Just You Episode 10 Recap

Sorry for the major delay of this recap!! >< I had so much hopes to get my ‘blogging groove’ again last week but it just never happened. I might keep this recap short and sweet just to get back to the swing of things?


The start of episode 10 offers some insight into the backstory between Qi Yi and Jia Yu. Qi Yi proposed to Jia Yu three years ago…


Qi Yi: I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world, working in this great company, and then finding someone I love where I work.


Back in present day, Qi Yi says he wants to think about Jia Yu working at Gaze. Qi Yi is having a moment in the men’s toilets while Dean goes in to  talk to him.


Dean: Haven’t you let it go already?

Qi Yi: I thought so. I thought I’ve let it go.

Dean: You thought?

Qi Yi: Three years. I’ve used three years. I’ve tried to forget her everyday.

Dean: So why do you care so much? Or now that you’ve seen her, you realised you still like her?

When the guys are at the bathroom, Jia Yu says explains to the Director and Liang Liang that three years ago there was a misunderstanding between her and Qi Yi. Liang Liang asks her what it is but Jia Yu doesn’t give any details.


Then Qi Yi asks for a day to consider whether Jia Yu can work at Gaze.


After dinner, Qi Yi tells Liang Liang to go home first while he goes to Buzz’s cafe to talk. Qi Yi explains Jia Yu didn’t leave without a reason. She went to the USA with someone called Jerry. Buzz advises if he still have feelings for Jia Yu, then he shouldn’t let her be at Gaze. If he has let it go already, then he shouldn’t feel anything when working with her.


Outside his own house, Qi Yi starts thinking about Liang Liang and picks up the rose petals that had fallen. He calls the Director. Jia Yu is going to work at Gaze starting tomorrow.


At the lobby while waiting for the lift, Jia Yu tries to explain and asks him whether he received the letter. But he brushes her off by saying they should only talk about work.

In private, Dean asks Jia Yu why she’s really here. She tries  to give him the ‘official’ reason, how she’s helping her uncle etc but Dean doesn’t believe her.


Dean: Don’t you think you owe Qi Yi an apology?

Jia Yu: This has nothing to do with you.

Dean: Regardless, I think you’re here because of Qi Yi. I hope you’ll remember I’ll always be here.

Jia Yu: How is this related to you?

Dean: Qi Yi likes Liang Liang, I also like Liang Liang. I hope you being here doesn’t cause harm to Liang Liang.


Dean also goes on to tell her Qi Yi is living with Liang Liang, Jia Yu is shocked.

In a meeting, Jia Yu asks Liang Liang whether she can stay late to discuss some proposal matters. At 7:30pm, Kate is planning to leave with Liang Liang. But Jia Yu suddenly appears and wants to talk about the proposal.  They keep discussing until after 8 while Kate is still waiting. So Liang Liang asks Kate to leave first. When they’re alone, Jia Yu starts asking about how Liang Liang and Qi Yi are living together… she tries to gain information from Liang Liang, asking whether she likes Qi Yi or not.


As Liang Liang leaves, she goes to Qi Yi’s office and they start discussing what to cook for dinner. Qi Yi gives her instructions on how he doesn’t want the vegetables to be too oily, the tofu not too spicy and more importantly, he doesn’t want strangers in THEIR home. (This is hilarious.)


Jia Yu goes to Qi Yi’s office to talk but it turned into a confrontation.


Jia Yu: Why did you let me enter this company?

Qi Yi: Because I don’t let love affect my work. Because romance is banned in this office. And more importantly because everyday for the past 3 years I have tried to forget you.


Notice how she never explained what happened? Did she even apologise? I don’t see one!


*Flashback* The day after he proposed, Qi Yi is waiting for her at a restaurant but she never turned up. Dean searched for her as well but he tells Qi Yi she already moved out of her house.


In the few months afterwards, Qi Yi can’t concentrate on his work and his employer can no longer take it. So they reallocated his work to other people and asks him to take some holidays. *End of flashback*


When Qi Yi arrives home, he finds that instead of following his instructions, Liang Liang has made the theme of the night ‘oily and spicy’. Since he hasn’t eaten much the past few days, she guarantees he’ll get his appetite back after eating all the spicy food.


Qi Yi: Cheng Liang Liang, do you want to kill me?

On the other hand, Jia Yu is determined to make Qi Yi fall in love with her again…


Next day at work, the office receives a delivery. Jia Yu bought a cake for afternoon tea. Kate thinks something is not right. Why would Jia Yu try to win everyone’s hearts? Liang Liang reckons her friend is overthinking it…


In a meeting, Qi Yi gives Liang Liang instructions on what to do with a proposal (iGood). Jia Yu needs to check it before it gets delivered and Liang Liang needs to make sure the proposal agreement page is included, otherwise the whole proposal is worthless.


At the end of the day just as Liang Liang is leaving with Kate, Jia Yu makes Liang Liang stays until late again. Dean notices this and stays behind with them.

In his office, Qi Yi is discussing a work trip to Shanghai he’s taking with Alex. After work, Alex meets Kate and promises he’ll talk to their boss about the romance ban during the trip.


After keeping Liang Liang at work for FOUR hours, Liang Liang falls asleep. Dean tells Jia Yu to let Liang Liang go. She has the notes and can work from home to make the changes required.


At home, Qi Yi is worried about Liang Liang and leaves her a note on the cupid statue. “Worked overtime until so late? Supper is in the refrigerator.”


The next morning, Qi Yi finds Liang Liang asleep in the kitchen. He puts a jacket over her, changes her alarm so she doesn’t have to get up so early and even made breakfast for her. *SWEEEEEET!*

Dean checks over Liang Liang’s iGood proposal and gives her the ok. Jia Yu has to check over it as well before handing it to Qi Yi for a final look. However, before he could finish going through it, Liang Liang has to deliver it to iGood before the deadline.


Qi Yi is packing for his overseas trip. Liang Liang makes a comment about how he’s obsessed with everything being so neat, wouldn’t it get all messed up anyway? He disagrees, claiming it gives him the opportunity to check whether he packed everything. He reminds her of all the things she must continue to follow (eg. no strangers in their house, can’t be late for work etc etc). SO CUTE THESE TWO!!!


The next day Qi Yi receives a phone call from iGood. Something’s wrong with the proposal. The final page is missing. iGood refuses to work with Gaze. Although the director from the supermarket is not angry at Liang Liang, Gaze still has to bear the loss for this missed opportunity.


Liang Liang has to take some unpaid leave for now. In a week’s time, they will decide what to do. Qi Yi believes Liang Liang, and wants to use this chance to find some evidence that she is innocent. He asks Dean for his help…


At Princess’ place, the girls are trying to cheer Liang Liang up. Kate observes that Qi Yi likes Liang Liang, but Jia Yu hates her. Liang Liang wants to return home although the girls try to convince her otherwise.


Qi Yi is at home waiting for Liang Liang to return. As she comes in, he tells her she’s late (since she has a 9pm curfew) and that Ming Ming hasn’t been fed. She’s packing to return home. She sneaks into Qi Yi’s room and puts the lion toy in his suitcase.

Next morning Liang Liang leaves to go back home…



ARGH so the annoying ex-girlfriend is being full on evil. Yes we saw it coming but still… at least I’m really loving DEAN in this episode. If this isn’t a Taiwanese drama (since TV seems to be fairly conservative there) I would be thinking Dean actually has the hots for.. QI YI!!!! Liang Liang is just a cover LOL.


Just look at how Dean had been watching over and helping Qi Yi in the flashbacks. Even before they were ‘love rivals’ Dean was always there for Qi Yi. And now, Qi Yi trusts Dean to investigate the iGood incident. Although I’m not sure why Dean doesn’t just tell Qi Yi what he really thinks – Jia Yu did it!!


I guess we have the obligatory ‘separation period’ in the next episode. I think Just You would be great if it’s around 13 episodes (15 max), and I’m still hoping Wikipedia is right since it’s listed as 16 episodes there!





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