Weekly Roundup No. 4 – 22 September 2013

I think I’m feeling a bit depressed this week, reaching some sort of lull and not very motivated to drama watching. >< I kinda want to rewatch ‘In Time with You’ – but I know it’s going to make even more emo so I’m refraining myself. Maybe a comedy is what I need. A nice rom-com. So yeah, this week’s roundup will be short!



Dragon Gate Ep 8 – Actually paid attention this episode. I think the story is finally becoming clearer which is a good thing but I don’t know if a lot of people would’ve stuck with it for this long. Xiao San / Ai Xin continues to be adorable which overshadows all the other ships right now. Yes, fellow Dragon Gate-er Heisui is right, it’s getting really tiring seeing Jin Xiang Yu save Zhou Huai An every single episode. I see that it happens in episode 9 as well. Enough of that already!


Just You – well this is embarrassing. I wrote some notes for the episode 11 recap LAST SUNDAY and I have not touched it for a whole week, which is why I haven’t continued watching. I just don’t want it to get away from me!


Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho (血液型別オンナが結婚する方法) – O Blood Type – I have already written a post about this. Given my efficiency can you tell I loved it a lot?


Loved in the Purple / The Purple Hairpin Eps 3 to 6 – Slowly progressing through this. I think I’m finally getting a grasp of the relationships / what is happening but I don’t know whether it was TVB who edited it weirdly, or the original drama was like this because it feels like some parts are missing from the narrative. Of course I have a plan to write a post but then… I say that a lot. >< Overall, it’s okay. Tammy doesn’t get a lot of screentime which is a pity because I like her character. Raymond’s character gets a lot of screentime which I’m not complaining about. The main (or second?) male lead reminds me of Peter Ho. Michelle is still annoying. I’m just not very sure how they are going to fill 40+ episodes?



100% Entertainment: Rainie Yang Fans Club (2 September 2013) – with Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui as hosts the show was a blast! A lot of times though, Rainie is like the big sister shaking her head as she watches two little kids being immature lol. The best parts were –


Rainie & Alien staring contest – Alien kept laughing HAHA.

Rainie & Show eating from the same chocolate stick and Alien didn’t look happy about it!

Rainie’s live singing has improved so so much. I want to go to one of her concerts now!




Campus Confidential 愛情無全順 released its second trailer concentrating on Ivy Chen’s character! It is still super hilarious. 🙂




Might as well rename this ‘Bolin Chen corner’ because I haven’t been posting anyone else?


Because men in suits are always very appealing

credit: maxchomax @ instagram

(The groom is very brave to choose him as his groomsman LOL!)


Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


14 responses to “Weekly Roundup No. 4 – 22 September 2013”

  1. heisui Avatar

    Omg, just wait until you see Dragon Gate ep9, Xiang Yu’s saving Huai An gets even WORSE. I totally facepalmed. T_T”

    Aw I hope you lift your spirits soon. >__<

    1. misscupcakees Avatar

      Would you have a link for ep 9? I can’t seem to find it! Thanks! <3

      &&yes, Xiang Yu saving Huai An is really annoying! I don't really like how the drama is progressing. I caught up-to-date (just missing ep 9) and marathoning through those eps proved quite difficult because the drama is boring! Urghhhh! I just can't decide which is worse: Dragon Gate or Love Around. Both are very draggy, repetitive and boring.

      1. kat Avatar

        Do you watch online? It’s on viki. 🙂

        HAHAHA Now that you compare Love Around & Dragon Gate – it’s like I’m more determined to stick with DG because it’s wrapped in flashier packaging. It’s supposed to have action! conspiracy! love square! (but it’s not quite delivering on any of them) Sad really. It seems like they really tried to do something different but just didn’t work out. At least I commend them for that.

        Whilst Love Around is not even trying.

        1. misscupcakees Avatar

          Thanks! I actually found the entire ep, not split in parts on youtube.

          Ahahaha, I don’t think any of these dramas are any good. They both suck. Love Around is like what you said, it’s not trying. Dragon Gate tries but that isn’t working for it. Its plot is very weak and it was never really strong in the first place. I really dislike how the facts were never presented in the first place. It never actually told you what the Dragon Gate is nor the links about the characters. It left me confused trying to make sense of what is happening! Urghhh, I just need both of these dramas to end now!

      2. heisui Avatar

        LOL is it a tie between Dragon Gate and Love Around? I feel like ep9 is REALLY one of the last straws of stupidity. Just really, how did they think that would be a plausible scenario. T__T” You can find ep9 on Maplestage.

        1. misscupcakees Avatar

          A tie of both dramas being utterly crap and horrible!

          I know! Urghhhh, so Xiang Yu goes and injuries herself just to save Huai An! The thing is that I don’t even see or feel that she loves him despite she claiming to be so.

          1. kat Avatar

            That is the central problem of DG isn’t it! Why is Xiang Yu so desperately in love with Huai An? He’s supposed to be so cool but he has to be rescued every time.

    2. kat Avatar

      Ahhh yes, it’s just… ARGH. Even when Xiao Dao had some cool scenes (He saves the day! He kicks some ass!) it’s not really going anywhere. What happened Dragon Gate!

      Thank youuuu by the way! 🙂 Just need good (non-serious, emo) dramas!!!

      Re Rainie – she can pull off anything! The colour seems weird (do you call it orange?) but it’s on her, nothing can go wrong. <3

      1. heisui Avatar

        I KNOWWW the first time I saw it, I was all ‘omg, what have they done to her hair color now……IT’S ORANGE!!’ but then I took a closer look and she still looks good in it. O___O

        1. kat Avatar

          One day she’ll like shave her head and still look cool!!

  2. heisui Avatar

    Oh and another thing–how in the world does Rainie pull off that hair color? She looks so pretty!

  3. heisui Avatar

    A picture linked here!

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHAHA~~!!! I feel a bit shy looking at THAT!

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