2013 Golden Bell Awards Picspam! Congrats Zai Zai!

YEAAAHHH!! Vic Chou / Zai Zai finally wins Best Actor this year! *throws confetti*


The winners of the major awards were:

Best Drama: Falling (含苞欲墜的每一天)

Best Actor – Drama: Vic Chou – Home

Best Actress – Drama: Miao Ke Li – Falling

Best Supporting Actor – Drama: Li Li Ren – Home

Best Supporting Actress – Drama: Esther Liu – Falling

Best Director – Drama: Wang Ming Tai – Falling

Best Screenwriter – Drama: Wen Yu Fang – Falling


I didn’t watch the entire webcast but caught the end of the red carpet,  just in time to see Sonia Sui and Bolin Chen since he was last! Sonia is beautiful but I got a shock when I saw her dress. The front was a bit distracting.


It goes without saying Bolin Chen looks rather swoony. Hrm, it seems like his new movie (about the schizophrenic assassin) is happening sooner than I thought? He might be already filming or about to start filming hence the long-ish hair and facial hair? I’ve added more Bolin photos at the end of this post just in case people might not want to see so many pics of him? WHAT? Is that possible?


Watched a bit of the start of the awards ceremony and of course towards the end when Sonia and Bolin presented the Best Actor and Best Drama awards! To stop the ceremony from going overtime, the organisers decided that after 45 seconds – the microphone would actually lower to stop people from talking! I understand where they’re coming from but shouldn’t they allow more time for the ‘bigger’ awards? But LOLed that the below scene as Zai Zai tries to thank more people.

The funny thing was, when veteran talk show host Xiao Yan jeh and Mickey Huang won the Best Variety Show Host award, Xiao Yan jeh got quite fed up with that lowering microphone and decided to just pull it out! Mickey did the same for his microphone and they continued their speeches way over the 45 seconds limit. I guess with her seniority in the industry she’s the only one who would dare to do something like this!


It does feel like this year’s star power is a little lacking. I had a quick look at some of the dresses from the red carpet and yes, there’re some shocks there. Selina (omg cleavage!), Janet (What the?) but others are fairly safe. I liked Puff Kuo and Nikki Hsieh‘s. (Or maybe I just like Nikki’s red colour dress, that photo below does look a little weird.) Amber Kuo looks like she’s hardly wearing any makeup?


As one of the hosts, Amber An had a few different outfits. I quite liked this one except for the skin-coloured sleeve (?) thing happening? Probably looks better if it’s on an ice rink.


Oh of course I have to add pics of Zai Zai from the red carpet. Don’t look so awkward now! LOL.


I included this pic of Li Li Ren and his wife Tao Jing Ying because I quite liked him in “Home”. Plus when he won Best Supporting Actor she cried! Awww….


And this pic of Two Fathers’ Leroy Yang & Le Le is just TOO CUTE!



As promised, more Bolin pics! Getting ready for the night and waiting to go on stage! (Plus more from the red carpet)




Photo Credits: Yahoo, Yes Entertainment, Bolin Chen @ Instagram and Facebook



8 responses to “2013 Golden Bell Awards Picspam! Congrats Zai Zai!”

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce) Avatar

    I’m so happy for zai zai.he deserves it

    1. kat Avatar

      YES! He should’ve won it 4 years ago but argh, at least he wins it finally.

  2. Jo Avatar

    OMG Bolin with a little mustache and beard…. nooooooo.

    Okay, slightly overreacting. He looks okay. Just an unexpected look. *shifty eyes*

    Anyway, congrats to Zai Zai! A little bummed that Nikki didn’t get Best Actress, since her acting in Die Sterntaler was phenomenal, but it’s rare for the Golden Bells to even acknowledge idol dramas (except In Time With You), so I guess a nomination is good enough.

    1. kat Avatar

      Awww the facial hair makes him look less babyfaced though, maybe minus the long-ish hair will be better lol.

      Yeah, I guess it would’ve been tough for Nikki to win since not only Die Sterntaler is an idol drama, it didn’t rate that well either?

      1. Jo Avatar

        Oh yeah, it bombed in the ratings… dead last every single week, I think. I would never have finished it if it weren’t for Nikki’s acting (and Rhydian Vaughan, lol).

        1. kat Avatar

          haha I would like to see Rhydian Vaughan in a drama but wasn’t curious enough to watch it!! Hopefully he will do more dramas in the future?

  3. misscupcakees Avatar

    Yes, that picture of Leroy and Le Le is so adorably cute! Gosh, I miss Two Fathers already!

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