Dylan Kuo pairs up with Gui Gui for upcoming C-Drama Slacker’s Food Diary

Filming has recently begun for C Drama “Slacker’s Food Diary” (懒人美食日记) starring Dylan Kuo and Gui Gui! Dylan must be used to the height difference with his lead actresses by now right, since he’s 187cm and she’s 163cm! I’m looking forward to this new pairing – potential cuteness!


Planned number of episodes: 30 (45 minutes each)

Expected air date: July 2014

Content: Every episode will feature 2 ‘slackers recipes’ and a secondary storyline (apart from the main story below) which will lead to the introduction of the recommended recipes.


Synopsis of this drama – translated by GuiGuiWuYingJie @ Tumblr

In our fast-paced lives, yearning to make simple yet delicious food everyday as a job is an attitude that many young adults have today. The illustrator Zhang An An (Gui Gui) and “Misfortune” has always been together.


One week before their wedding, her boyfriend disappeared, her job feels meaningless, and to make matters worse, she doesn’t get along with the new Account Director at work, Si Jun Xia (Dylan Kuo). But somehow An An strangely develops feelings toward this serious robot, causing Ray (Jia Wen), who has always had a crush on An An, to feel threatened by Si Jun Xia. And at this moment, An An’s cousin Xia Fei Fei (Tang Xin) comes into the picture, complicating the love triangle and making An An’s already busy life even more exciting.


Also, although the owners of a cafe in An An’s community, Lin Qi and Yu Xia (Xin Le Er), are often quarrelling over little things and reconciling because of weird reasons, An An hopes to have the same attitude toward life as they do. A group of young adults with totally different personalities working together and living their lives together, all of their stories are made into each and every one of An An’s simple dishes, including the happy ones, the depressing ones, the angry ones, the painful ones, just like the happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy in life writing the musical movement that is life.


Looking at the character personalities, this should be nothing new for Gui Gui and Dylan. Although I haven’t seen Gui Gui in a drama before, she always seem like a happy, optimistic, cheerful person so this should match her character Zhang An An, an illustrator who likes to daydream and procrastinate. She uses her drawings to express her feelings. The optimistic, kind, happy-go-lucky type.


Based on the marketing material (they’re selling product placements!), the drama will use illustrations / cartoons to show some of An An’s thoughts and feelings. (This reminds me of the movie Sophie’s Revenge!)

Similarly, Dylan does what he does best – yes you know, the workaholic guy who is cold and aloof but the girls like him because he’s good looking, well educated etc. He’s the Account Director in an advertising agency where An An works at. He was shocked to find someone as accident prone as An An to be the one responsible for one of the proposals for his client. But after everything they encounter together, he develops feelings for her…


Hey Dylan I thought you’re not playing these type of roles anymore? 😛


There’re a few other supporting characters which I won’t go too much in detail since I decided to add to their relationship with some short translations.

*As a side note, reading the product placement proposal is quite fascinating. For 3 million RMB, I can have my product featured for 60 minutes, have the storyline revolve around my brand for two episodes, have no less than 5 closeups, have the actors use the product, and even have the actors (not the leads) say my product name. You also get to visit the filming set twice, attend the press conference and of course have your product listed as a sponsor after every episode. That’s the top level of sponsorship.


Now I’m wondering which brands will feature in this drama. I don’t mind product placement in general, but if this is becoming an advertisement more than a drama, then a line has to be drawn somewhere.





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  1. leemyis Avatar

    This drama seems interesting! Totally gonna watch for sure!!! Love Dylan and Gui Gui.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes!!! Interesting pairing and food! Hope it will be good.

  2. balen10 Avatar

    Im super xcited for this pairing! thank god I will be able to see gui gui again in a drama and most specially with Dylan kuo I’m dying from happiness right now!! 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      YEAH!!! I agree~~~ Looks like a cute drama plus there’ll be lots of food! I’m not complaining lol.

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