Tian Xin and Xiu Jie Kai in upcoming drama Marry or Not

After watching a few episodes of A Good Wife, I haven’t had the chance to get back to it yet but it looks like my plans will be delayed again because a new drama starring Tian Xin and Xiu Jie Kai titled Marry or Not (結婚好嗎?) is starting on November 19!


Airing at the 8pm timeslot four days per week (Monday to Thursday), Marry or Not has 20 40 episodes in total with TTV airing 2 one hour per day. Filming had already completed back in March this year so Tian Xin filmed this before A Good Wife.

Tian Xin described Marry or Not as more like a sequel to A Good Wife, since in this new drama she plays a single mother who divorced her husband because he had an affair. “A Good Wife is more like a prequel, it was more painful! However, in Marry or Not the heartbreak period is shorter, it’s more about the struggles of explaining a divorce to your child.”


Character Profiles

Tian Xin as Yang Ya Zhen

A successful wedding planner, her parents died when she was young and she was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother described her parents as a loving, happy couple so Ya Zhen yearns for something similar in her life. Bravely forging ahead in her quest for love, she married her university classmate Lin Zhi Xiu. Unfortunately Zhi Xiu had many affairs so Ya Zhen could no longer tolerate him and divorced her husband. With her daughter Yu Tong, she moved back with her grandmother. Despite this experience, she still believes in marriage.

Xiu Jie Kai as Fang Zi Xuan

A divorce lawyer also known as ‘marriage killer’, he can resolve any difficult divorce case with ease. His parents did not have a good relationship, resulting in his father’s remarriage. Zi Xuan doesn’t understand his father, plus in his job he had seen the ugly side of many broken marriages so he fears the idea of marriage as well.

Ann Wei Ling as Kwan Yi Fei

She tackles everything in life with precision, using logic to analyse and this includes love. If a pursuer doesn’t meet her standards, she would reject them without taking into account how she actually feels about them. She thinks men and women are equal, so she would never let men take advantage of her. In work and in love, she becomes a rival to Ya Zhen…


Sean Li (Shao Xiang) as Li Hao Ze

A colleague of Ya Zhen at the wedding planning company, he is the son of the owners so his parents hope he becomes the successor. However, he actually loves drawing and doesn’t want to inherit the business. His biggest wish is to become an artist and has a secret location where he paints. A happy, optimistic, smart person with a sense of humour, even though he often disobeys his parents because of the business, he uses humour to resolve his problems. His weakness is that he is too soft hearted. He starts to have feelings for Ya Zhen but is too afraid to pursue her. So he stays by her side supporting her…


The storyline sounds a bit stereotypical (since Xiu Jie Kai is Tian Xin’s divorce lawyer?) and I was initially quite sceptical about this pairing… but after seeing the pic above, I’m sold! I want to see it now! I’m glad the press / promotion materials are not focusing on their age difference (since she’s 7 years older than him…) since they look pretty good together.


Maybe it’s because it’s a 8pm show, there hasn’t been many previews or trailers released. I could only find four 20 second previews on their Facebook page. These two are my faourites!



News & Photos source: Sina, Marry or Not official Facebook page






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  1. Celine Avatar

    I think this is good pairing in the making. It’s a good thing that Tian Xin still looks young and b/c Xiu Jie Kai grows out his facial hair, it makes him look like he and Tian Xin are about the same age. I’ve always preferred Xiu Jie Kai’s gruffy look.

    1. heisui Avatar

      You’re right, surprisingly they do look the same age!!! o_o

  2. heisui Avatar

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! Ah without you I wouldn’t have even known about this drama omg I’m so happy Tian Xin is in a new drama! And I’m happy that it is airing this month!!!!!!

    Hmm at first I was also kinda iffy on this pairing of Tian Xin & Xiu Jie Kai but……..omg…..in that second preview…..OMG…..totally gonna watch this!! For Tian Xin, and Xiu Jie Kai as a bonus 😀

    1. kat Avatar

      YEAHHHHHH! Only have to wait until next week and then boom, it’ll be 4 eps a week and can’t keep up!!! lol. I guess I am the opposite of you hahaha, keep saying I want to watch a Xiu Jie Kai drama and finally this one looks promising and he is not the second lead lol.

      1. heisui Avatar

        Wow 4 episodes a week O_O That is a lot! I guess we won’t have to wait in suspense as much then

  3. heisui Avatar

    THIS MADE MY DAY! Now begins the wait for the drama to start airing.. >__<

  4. aehyu Avatar

    The chemistry is sooooo cute!

    1. kat Avatar

      YESS!! So unexpected too! Can’t wait to see this now. 🙂

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