Weekly Roundup No.1 – 11 August 2013

Ever since I went back to using a RSS reader regularly, the first thing I open whenever I go online is Feedly. In case anyone is wondering a RSS reader allows you to subscribe to ‘feeds’ – most blogs have them, so I know right away if someone has updated without visiting each site individually. So whenever I come across some news / review / interesting article etc I marked them for later… but a lot of times they never make it to the blog because there simply is not enough hours in the day for me to work / sleep / watch dramas / blog / have a real life.


There is where this post comes in. I’m hoping to do this weekly, to consolidate everything I watched during the week. I think I really need to have strong feelings about a drama to write an extended post about it, so everything else belongs here. This includes news I might have bookmarked but didn’t write about it for whatever reason. Also included will be some personal stuff lol, because well, no reason, just because.



Dragon Gate Ep 3 –  after the high of episode 2 I was really looking forward to this, even woke up early on Saturday morning to watch it! But alas, it’s not bad per se, it just wasn’t that exciting. Also, they’re breaking down Tammy’s Jin Xiang Yu character way too quickly. Suddenly she’s like a damsel in distress. They need to bring back all her spunk with Xiao Dao. Planning to write a post about ep 1-3, I hope to do it this week?


Just You Ep 7 – this is already in the recap but I don’t really have strong feelings about this drama at the moment. It’s cute and all, at least it’s not as annoying as previous episodes.


Love Around Ep 9 – I actually enjoyed episode 8 and thought *finally* this drama is going somewhere. But no, episode 9 was boring as. I wonder what else they can fill up with for the rest of the episodes? Highlight though, George dressed up like Harry Potter? LOL.

Love SOS Ep 9 – this drama has officially been relegated to background noise. I play it on TV but 80% of the time my eyes are on the computer. Why am I watching this again? I do like the theme & ending theme songs though. Will upload the ending song to the Themesongs page since I finally found the official version!


The Story of Mulan Ep 11 – yes I only watched ONE episode this week. I wanted to write up a post first before continuing but this is a lot slower than I anticipated. Haven’t even started writing yet. >< May just post a set of episodic summary this week so at least I can continue watching. I kinda miss it now.


Triumph in the Skies II Ep 7 – 9 – I am watching this VERY SLOWLY. Do not like Fala’s character. Also I feel like I haven’t watched Ron in a very long time and he has improved with his ‘lazy’ Cantonese pronunciations. But his English is hilarious though. I don’t know, there’re so many characters in this drama I’m finding it hard to ‘get to know’ each of them. Feeling a bit detached from it if you know what I mean.


Hornblower: The Examination for Lieutenant – this is my favourite drama at the moment and it’s totally outside the scope of this blog. Great production values, interesting storylines, men in uniform, British accents, Ioan Gruffudd’s bone structure… seriously, this is a drama I had been planning to watch since what, 1999 and finally I’m watching it because it’s on TV. I look forward to Thursday nights now because of this!


Law and Order UK: Fatherly Love – I’m a bit of a Law & Order nerd. Seriously. I’m quite fond of the UK version because of the accents of course. However, the main problem is all of the UK version’s storylines are adaptations of the original US versions… and I have seen the original episodes they adapted from. Some more than once because they always get repeated on TV. This episode was rather dull I must say. Series 7 is not as good previous series I’m afraid…



100% Entertainment: Gillian Chung Fans Club (2 August 2013) – This was the first time I’ve seen William as a host. Hrm… he’s ok I suppose, I had grown to like Butterfly so I guess it takes time to accept. Out of all the 100% Entertainment segments Fans Club is my favourite (regardless of the guest) because the idols get to play games with their fans, and through their interactions, you can tell what kind of ‘idol’ they are. Gillian… hrmm… it’s like she keeps a distance with them even if the fan is female. (I understand if she doesn’t want to hug a male fan, but even female fans?) She just doesn’t come across as particularly friendly?


But seeing Alien and William try to speak Cantonese is HILARIOUS.



Technically this is not from this week but Dylan Kuo is in a new microfilm where he plays a doctor!  When I saw these pictures my first thought was 唐啟修!!! (That’s Tang Qi Xiu – the character he played in White Robe of Love btw) ARGH memories. The female lead in that microfilm is Irene Ko – nope, never heard of her, she’s a model apparently. No release date for this, just have to keep an eye out for it.

Bolin Chen has a new ad for Sony Xperia Z Ultra, him and the little girl are super adorable in it!


The cast of Dragon Gate filmed an interview with SS Xiao Yan Night! In the news it just mentioned Sunny, Alice and Tammy… er, I hope Melvin was included? It should air this week?



GIFset: Xiang Yu / Xiao Dao – this part of me is dead… (this is my favourite scene from Dragon Gate episode 2!)

GIFset: Xiang Yu / Xiao Dao – I can give you everything I have, my body, my heart…

GIFset: Zhou Zhen from Love Around – kicking ass

GIFset: Bolin Chen being all adorbs in the Sony Xperia Z Ultra ad


hmmm that’s probably more giffing than I normally would.



I have three songs in my head right now.

1. 不負如來不負卿 (Bu Fu Ru Lai Bu Fu Qing) by Raymond Lam – This is the theme song to his upcoming drama Loved in the Purple / The Purple Hairpin! I don’t even know what the title actually means but this type of song is right up his alley. Actually looking forward to this drama now!


2. 好的情人 (A Good Lover) by Yen-J – yes I love drama songs! This is the ending theme to Dragon Gate. Originally I thought this doesn’t really match the mood of the drama but I think it’s hinting at all the relationship entanglements that is coming up.


3. 謝謝寂寞 (Thanks Lonely) by Melvin Sia – Xiao Dao!!! This is a single he released back in 2011 and the microfilm this MV is from is really sad. OK, so he may not be a great singer, but he does a solid job and I quite like the melody.


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  1. heisui Avatar

    I LOVE YOUR XIAO DAO/XIANG YU GIF’S. *W* I especially like the one when she says she doesn’t feel anything for anyone. Makes me wonder why she is falling head over heels for Huai An in episode 3. T___T”” I am so bitter over that.

    1. kat Avatar

      That was my favourite scene!! The way he’s looking at her when she puts her hand on his heart… the way she’s looking at him when she claims she doesn’t feel anything for anyone. >< I join in the bitterness~~

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