Bolin Chen & Tian Xin announce Golden Bell Nominations – YAY Zai Zai!

Last night I saw hkctvdramas’ post on Tumblr about confusion between CN and TW dramas which got me thinking – is Home / The Other Shore 1945 (回家) going to be included in the Golden Bell nominations this year because I wasn’t sure whether it’s a Taiwanese production, Chinese production… or a CN/TW collaboration production so it would be?


So when the nominations list came out this afternoon I got my answer! This year, the nominations were announced by Bolin Chen (last year’s Best Actor) and Tian Xin (2011’s Best Actress) as a part of the Taipei Television Festival – an event dedicated to showcase (kind of like an exhibition) Taiwanese productions to the world.


This year, Flavors of Life (含笑食堂) leads the race with nine nominations, followed by Home (回家) and Falling (含苞欲墜的每一天) with eight nominations. Notably, Mag Hsu (writer of In Time with You) was the head writer of this year’s An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) which also had six nominations including Best Actor (Mo Tzu Yi) and Best Actress (Lin Chen Xi).


Some news have mentioned this year, the focus is no longer on ‘idol dramas’, with many lesser known actors and dramas nominated. One of the bigger / more popular dramas missing from the list is Two Fathers, which only received a nomination in Best Marketing. Mag Hsu says she’s pleased about this because it means the line between ‘idol dramas’ and ‘serious/normal dramas’ no longer exists? <– hrm… really?


It does seem the ‘star power’ of this year’s awards will come from the Variety Show categories, but for me – I would really love to see Vic Zhou / Zai Zai take Best Actor this year! (yes I’m still bitter he didn’t win for Black & White…) Funny that he will be up against Long Shao Hua (龍劭華) who is nominated for the third year in a row, both times losing to younger actors (Wilber Pan & Bolin Chen). Even as the more ‘senior’ person and you would think more mature, the media has reported that he was quite bitter about it both times. He even proclaimed “The Golden Bell Awards are shit” the year Wilber Pan won. I wonder what he’ll say if he loses again! LOL.


Anyway, this might just give me the push needed to pick up Home again. Whilst I really liked the first five episodes – the historical background, the great production values, interesting story… but I know it’s going to be a heartbreaking story. Kind of the same reason I didn’t keep watching A Good Wife – just didn’t really feel like watching a depressing drama at the time. But then, the other ones I watched instead (I’m looking at you Dragon Gate and Love Around) have turned out pretty terrible so poor judgement that was!


Speaking of A Good Wife – I take it since it hasn’t finished airing it’s not eligible yet? Tian Xin said ‘watch out’ for next year’s awards because she would really hope to get a nomination!


OK, so I was keeping a close eye on the nomination announcement itself because of OBVIOUS REASONS. But gees, I’m sorry to say that double breasted jacket does nothing (for anyone!) Bolin Chen! I will keep dissing double breasted jackets at every chance I get! What is that outfit your’re wearing! Were you even trying?


As for Tian Xin, I like the colours, but I don’t know… not sure about the shoes, it’s just… argh. I’m a bit disappointed.



Some more pictures (they are not motivating me to find more HD quality ones!) ><


You can find the full nominations list here. The awards ceremony will be held on the 25th October.






7 responses to “Bolin Chen & Tian Xin announce Golden Bell Nominations – YAY Zai Zai!”

  1. heisui Avatar

    I really need to continue watching An Innocent Mistake. Hopefully subbing will resume for it. T_T Too bad A Good Wife isn’t eligible for the awards yet! I guess it kinda makes sense though. I wonder why they don’t have the nominations at the end of the year.. I’m surprised Two Fathers didn’t get more nominations!! Really what is a best marketing award? O__O””

    And LOL, NO, I don’t think there is no line between idol/serious dramas. T__T Really, there have been some quality tw-dramas but I think idol tw-dramas abound more than anything.

    Also disappointed by Bolin/Tian Xin’s outfits here. They are not that flattering on them.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah~ a friend recommended it to me a few months ago but haven’t been motivated to find it. (Mostly because I don’t know the actors in it?)

      Maybe they’re following the ‘seasons’ thing like US dramas… no idea. Awards are on Friday night too, which I thought was weird.

      Why do I get the impression ‘Best Marketing’ somehow implies that you have a bad drama, but whichever team that does the best job ‘selling’ it (so it gets high ratings) would win the award. Therefore, dramas nominated in this category do include more idol drams that miss out on the other categories haha.

      I laughed so much when other Bolin fans also commented it was a pretty unflattering outfit and the hair is pretty horrid too.

      1. heisui Avatar

        Hmm I wonder if An Innocent Mistake wasn’t as popular (at least overseas, not sure how the ratings were in Taiwan) since it didn’t have a well known cast? I don’t know any of the cast members either. O__O

        I guess that makes sense. I still think Two Fathers deserves more than a marketing award. T_T”

        1. kat Avatar

          It could be, but then there’s not been much talk on Home either – even though it has Vic Zhou and Janine Chang!

  2. misscupcakees Avatar

    LOL, yep! I looked at the nominations list and I didn’t recognise half of it. No, make that three-quarters of it. I think China-Taiwan productions are overtaking local productions.

    && yes, the horrid with Dragon Gate and Love Around. I should have never touched them!

    1. heisui Avatar

      Now you are doomed to finish watching them! 😛

      1. misscupcakees Avatar

        Yes, sadly I will have to. 🙁 I can’t leave a drama unfinished!

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