Bolin Chen and Ivy Chen’s new movie Campus Confidential releases new stills and hilarious first trailer

A couple of weeks ago we got a first look at the official stills from Taiwanese movie “Campus Confidential 愛情無全順” starring Bolin Chen and Ivy Chen. Previously named 校園愛情奇潭, it tells the story of university nerd / otaku Wu Quan Shun (Bolin Chen) who rescues the most desired girl on campus Liang Xiao Qi (Ivy Chen) when she accidentally fell into the dried up Chrysanthemum lake. Legend has it if two people meet at the lake when it’s dry, they are destined to fall in love.


I previously posted a more detailed story outline here.

The first trailer concentrating on Bolin’s character Wu Quan Shun (loosely translated to mean – not everything goes smoothly) was released yesterday. It is HILARIOUS! I cannot stop laughing especially the ending part!! If you remember Bolin from his Li Da Ren days, then he’s pretty unrecognisable here.



Funny thing was, when they filmed the scene with the ‘tent’ (last part of the trailer), the director, producer and the actors discussed for a long time how it should be filmed. They tried using similar shaped figures but it didn’t achieve the desired effects. So they even tried using adult toys LOL! That still didn’t work – until Bolin suggested he should use his hand instead HAHAHA.


Bolin: Everyone thinks I needed to communicate with Ivy first about this scene, but we know each other very well already. We’re so familiar with each other we won’t even feel embarrassed. We didn’t need to talk about it at all, it’s more natural that way. But the ‘tent’ part we discussed more in depth, since all the props didn’t quite look the way we wanted. So I suggested using my hand would be more straight forward, it’s really no big deal.


In the beginning I was afraid I couldn’t play this role, that I might not be able to capture the feeling of this character. But the director and producer both believed in me. So I can’t let them down, I must give it my best and play this character well.


Producer: Bolin is a very serious and talented actor. I’ve always thought this role suited him because he’s brave enough to try different things. So I have confidence in him his role will be an eye opener for everyone. You will definitely forget he’s Bolin Chen.


Campus Confidential will be released on the 6th December. 


Source: Vie Vision Official Blog






7 responses to “Bolin Chen and Ivy Chen’s new movie Campus Confidential releases new stills and hilarious first trailer”

  1. heisui Avatar

    AHAHA the trailer is so funny! I think this movie will be a lot of fun! Definitely looking forward to seeing Bolin in this!

    1. kat Avatar

      YES!! It’s so stereotypical, but Bolin looks so so different in this he actually looked scary when doing that ‘kiss’ thing LOLOLOL. Now I wonder how a girl like her will fall in love with him!

  2. Kelvin Avatar

    where can download it?

    1. kat Avatar

      Probably have to wait for the DVD or when it’s released in Mainland China?

      1. Kelvin Avatar

        okay thanks

  3. thadzone Avatar

    I already watched this.. 🙂

  4. zayn 'c Avatar

    where can download it?

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