Weekly Roundup No.2 – 18 August 2013

Another week has flown past, I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! Just a note, I will be away at the end of next week so no roundup. I should be excited about this trip but I’m worried about my lack of preparation. ><



Dragon Gate Ep 4 – Confusion. I’m experiencing this a lot whenever I watch Dragon Gate. But instead of feeling frustrated I’m learning to just take everything as it happens and hopefully in the end, all the bits and pieces will fall into place. I am liking the Xiang Yu / Xiao Dao AND Mo Yu / Xiao Dao they threw in for episode 4 though! Yes, Xiao Dao is totally shippable with either female leads HAHA. As for Huai An, sadly Sunny’s acting is still a bit stiff so it’s hard to believe he’s such a kickass character. It’s going to be a big hurdle to convince the audience me Xiang Yu fell so in love with him so quickly even though she has had Xiao Dao by her side for all this time.

Le Jun Kai Eps 1 to 2 – After looking forward to this for months it’s finally here. Probably less shocking than I expected. More thoughts already included in this post.


Just You Ep 8 – I liked this episode a lot more than the previous few. Aaron Yan is growing on me and Puff Kuo is becoming less annoying. I am concerned Dramafever has listed this as 20 episodes (while Wikipedia has 16). We all know how this will end I just don’t want it to drag on and on. It’s rating well, which could mean the writers just want to add more episodes for the sake of it. GRR.


Love Around Ep 10 – Has the writer gone on vacation? This episode felt like an extended George/Annie fanvid. There’re fanfics written better than this. Yes Zhou Zhen is such a sweetiepie but it’s hard to concentrate because the plot is rather dull. Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan is turning out to be more interesting couple.


Love SOS Ep 10 – There are only three episodes left but I still don’t feel any deep connection between the OTP? Actually, is Daniel and Jian Man Shu really the OTP? I’m seeing more development between her and the 2nd lead Patrick Li. But that ‘I have feelings for her because she’s just like my dead ex-girlfriend’ is just too creepy for it to go anywhere. I really should’ve abandoned this long ago but yeah, I’m one of those people who don’t like dropping a series especially when there’re only a few eps to go. I’m sure Daniel can act better than this, judging from the reviews of Lanling Wang I’ve been reading.


The Story of Mulan Eps 12 to 13 – O.M.G. These two episodes definitely renewed my interest in this drama. We have another casualty and in the aftermath, Mulan stabs Mo Jiang with a knife. I was so shocked and didn’t see these two things coming at all. Mo Jiang has already admitted he likes Mulan AND even revealed he is from Rouran. I need to watch more!!!


Hornblower: The Duchess and The Devil – LOVE THIS. So much drama, so much bromance. I’m about to buy the DVD boxset because I can watch this… over and over.


Law and Order UK: Mortal – I think I liked this episode more than the previous ones because I had not seen the original. Plus there were personal information thrown in which is always welcomed.




SS Xiao Yan Night: Dragon Gate cast interview (14 August 2013) – It’s customary for the cast of CTV’s airing dramas to appear on Xiao Yan Jeh (sister)’s show so I have been really looking forward to this. Not only did they have all of the leads there (Sunny, Tammy, Melvin and Alice) each of them had their time to talk. I probably like Xiao Yan’s show better than say, Kangxi Lai Le even though she does tend to talk over her guests. Not this time though I’m glad. The first half of the show concentrated on what each of them were like when they were young (the baby photos were hilarious!) and the second half was like a tarot card reading segment, which had the guests revealing some things which (might be?) true about their current love lives!? This could be one of those interviews I can watch over and over… so much love for it!



Lanling Wang is everywhere! Not really news but hey, I’m glad it’s living up to the hype so far. Sad though everyone dubbed their own voices while George didn’t. Yeah, I know, his Mandarin has a pretty strong accent but that’s what makes him adorbs. Did Daniel dub his own voice I wonder?


Speaking of newly released dramas Loved in the Purple also started airing last week. Pretty low key so far because it’s airing on a ‘lesser known’ channel? Perhaps. I’m fairly certain Raymond/Michelle has a larger following than this. Or people are waiting for the Cantonese version, where RM dubbed their own voices. Actually, the guy who dubbed Raymond’s voice in the Mandarin version sounds A LOT like him. I thought it was him for a sec there.


Already posted this yesterday but Shining Days will air soon. A part of me is telling me not to watch it but of course Peter is drawing me in. >< Damn you handsome man.


In a piece of random news Leehom Wang signs with CAA – one of the top agencies in the US with the likes of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in their books. Sure that is good news, but when exactly is he going to release a new album? WHEN? The music world needs you Leehom!



Drama songs rule my world lol.


1. On My Way by Raymond Lam – One of the ending songs from Triumph in the Skies II. I probably like the theme to Loved in the Purple more but a good song nonetheless.


2. 叫醒愛 (Wake Up Love) by Peter Ho – I’ve been listening to this a lot.  Maybe I want to watch the drama a little more now because of this song.


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  1. heisui Avatar

    I learned to not question all of the confusing parts about Dragon Gate..in terms of the big conspiracy part. On the other hand…the LOVE SQUARE is making me such an avid fan AHAHA. And in the talk show..there’s a moment when Melvin sorta tears up! Aww. :'(

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHA yes it’s like the more I try to think about the conspiracy, or just when I think this guy must be the mastermind, I get confused again so I guess it’s best to enjoy the love square.

      Melvin on talk show was awww…. if it’s really true it’s like he’s also the 2nd lead in real life. :((( I love it though Alice knows about this, I think it was her voice which said whoever he’s thinking about is from Singapore? :O

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