Hello, 100th post!

(Technically, this is the 103rd post but since I transferred three of the posts from my old blog to here, this is the 100th, written for this drama-focused blog!)


I started this post on Monday, and now it’s Thursday and still I’m struggling with it! It’s supposed to be an ‘anything goes’ post but that seems to be harder. >< I guess my original intention was to make this an addition to the About page, which is in need of a revamp since it was kind of an afterthought when this blog was started. It’s just an update of what I posted in my previous websites. So allow me to use this post as my proper ‘HELLO!!!” to anyone who stumbled across here!!!!


Why blog? Why blog about dramas?

The first question is probably easier. I’ve always been interested in making websites. I had a personal blog which started at diaryland, moved to its own domain, on livejournal (probably the longest), moved back on its own domain, and another… all this time I grew less interested in writing about myself because first and foremost I don’t really want to put my personal life ‘out there’ on the internet! Despite this patchy blog history I was really focusing more on fansites. One started in 2002 and is still online (although inactive!). Another, first started in 2004 but during its lifetime it was probably only actively updated for about two years. Between 2006-2009 I was quite active on The Fanlistings Network, which is a fun concept although I eventually moved on since that’s was about the time when I was concentrating on a particular fansite.


That fansite was RaymondLam.org <- guess who that was for? I think I first registered it in 2004 and it lasted for about 6 months before it went on this indefinite hiatus. For some odd reason I brought it back in 2008 and I spent a lot of time on it for about 18 months, and maybe for another year or so when an existing forum was moved to the domain. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about fansites it’s really a quick way to kill your ‘fan-ness’ for someone. There’re only so many news / photos / magazines you can see of the same person all the time. 😛 Sorry LF. Although I’m grateful I met a lot of Raymond fans through the site (and many I got to meet offline as well!) so pretty much all the chats we used to have on the forum are now moved to Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp. Eventually, the forum is still here but fairly dead since last year.

If you ask me today, in 2013 which is my favourite Raymond drama. I would still say Survivor’s Law –  a drama from 10 years ago. Sure, his acting has improved since then but in terms of overall story and his character, nothing he has done since just gives me the same feeling. (Except Twin of Brothers which I was quite obsessed about the OTP but that’s also from a long time ago! 2004!)


So how is that related to this blog? As RL.org slowly dies ungracefully, I wanted to start a new project. In July last year I saw there was a domain name sale at NameCheap (for $0.99! LOL) and on a whim I bought tvkat.com. I had toyed around with the idea of a television related blog plus tvkat is the first ever username / alias / whatever I have used! LOL. But I didn’t work on it at all since late last year I was quite caught up on Tumblr / gif-ing for a few months. It’s only this year when I started watching Taiwanese dramas again when I wanted to write reviews / thoughts / fangirl – and finally revived this blog!


I did think about starting another fansite again but decided against it because well, as mentioned above –> fastest way to kill fan-ness! Now I can fangirl multiple people (if you haven’t noticed already) and more importantly, the content is less restrictive. (I felt the need to be more objective if it’s for a fansite, but if it’s just a blog, I can write about how I really feel about a movie, series or album etc.) Originally, I wasn’t planning on focusing on Chinese language dramas, since I also have this strange obsession with a certain Western TV show called Law & Order, the original flavour and not SVU which seems to have a bigger fandom. (I have yet to find an outlet for this, sadly.) If it wasn’t cancelled I would probably write about it a lot more. Out of the 20 seasons, I may have watched over 10 seasons, possibly 12-13. Plus various episodes of SVU, Criminal Intent, LA and all of the UK version. (because mixing Law & Order with British accents is just heaven!) I don’t think I’ve found anything in Asian dramaland that does legal / police procedurals as good as this?


It was only after I started this site when I discovered this world of drama blogs out there, not just Chinese drama blogs, but also k-dramas and j-dramas related sites.  I realised many bloggers are long time drama watchers, with impressive drama resumes! Gosh I’m rather underqualified! This blog focuses on Chinese language dramas (mostly Taiwanese) and I haven’t even seen Meteor Garden!!!! *hides in a corner* I also haven’t seen Devil Beside You, It Started with a Kiss… you get the drift! Despite my complete lack of knowledge of many dramas I guess at the end of the day I wanted this blog to have some sort of focus, so I chose Chinese language dramas because that’s what I watch mostly. Like many others I watched TVB for many years (and I have a soft spot for 90s classics like Detective Investigation Files and the Files of Justice series) and it was only in about 2006, when a friend of mine introduced me to Taiwanese dramas. She was a huge fan of F4 (Zai Zai in particular) so my first TW drama was Silence! Whilst I only have one ‘TVB actor’ who I fangirl regularly, TW dramas seemed to open a bigger can of worms! (eg. Bolin Chen! Dylan Kuo! Peter Ho! Wilber Pan! Ethan Juan! Just to name a few…)

I’d take any excuse to include Bolin pics in a post! I mean just look at that smile. I see sunshine and fluffy bunnies.


Hello you!

Is this the most ‘personal’ post I’ve written for this blog? Probably? If you’re reading this – HIYA & THANKS! Say hi if you’d like. Writing this is feeling like I’m talking to myself, which I do more often than I realise. (That is apparently a ‘sign of premature ageing’, which I am going to view as a good thing.)


If there’s something you would like to know – just ask! LOL.


In the meantime, as a gift for readers of this post – five random / embarrassing facts about me. I swear outside of fandom(s) I’m mostly normal HAHAHA.


  1. I’m from Hong Kong but grew up in Australia. My first language is Cantonese and I can still read/speak/write. Although writing is very much a struggle these days. Like your average Asian during the daytime I work as an Accountant.
  2. Speaking of jobs my first job was probably more interesting! When I was young (like 8/9 years old?), one summer I auditioned to be a TVB child actor. My school was quite against it and even asked my parents why they would ‘put me down this path’! It was just for fun and I only ‘worked’ maybe 4 or 5 times during holidays in children’s shows and once on a variety show segment. Did get to ‘work’ with Tam Yuk Ying – that wouldn’t tell you which era it was since she has been a children’s program host for like 30 years lol. But if I say others like Ekin Cheng, Teresa Mo, Deric Wan and Ben Wong (which suddenly became famous these past few years) that gives you an idea!
  3. I have been a fangirl for a certain Spanish tennis player for a LONG time which is still ongoing! A friend and I finally fulfilled our long time dream to watch his last match in Spain last year. With two flight delays it took us 24 hours to get from HK to Madrid, and then the next day we had to wake up early to catch the train for another 1.5 hours! Crazy trip but totally worth it. We want to go back soon!
  4. In another embarrassing tale, I have been to 14 Raymond Lam concerts. (2009: HK x 2, Malaysia, 2010: Macau, 2011: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong x 3, 2012: Australia x 2, 2013: HK x 3) Yes, it’s important to go to all the nights in HK concerts because.. you know, different guests, rundown might be different.
  5. First drama I ever ‘fell in love’ with? The Breaking Point (今生無悔) with Leon Lai, Kathy Chow and Maggie Siu. I find it amusing that quite a few Raymond fans in my age bracket, were also fans of Leon Lai at some stage LOL.






10 responses to “Hello, 100th post!”

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) Avatar

    haha Another thing we have in common after ITWY. I love law & order too.I am in the us .I watch all the reruns on Tv.Criminal intent is my second favorite after the original.The lead actor: Vincent D’ Onofrio is amazing.

    1. kat Avatar

      LOL!!!! If icecream and chocolate are comfort food, then Law & Order is like comfort TV. Goren I dont mind!! Although Jack McCoy is my ultimate fav XDDDDD

  2. heisui Avatar

    HIYA. I think this post is really sweet. I don’t know why the word sweet comes to mind but it just does. Congrats on your 100th post and wow I never knew that you have had such a long history of blogging!!! O___O And WOW 14 concerts!?!? That is a lot!

    I’ve come to associate your blog with Dylan Kuo & Bolin, LOL. As a result of your fangirling about multiple actors on this blog 😉

    1. kat Avatar

      lololol sweet is good, anything other than stalker / crazy fangirl is good!!!

      Yes expect more fangirling around the place, I have a tendency to acquire favourites as I watch various dramas lol.

  3. Lyricalstars Avatar

    Hi Kat, didn’t know that RL.org was started by you until i read this! I have to agree that it isn’t something easy to manage a fansite! Loads and loads of stuffs to be update XD

    I’m glad you started taiwanese dramas this year, so there’s a lot of common stuffs i can read here! I enjoy your reviews and personal comments you have here 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Hiya Jia!!!! HAHA yeah it was fun while it lasted, then it became more ‘work’ than ‘fun’!

      Thank youuu~~!!! You should already know I love all the edits/gifs you post on Tumblr. 😉 I seem to be an on-off TW drama watcher and only TVB had been the ‘constant’ thing all these years. But then, I can’t find any HK stuff current or upcoming (except for the Dayo Wong one?) that interest me. 🙁 I do love that TW shows have a bigger variety of actors, seems like every other drama I discover a new favourite LOL.

      1. Lyricalstars Avatar

        Yeah i could understand what you meant since i have aaronyupdates to manage on hand too 😡 Haha yes i see you liking my posts on my activity log XD Thank you~~

        Hmmm not even The Hippocratic Crush II? That seems to be the most interesting drama right now for me… Haha i do agree with that! They’re so lovely to not become a favourite everytime i finish a drama 😛

        1. kat Avatar

          I haven’t seen THC 1 though, so that’s why no anticipation for part 2.. Plus a bias against Lawrence Ng LOL. Would watch part 1 first before considering 2!

          1. Lyricalstars Avatar

            You should try watching THCI, i thought it wasn’t quite a bad series 🙂 But even though i’m looking fwd to it idk how well would it fare, since tvb has this tendency of spoiling the series sometimes by making sequels 😡

          2. kat Avatar

            Yeah just look at Ghetto Justice 2!!! Couldn’t even get past 3 episodes. >< Real pity because the first one was good. Should've just left it alone!

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