Just You Episode 11 Recap

Continuing from episode 10, Qi Yi wakes up in the morning to find Liang Liang had left already. But she left some really cute sticky notes for him on the cupid statue.


Boss, I’m going back. I prepared breakfast for you. Besides Cheng Liang Liang’s special nutritious sandwich, I also made the super fresh fruit box. You must finish it!


Take good care of yourself when you’re overseas. I gave a list of all your allergies to Alex. Be careful when you eat meals outside. Don’t have an allergic reaction again!


Ah this month’s water and electricity bills are here, I’ve placed my share and the paperwork on the dinner table. Don’t forget to pay them!


Also also, this time because of my carelessness the company made some losses. I will definitely rethink my actions. Hopefully I still have a chance to be your employee who always causes troubles. Boss – work hard! A lion with wings is invincible!


At the bus stop, Liang Liang calls Qi Yi to tell him she forgot to take Ming Ming to Princess’ house. The conversation is a bit awkward as both of them doesn’t really say how they truly feel. But after the call, Liang Liang changes her mobile contact from ‘Annoying Lion’ to ‘Most Honourable Boss’.


Alex and Kate are at Princess’ house being all lovey dovey. Alex is taking Kate’s cat toy (the one on her desk) for the trip since it reminds him of Kate. He says it gives him more motivation. The doorbell rings and it’s Qi Yi. Everyone panics as Qi Yi is not supposed to know about Kate and Alex getting back together.

Even though Kate and Princess wants Qi Yi to leave ASAP, he wants to ‘confirm’ where they will keep Ming Ming. Plus he wrote down how Ming Ming should be fed… how she should take Ming Ming for a walk… LOL.


As Liang Liang is discussing what happened at work with her parents, her parents wondered how Liang Liang can be so forgetful. Her mum suggests maybe someone framed her?


In the office, we find out Dean has taken some time off. He heads off to the countryside to find Liang Liang. All the neighbours love him and calling him so handsome, while Liang Liang’s mum welcomes him as well and invites him to stay as long as he likes. When Liang Liang and her parents head off to work on the rose farm, Dean offers to help too.

In Shanghai, Alex is video conferencing with Kate to say how much he misses her. He has the toy cat by his side as a reminder. After the call, Qi Yi asks Alex to go to his room to discuss about work. Alex absentmindedly took the cat with him… when Qi Yi sees it he makes some excuse to try to cover it up. But just when Qi Yi opens his suitcase to get something, he sees the toy lion inside and embarrassingly shuts the suitcase.


While working on the rose farm, Liang Liang’s mum tells her daughter to ‘seize the moment’, just like the advice she gave last time about Qi Yi. Since Dean chased all the way here from Taipei, Liang Liang’s mum thinks Dean is definitely interested.


During a meeting with a client, Qi Yi and Alex discovers their client and his secretary are married. When they were young, they secretly dated at work for a few years but eventually, the guy confessed to his boss and now, they’re married. Alex listens to their story enthusiastically because it gives him hope for his relationship with Kate.


Alex has a talk with Qi Yi later on in private. But Qi Yi thinks his client and wife is only an exception. Relationships should be not mixed with work…


Jia Yu overhears a conversation between Kate and Alex, and finds the CD where some information is stored.

Now that the boss is away, seems like everyone is fighting back against the romance ban. Even Cui Xia agrees to have dinner with Po Ge!


Jia Yu receives a text message from “Sister Na”. She invites Sister Na to her house for dinner. Turns out Sister Na is Qi Yi’s mother and she has been travelling the world?


Dean deliberately sends photos to Qi Yi to show he’s with Liang Liang. Qi Yi gets angry and tells him to stop taking holidays as he pleases and to return to work immediately.

During a video conference, Jia Yu informs Qi Yi that one of the electronic files for the proposal file has gone missing. Although Jia Yu doesn’t blame Liang Liang straight away, she tries to ‘help’ by saying she has taken care of the supermarket side.


Since they couldn’t find a copy of the electronic file and it was originally Liang Liang’s proposal, Liang Liang suggests she goes back to the office. Qi Yi agrees.


Liang Liang, Kate, Dean and Mei Mei (the sheep) decide if they divide the work amongst them, they can re-do the proposal.

At the photocopier, Dean discovers some shredded paper on the floor. It looks like it’s from the missing page of the proposal Liang Liang supposedly ‘lost’.


Liang Liang video calls Qi YI the next day to tell him the new proposal is done and sent to him.  But she’s wearing an elephant head because there’re some things she wants to say but doesn’t know how to face him, which includes…


Boss, I like you!



I finally finished this recap!!! I don’t know why this took so long, maybe I just dread seeing that smug look on Jia Yu’s face all the time. I’m surprised Liang Liang was the one making the first move though! Since this is so late already I won’t keep rambling on, will start on the next recap now!! ><





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