Just You Episode 9 Recap

I know I keep repeating myself, but since I don’t expect people to read every post here – I’ll mention again next week’s recap will be late. I’m away until Wednesday so don’t expect anything until Friday (at least!). It’ll probably be more like Sunday… depending on how much time I need to recover! LOL.



So the ‘crisis’ at the end of the last episode is resolved fairly quickly. After Liang Liang signed on the resignation papers she left the office crying. Dean and the rest of the staff are trying to change Qi Yi’s mind, but he will hear none of it.


The staff starts to discuss how they can save Liang Liang when Shi Cui Xia reveals she found out not because Liang Liang told her, but because she overheard a conversation (in Japanese) between Qi Yi and Dean. Dean rushes to Qi Yi’s office, asking him why he’s angry. If he’s angry because Liang Liang told Shi Cui Xia of her living arrangement, then he should chase her back because that was not what happened.


After thinking it over, Qi Yi decides to find Liang Liang. She’s cycling home but accidentally fell. Qi Yi’s there to the rescue of course! She’s not going to let him off so easy though, and eventually he does apologise as he asks her to return to work… He carries (!) her back to his car and everything is back to normal again, for now!

Liang Liang reminds him of their pinky swear, but Qi Yi says he has lots to do because he went out to look for her. But he does promise he won’t do too much overtime. Elsewhere in the office, Liang Liang is looking for all the toy animals they have in storage. (leftovers from a promotion they did?) She decides to make something as a gift to Qi Yi…


Back at home, Father Qi arrives and cooks dinner. As Qi Yi comes home and sees the light outside his house, he’s reminded of what his mother said before – if the light is on, there’s someone at home waiting for you…


The three are having a good time eating dinner until Liang Liang asks Qi Yi why he doesn’t like birthdays. It was because when he was young, he had the same birthday wish every year – to grow up as quickly as possible so his mother will come back. But every year he’s disappointed, until age 20 when he finally realised his mother isn’t going to come back. That’s when he stopped celebrating his birthdays.


After dinner, Liang Liang wants to give Qi Yi his gift but Father Qi suggests they cut the cake first. Qi Yi makes this wish…


This year, I bought this house back and became the boss of Gaze. So I want to make a wish from my childhood. Before my birthday next year, I hope my mum will come back.


Liang Liang’s gift – is a lion. (It’s so cute!!) With wings! Representing his proud nature and that he can fly very high lol. Qi Yi’s dad gave him the running shoes… and he even gave a pair in the same style for Liang Liang. Not to be left out, he even bought a pair himself – three pairs! They’re totally a family now right? Qi Yi and Liang Liang starts to bicker, with Father Qi watching in amusement…


When Liang Liang is cleaning the bathroom, Father Qi mentions how cute and kind she is. Qi Yi actually agrees… but adding she can be annoying sometimes. As Liang Liang is scrubbing the bathroom, she starts murmuring how annoying Qi Yi is since he’s such a clean freak. But Father Qi mentions Qi Yi doesn’t seem annoyed at all? HAHAHA.


In her room, Liang Liang is looking at the graze she got when she fell of the bike. She takes the bandage off. Qi Yi knocks on the door and notices the bandage is off. He starts cleaning her wound and being all gentle about it, asking her whether it hurts or not.

The next day Qi Yi and Liang Liang take Father Qi home. As they say their goodbyes, Father Qi reminds his son if the three of them can really be a family, they will be very happy. *hint hint!*

At the office, Alex is reading the magazine with Qi Yi’s interview. He asks the boss whether he has anyone he likes, and comments there’s a type of love that can motivate and brighten the future, instead of distracting. Later on as Qi Yi walks past the noticeboard where the romance ban is posted, he ponders…


Qi Yi wasn’t planning to go to the birthday party the Gaze staff is holding for him, until Dean mentions he can ‘steal’ Liang Liang then. And what does Qi Yi do? He goes of course!


At the party Dean deliberately gave Qi Yi some alcohol, knowing that he can’t drink it. Alas, after just one  slurp Qi Yi collapses. It appears Qi Yi’s body cannot metabolise alcohol at all. Liang Liang rushes to the convenience store to buy him some medicine, but when she takes it off the shelf another woman puts her hand on the box at the same time. After some bickering, Liang Liang takes it because getting this medicine is very important for her, as she explains.


The woman from the convenience store (OK, it’s not a big secret she’s Qi Yi’s mother right?) sits outside looking deep in thought. I don’t know what Liang Liang was trying to do, I think she’s trying to find an excuse to leave the medicine there for the woman??? So she tries to create some distraction about watering a plant, but the plant ended up landing on the woman. Of course, the woman just got angrier at Liang Liang. Not a great first impression!


In the park, Mother Qi sits on a swing and takes out a piece of birthday cake with a candle. She sings happy birthday…


Back at the party, Dean and Liang Liang tries to carry Qi Yi back home, but Liang Liang couldn’t lift him. So she drinks alcohol? Because that’s when she has more energy? (Is this like Popeye and Spinach?) They drop Qi Yi on his bed, but all three of them end up passing out…

The next morning it’s just Qi Yi and Liang Liang on the bed…? (Dean must’ve fell off to the side) When Qi Yi wakes up he sees Liang Liang beside him and doesn’t resist it. Instead he just rests his hand on her head enjoying the moment until… Dean wakes up and spoils it!

At the office lobby Qi Yi and Liang Liang are waiting for the lift. He asks why Dean ended up at their house, and why Liang Liang was on his bed. LOL. It’s a pretty awkward conversation and another staff member Lai En overheard and smiles to himself. Liang Liang also bought breakfast for Qi Yi. He reaches out to just… brushes her hair back, for no reason haha, well, that’s what people in love do right?

Alex and Po Ge are beside the noticeboard wondering when the romance ban can be taken down. Qi Yi asks why they’re standing there and Lai En joins the conversation as well. They’re all giving hints to Qi Yi, saying how cute Liang Liang is, but Qi Yi doesn’t back down so easily!


Qi Yi’s sitting in his office trying to do some work, but he looks at the breakfast Liang Liang bought him and starts daydreaming. Liang Liang comes in and gives him a proposal, and reminds him to eat. Normally, Qi Yi would be telling her to stop being so loud and annoying but this time, he actually tells her in a gentle voice that he has work to do and she should leave…


Qi Yi walks past the noticeboard and fixes the romance ban since it wasn’t sticking on properly. Dean asks why he’s insisting on the ban, and Qi Yi explains (again) he doesn’t want anyone distracted.


Dean: Being distracted could be a good thing, maybe it’s a positive distraction. You’re different than before, many things could’ve changed.


Qi Yi: Don’t mention the old me.



We then see a woman opening an old email from Qi Yi. The email just said – “Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” She types a reply…


The woman is getting ready to go out. She looks at a magazine on her desk and smiles. The magazine has Qi Yi on the cover.


Turns out her uncle is the supermarket’s director. She meets with him and he tells her to work for him. She suggests she wants to be the bridge between Gaze and the supermarket and work at Gaze’s office. The director agrees.


Back at his desk, Qi Yi is eating the lunch Liang Liang prepared for him. The attached cartoon is so cute! He’s so lucky since she made him sushi!


He gets a new email notification and is shocked. The email from Ding Jia Yu says… “Because I love you.


For the rest of the day Qi Yi pretty much sat at his desk staring into nothing. He didn’t even take notice when the supermarket director called him to invite him to dinner that night, because he wants to introduce him to a new employee.


Dean was also invited to go to dinner and when he asks who is the new person going to be working at Gaze, he finds out it’s Ding Jia Yu.


At the dinner, Liang Liang is happy to see the director but Qi Yi of course is shocked as he sees Ding Jia Yu again…


Finally ‘the other woman’ is introduced! I always thought Dean hasn’t really been a ‘rival’ to Qi Yi at all, a lot of times I feel he’s actually helping Qi Yi and not really trying to ‘steal’ Liang Liang. Dean’s just using Qi Yi’s pride to get him to admit his feelings for Liang Liang. Looks like Ding Jia Yu will be determined to get Qi Yi back, and framing Liang Liang in the process. Damn, I was just starting to enjoy all the cute moments between our OTP. Qi Yi has been so sweet and gentle around Liang Liang lately, I want to see more of that.


Aaron and Puff are such a cute pair, just thought I’d include this pic from a promotion function that was held last weekend. ^^






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  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) Avatar

    thanks …next episode please

  2. dramacafe Avatar

    Nice recap! The episodes just get better don’t they? I love Dean, he’s a different type of 2nd male lead that’s adorable and not annoying at all. With regards to the OTP, I think Aaron sells it better because his character is so conflicted with what he’s been through versus that feeling that’s creeping slowly in his heart.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah! I’m loving how protective Qi Yi gets over Liang Liang, and Dean is definitely not the ‘typical’ 2nd male lead. I only saw a parts of ep 10 but it’s like he’s genuinely helping Qi Yi and ‘protecting’ him from his ex the evil one lol.

  3. Dr. Dre Avatar

    Qi yi and Dean remind me of Kim Joo-won and Oska from Secret Garden with their friendship. Dean always has his back and knows how to press his buttons.

    1. Jan Avatar

      You’re so right! thanks for the insight!

  4. MariD Avatar

    I’m soo sad! I was loving this drama. But now that evil ex has comeback I’m not looking forwards to the angst that will follow. The opt is just so dang cute, I would had been completely ok with them just being adorable, and Dean making them feel awkward every episode.

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAA yeah, I wouldn’t mind either if this just ended at say, episode 11 LOL. Get together, show some cute scenes, the end. But no, we have to go through all the motions with the evil ex… just hope they don’t extend it even more with unnecessary stuff because of its good ratings.

    2. PuffXAaron Avatar

      haha your comment made me laugh! I wouldn’t mind if that happened either 😛

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