 years. Even if you killed her you shouldn’t buy another one to replace her!


Liang Liang goes back to her room and starts packing. Since he always wanted her to move out, that’s what she’s going to do!


Liang Liang: I know it wasn’t intentional. But these past couple of days you didn’t even apologise and said such hurtful words. I won’t forgive you!


Liang Liang is at the park crying and looking at photos of Shan Shan. Qi Yi follows her and tries to convince her to come home.

Eventually, Liang Liang does go back home but she insists on an apology from Qi Yi, otherwise she won’t forgive him. Qi Yi just stands there, silently.


Everyone is outside the office getting ready for the staff trip. Just as they’re about to leave, Dean arrives with Princess. Dean asks Qi Yi to honour their agreement. Qi Yi is not happy of course, but Dean has agreed to pay for Princess’ trip so there’s nothing Qi Yi can do to stop him.

On the bus, Qi Yi tries to sleep but Liang Liang keeps making noises, including singing a really bad version of twinkle twinkle little star. I’m surprised no one else actually complained, or the driver didn’t crash.

They get off the bus only to be met by some kind of bootcamp leader. The leader immediately takes all their phones, tablets etc away and gives them a survival pack. Qi Yi immediately asks Kate what the heck is going on, this is completely different to what they previously discussed! But Kate has no idea what happened…


Qi Yi is about to cancel the trip when Dean admits he was the one who swapped the information Kate was supposed to fax. Dean reminds him the only competitions Qi Yi had lost in the past were ones involving teamwork or sports. Qi Yi denies that he hates to lose but Dean suggests they should have a bet – if Qi Yi loses, the romance ban is lifted.


When the bootcamp leader hears about the romance ban, even he thinks that is too cruel.


Qi Yi: Love will make someone irrational, which will affect your work performance. For my staff to perform better, I think everyone can understand why I put the romance ban in place.


Dean stands up for the staff and everyone stands on his side, even Liang Liang. To prove that his viewpoint is wrong, Qi Yi accepts Dean’s challenge.

So they are separated into two teams, with Qi Yi teamed up with Kate and Dean teamed up with Liang Liang. (There’re more people to the teams of course, but I don’t know all of their names!) The games they played though, were a bit… silly? I thought with the bootcamp leader they were doing some crazy challenges!


The first challenge is… where two people had to use their heads to transport an orange, Dean and Liang Liang wins! Qi Yi and Princess just weren’t quite on the same wavelength.

The next game is where you have to hop while inside a sack? (Sorry, I know my descriptions are all wrong.) Qi Yi’s team won this time.


The third game is where two people have each of their foot tied to each other, then they have to get to the destination the fastest. (I know in Chinese it’s called ‘two people, three feet’ – is there a name for this in English?) It’s Qi Yi/Kate against Dean/Liang Liang, with Qi Yi winning this time!

Since Qi Yi’s team won two out of three games, he gets a big trophy – probably disproportional to the actual ‘challenges’ involved? Everyone is disappointed though, because it means the romance ban stays.


Qi Yi: Do you why I always lost to you during those sporting competitions?

Dean: Why?

Qi Yi: Because team competitions are stupid anyway. Since you wanted to beat me so much, I pitied you. So I let you win all the sporting competitions.


OUCH. Their grudge better be something serious otherwise Qi Yi is really an ass here!


When everyone is BBQ-ing, the boys offered Qi Yi some food but he just walks away. Liang Liang notices and thinks it’s probably because he can’t eat them due to allergies.


While walking in the hotel lobby, Princess and Liang Liang notices Kate and Alex have gotten back together and being all chummy. Alex is cleaning his place up for Kate to move back in, but Kate finds out he still hasn’t thrown away some gifts from his ex girlfriend. She gets angry with him.


Alex explains the gifts are a microwave, blow dryer… things he still can use. He just can’t bear to throw away stuff that is still usable. So Princess reminds him – can’t he just give them away? (He’s not very smart now is he?)


At the vending machine, Qi Yi is trying to pick something to drink since he’s hungry. He sees Kate sitting in a corner while Dean goes up to talk to her. Alex then rushes in to apologise but Kate brushes him off. Dean suddenly butts in and makes up some excuse to take Kate away.


After Dean takes Kate away, Qi Yi asks Alex what’s going on. Alex comes up with a lie saying he wanted to ask Dean how to say ‘sorry’ in Japanese.

Princess and Liang Liang sit down for some girl talk since Liang Liang is still upset about her goldfish. She explains that Shan Shan has a long history with her family. Her great great great grandfather used to keep Shan Shan’s grandmother. Every time there is a baby fish they would only keep one, and they are always named Shan Shan, with the surname Cheng. She also watched Shan Shan’s birth when she was in primary school so they grew up together. When she had to move to Taipei for work, her parents say she should take Shan Shan so she will always have a family member with her.


Qi Yi of course overhears this conversation and reflects on the words he said…

Outside one of the hotel rooms, Liang Liang notices Po Ge ringing the doorbell of Shi Cui Xia’s room. Po Ge asks Liang Liang whether she had seen their colleague, but they were interrupted…


Shi Cui Xia is also walking along the corridor while talking on the phone with her mother. Turns out her mother is a gambler and is asking her for money. Not exactly a conversation you want anyone to overhear, but after she finishes her call she sees Liang Liang and Po Ge anyway…


Liang Liang offers to help, but Shi Cui Xia has too much pride to accept it. She just makes an excuse to go back into her room.


Outside the hotel, Dean asks Kate what’s wrong. Kate opens up to him about her troubles… Dean notices Alex is watching them from a distance so he decides to put his arms around Kate just to stir Alex up. Alex gets angry and Dean punches him in the stomach. Kate gets all protective and takes him back to his room. On the way, Alex gives Dean a thumbs up… it was all part of their plan so Kate won’t be mad anymore!

Liang Liang bumps into Kate and Alex and wonders what’s going on. She rushes outside to ask Dean. Of course he explains that was just a ploy…


Qi Yi overhears Liang Liang and Dean talking about fighting against the romance ban and is not impressed. He decides to just rock up and sit between them. He starts talking about work…


Dean then asks Qi Yi whether he’s hungry, as he didn’t eat dinner. Qi Yi denies it, but his stomach starts growling. When Dean and Liang Liang ask whether they should go outside and eat together, Qi Yi doesn’t want them around. As Liang Liang is walking away, she looks back at Qi Yi… she still cares about him. 🙂


Liang Liang goes to the kitchen to look for some food…


Qi Yi is back in his room trying to do some work, but all he can think about is Dean and Liang Liang being chummy together. He is totally jealous lol. But his thoughts are interrupted by a doorbell, it’s Liang Liang who just throws him a loaf of bread. Qi Yi is smiling again, even though it’s just a slice of bread he’s eating!

In the girls’ room, Kate tries to console Liang Liang saying maybe it’s time she forgives Qi Yi since it was an accident. Plus Princess found out from Brother Buzz that Qi Yi called him when Shan Shan was dying and even tried to give it CPR. Knowing he is allergic to seafood, Liang Liang realises Qi Yi didn’t have to do all of those things. Based on his personality he could’ve just been straight with her but instead, he was trying to make her feel better. She forgives him…


The next morning, Liang Liang wakes up early to talk to Qi Yi privately to apologise.  Qi Yi also ‘apologised’ saying he doesn’t have experience treating pets as family members. He didn’t say the word ‘sorry’, but he suggests once they go back, they can hold a proper funeral for Shan Shan.


As they were talking a bee flies past. Qi Yi is a bit weary since he’s allergic to that as well! He was stung by a bee when he was a child and ended up in hospital. Liang Liang writes it down so she remembers! She also gives him a sandwich she bought since he probably hasn’t eaten yet…

The group activity today is a treasure hunt. Everyone is split into pairs (randomly) to find something hidden in the forest. Qi Yi is teamed up with Princess while Liang Liang is teamed up with Dean.


When Princess and Liang Liang cross paths they were very happy to see each other. Dean suggests the two teams should work together.


Fairly randomly, Liang Liang hurts her leg just walking along the path? Dean helps her while Qi Yi looks on, seemingly jealous? Qi Yi says he doesn’t want to be a part of this game anymore and starts going back. Liang Liang tries to convince him to stay but they end up bickering again…


Elsewhere in the forest, Po Ge finds the opportunity to declare his feelings for Shi Cui Xia. But she explains she only loves going out with rich men, and turns him down…


Liang Liang walks by a tree with a bees’ nest up high, she remembers what Qi Yi told her before and suddenly decides he’s in danger and goes off to find him, leaving Dean and Princess behind.


Qi Yi is by a river (? or creek?) trying to fill up his water bottle. However, his handkerchief fell into the water. He reaches out for it but it drifts away. He leaves…


In a case of great timing, Liang Liang also arrives at the river looking for Qi Yi. She sees his handkerchief floating on the water. Assuming he is in danger she just dives in. But she couldn’t find him, and she can’t swim! So she screams for help…


Qi Yi can hear her screams from a distance and starts rushing back to the river. Of course he would come to the rescue! (Sorry, this plotline is just a bit silly isn’t it?) He performs CPR on her… and guess what, she’s ok!



Episode 7 was a bit silly but enjoyable enough. I liked the growing relationship between Qi Yi and Liang Liang. However, for this drama to move forward (I’m guessing we should be about half way now?) there should be a bigger obstacle for our couple to overcome? I’m not sure what Dean is thinking – sometimes I think his actions are actually helping Qi Yi, but he keeps saying he wants to chase Liang Liang. Is that all trash talk? What has Dean actually done to win over Liang Liang? Not much I’d say!


Also, in the ending video it indicated there would be a second female lead / supporting character that will come between Qi Yi and Liang Liang. But she hasn’t appeared yet? What’s going on there?


In past recaps I have mentioned how I liked that Qi Yi actually takes his work seriously, unlike some of his colleagues. Yes the romance ban is a bit extreme but at the same time, I don’t think holding a proposal / engagement party (ie episode 1) during work time is all that appropriate either? But in this episode Dean brings up a good point, even though Qi Yi is a very productive, efficient worker but he’s not a great leader. That’s definitely an area he needs to work on, ‘lighten up’ a little so to speak. I hope in future episodes we will get to the point where the other workers buy him a toy animal too loool, then he can have a lion on his desk? That would be cute!





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