Just You Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 begins with a lot of cute, shippy scenes! After Qi Yi rescues Liang Liang from the water, he piggybacks her… this part I’m slightly confused because they’re not back in the hotel? (Since all their colleagues went looking for them…) But they’re in this run down kind of building where Qi Yi begins to take care of Liang Liang – including… changing her clothes!? :O Making soup for her… and other general fussing. When Liang Liang is cold, he holds her tightly…


(They played Aaron’s ending theme during this part! Awww I want the full version of this song!!!)

All of the other employees are wondering where they are… Dean in particular, is more worried than the others.


The next morning, Qi Yi piggybacks Liang Liang again. They finally get back home…


At home, Qi Yi is making soup while Kate and Princess look on. The girls plan to stay and look after Liang Liang, but suddenly Dean appears and offers his help as well. Qi Yi gets all defensive about Dean appearing and they bicker. Kate and Princess watch them with amusement. They realise Qi Yi is starting to fight for Liang Liang because of Dean, so they left.


Upstairs outside Liang Liang’s room, Dean and Qi Yi fights again. Qi Yi wants Dean to leave. Dean asks him why he cares about Liang Liang so much, Qi Yi just coldly replies it’s because he doesn’t want her to have too many days away from work. Liang Liang heard this and is a little disappointed. She comes out of her room and asks Dean to leave, since she wants to get well quickly.

Liang Liang goes to the kitchen and wants to make some soup. She wants to make the one her mother always make when she’s sick because after she drinks it, she’ll get better quicker. But Qi Yi makes her sit down, because he had already made it as he called her mum to ask for the recipe!


Later that night, Qi Yi takes a box to Liang Liang’s room. He opens the box and tells her, her family is here. It’s the goldfish he bought before…


Liang Liang: This mister is not my family, Shan Shan is my family.

Qi Yi: This fish… this mister… he’s very sorry. Before he was pretending to be your family. But that’s because he really wants a family. So he hopes you can accept him. Since he apologised, as humans, shouldn’t we open our hearts?

Liang Liang: Boss, I’m the one with the fever. How come you’re so strange?


He then tells her the fish’s name is Ming Ming (which matches with Liang Liang’s name to mean… brightness?) omg this is so corny. Liang Liang takes the fish back to her room so they can ‘get to know each other’.


She receives a phone call from the pet shop owner – Lin Yo Wei asking her whether she has met the new member of the family! After the call Liang Liang decides to go to the pet shop, since this is the first time she has a male fish, she wants to make sure he has everything he needs. Qi Yi fusses over Liang Liang again since he doesn’t want her going out. Liang Liang insists, so he drives her there.


At the pet store, Lin Yo Wei helps Liang Liang pick some fish food for Ming Ming… and comments what he did before must’ve worked!? He tells Liang Liang what happened when Qi Yi went to the store last time. Qi Yi said he was Liang Liang’s  boyfriend… so Yo Wei deliberately picked a fish that she will know straight away that it’s not Shan Shan. So she will know Qi Yi really cares for her…


On the way back in the car, Liang Liang says she feels a bit hot and Qi Yi checks her temperature…  gosh these two are like a couple already, but are not yet. HAHA.


The next morning Liang Liang is getting ready for work. Qi Yi asks shouldn’t she take the day off? But Liang Liang insists she’s ok as she cycles to work. Qi Yi is still worried so he drives slowly, following her. On the way, Liang Liang feels unwell and faints… of course our hero Qi Yi is there to catch her! He takes her to the hospital…


Qi Yi: You only know how to take care of Ming Ming, and don’t take care of yourself. Then let me take care of you…


Back in the office, another romance is brewing between two of the co-workers… (the young admin girl aka innocent sheep and the guy who has quite a high opinion of himself aka the bull!)


At Qi Yi’s office, Dean knocks on the door…


Dean: Where’s my Liang Liang?

Qi Yi: Who said she’s yours?


Dean then speaks in Japanese – just because Liang Liang is living with him doesn’t mean she’s his. Shi Cui Xia heard this (since she knows Japanese) and is shocked. But she doesn’t tell anyone else, yet.


In the office kitchen, Qi Yi is making minestrone soup, just like what his mum did when he was young. (Can I say the little kid who plays young Qi Yi is super cute?) The other Gaze employees look on and wonders what’s wrong with their boss, saying he’s smiling sweetly, like someone in love.

At the hospital Liang Liang is ready to be discharged. Dean visits her and suggests they can eat a large meal together. When Liang Liang wants to ask Qi Yi as well, Dean objects so they didn’t invite him…


They bump into each other (this is at their work building?) when Liang Liang tells Qi Yi Dean took her to eat a large meal. Of course Qi Yi has a go at Dean for letting a sick person out and about but Liang Liang insists she’s okay now. She even gets Qi Yi to check her temperature. Dean notices Qi Yi has a thermos container in his hand, asking him if it’s soup he prepared for Liang Liang? Liang Liang is happy to hear this but Qi Yi denies it and walks away.


Back in the office, Kate and Liang Liang are chatting while Shi Cui Xia suddenly appears behind them and asks, “You’re living with our boss?” Without thinking, Liang Liang just said yes.  She tries to explain if anyone in the office knows, she’ll be fired and have to find a new home. However, Shi Cui Xia wants some time to think about how she can best utilise this knowledge…


At her desk, Shi Cui Xia is sweet talking the colleague who likes her – Po Ge. Eventually, she reveals a ‘secret’ to him, but we don’t know what that ‘secret’ is…


A reporter is in Qi Yi’s office interviewing him. Liang Liang and Kate are watching outside. Dean arrives and deliberately leans close to Liang Liang to talk to her.

Qi Yi sees this through the window, and wonders what they’re talking about. He keeps losing his concentration and had to go outside and tell them all to get back to work.

As Liang Liang is walking away, she thought about ‘Operation Lion Hunt’ (out loud!) and remembers the rule where she should always praise him. So she tells Qi Yi he looks really handsome today. Qi Yi heard ‘Operation Lion Hunt’ and wonders what it is…


Later on, Liang Liang gives the draft proposal to Qi Yi. She wanted to discuss about it but he says he’s busy. He can’t help himself though, but to ask what Dean and her were talking about earlier. Liang Liang says it’s about his birthday next week. They want to plan a party for him to get to know him. Qi Yi tells her to forget about it, he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday.


Dean informs Liang Liang he booked Brother Buzz’s cafe to hold Qi Yi’s birthday party. But Liang Liang tells him the bad news. Dean just says leave it up to him…


One of the employees Lai En (the bull) pulls Mie Mie (the sheep) aside and tries to… declare his love for her? But he does it in a rather annoying, condescending way though so of course she rejected him.

Liang Liang, Dean and Kate overhears their conversation while Qi Yi just happened to walk past as well. They were all expecting some nasty consequences because of the romance ban, but surprisingly Qi Yi doesn’t say anything and walks away.

Back at her desk, Liang Liang is writing a card for Qi Yi. Kate quizzes her and wonders whether ‘Operation Lion Hunt’ has Liang Liang falling into the trap instead. Liang Liang thinks beneath Qi Yi’s cold exterior, he just had a troubled history so he doesn’t want anyone get close to him…


Liang Liang tries to think of a way to give the card to him, but she doesn’t want to hand it to him. So she’s walking back and forth outside his office waiting for a chance. Qi Yi wonders what’s going on and tells her to go inside. Liang Liang hesitates, but eventually she tries to create a distraction by shouting “IRON MAN!” while pointing at the window… Qi Yi turns and looks so Liang Liang can quickly drop her card and run out.


Boss, if your past birthdays didn’t leave you a good impression, how about from this year, we celebrate with you so you’ll like your birthdays?


Dean visits Liang Liang at home hoping to ask her out to dinner, movie etc. She declines, and just as they are talking, Qi Yi comes home. When he sees Liang Liang doesn’t want to go with Dean, he tells Dean to leave…


Qi Yi: We don’t welcome outsiders here.


(See the “we” and the “outsiders”?) HAHA. After Dean left, Liang Liang asks if Qi Yi had dinner yet so they sit down to eat. Qi Yi tells Liang Liang Dean is chasing her, but she brushes it off saying that’s how he treat all the girls. She tries to ask him about the card, but he points out there’re incorrect words on the card… and doesn’t reveal anything else about what he feels.


Liang Liang calls Qi Yi’s father to invite him to the birthday party. Father Qi tells her it’s been a long time since he has celebrated Qi Yi’s birthday.


Before she goes to sleep, Liang Liang finds Qi Yi on the balcony. She tells him to go home earlier tomorrow because she has a surprise for him. He tries to object by saying she must’ve do anything stupid and she can’t drink! He asks her about ‘Operation Lion Hunt’ but she just dismisses it and changes the topic. She makes him promise to come home earlier tomorrow with some kind of pinky swear. (But it’s different where they touch the thumbs instead…) Sparks ignites between them…


Liang Liang is on her computer wondering what gift to buy Qi Yi. Finding it difficult to decide, she talks to Kate on the phone in her room. This probably wakes Qi Yi, as he goes to the kitchen making some warm milk. Liang Liang apologises for waking him but he offers her the milk instead of telling her off…

The next morning Qi Yi wakes up to breakfast prepared by Liang Liang. She wanted to thank him for the milk he gave her. As they’re eating, they both start to think they’re like a couple living together…


Father Qi calls Liang Liang wondering what gift he should buy for his son. Liang Liang suggests sneakers, since Qi Yi is always wearing formal shoes so it’s like he’s working all the time. They buy a pair together…


Back in the office Shi Cui Xia is late for work because she hurt her ankle. Po Ge works hard to win her over, telling her he can take care of her while she’s in the office. (Bringing her food, drinks etc…)


Po Ge goes into Qi Yi’s office asking if he can negotiate something. He’s not trying to threaten the boss, but just… wants to talk. Po Ge reveals he knows about him and Liang Liang living together and before he can talk further, Qi Yi flips out…


He calls Liang Liang into his office and starts to interrogate her, asking her who knew about their arrangement. She revealed that Shi Cui Xia knew. Since Dean always like to get himself involved in these things, he tries to persuade Qi Yi to lift the romance ban. Qi Yi of course doesn’t agree, fires Liang Liang and asks her to move out. Liang Liang is crying as she signs the form. Dean challenges Qi Yi about the real reason why there’s a romance ban, is it because of… her?




This episode started with so many pink fluffy bunnies it’s sad that it ended such a way. I wanted to see more jealous Qi Yi! It’s always a good laugh! Sometimes it feels like this drama is written by ten year olds (especially all the stuff about the new goldfish, Ming Ming?! Who thinks of these things!!!) but our OTP are so cute together I’m loving them more with each episode.


I’m glad finally we’ll be introduced to ‘the other woman’ in the next ep since Dean is getting slightly annoying. Hopefully we’ll know what happened in Qi Yi’s past. It feels like this drama can wrap up soon? (maybe in 3-4 eps?) I hope they don’t drag things out unnecessarily.





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  1. Cindy Avatar

    Thanks so much for the recap ^^

    Well, I hope the show don’t drag out too much either, but then, I’m so certain there will be this whole “They fell in love with each other, but then he found out that it was part of the plan and she gets upset” melo part….

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks for the comment! Ah yes with the ‘other woman’ coming in the picture Qi Yi probably then realises he actually loves Liang Liang, but then finds out about the Lion Hunt thing… *misunderstandings ensue* As long as they keep up a good pace, there is really only one way this drama can go so let’s just get to the point. Make some jokes on the way and the audience will be happy.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    The series has 20 episodes so there’s still a bunch left to go, so I’m thinking there will be a lot of different conflicts between Liang Liang and the other woman. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drag out too much!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah Dramafever wrote 20 eps but then Wikipedia wrote 16? I just hope with the good ratings so far they didn’t just decide to extend it for the sake of it. That is so annoying!

  3. elena Avatar

    enjoying reading your recap. thanks.

  4. char Avatar

    You’re so right that this drama sounds like it was written by ten year olds lol, it’s just getting ridiculous imo. And they keep having flashbacks to things that happened like five minutes ago?? In any case I’m watching it for the cute couple and characters, hahah.

    1. kat Avatar

      I agree~ why do writers/editors think the audience have such a poor memory? Sometimes it feels like they’re using it to kill time. The story is quite thin already and is riding a lot on the chemistry between the leads so I just wished they would make it short and sweet. But no, that will never happen since they have to milk it for all it’s worth.

  5. char Avatar

    Also I really like how Qiyi is like a different, softer character at night – with his fringe down and in less formal clothes.

  6. Kalyani Avatar

    Such a episode 8 when liang liang is sick she can go to office with him in his car why she has to ride a bick and he is there to catch her it is so abiviouse but it was good episode thanks for the recap

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