Fortnightly Roundup No. 7 – 11 November 2013

Finally I feel like I’m making progress on drama-watching! LOL. With the end of Dragon Gate and the final bunch of eps of Loved in the Purple, I can catch up on some other dramas!! (Although my original plan of just keeping to one ‘live watch’ drama kinda backfired since I only found out about Marry or Not yesterday! ><) This post feels shorter than usual because I had all these stuff I keep on adding to the Mr Chen section so in the end I just thought I might post separately for them. Otherwise, I’ll never get to sleep!



Dragon Gate Eps 14 to 15 – FINALLY!!!! It felt like a long and not so exciting journey but then I have already gotten into the habit of watching (and also laughing) about it every week. The final episode felt a bit draggy and the ending… grrr. I think I can accept Huai An x Xiang Yu since they already killed off Mo Yu? But what’s with Ai Xin joining the Security Bureau and working with Xiao Dao? That’s kinda weird. It’s like I don’t really care about it anymore, but don’t mess with Xiao Dao! Totally agree with Heisui Ai Xin is like a little sister and nothing more!! NOOOOO! (btw maybe Xiao Dao in a suit was nice. HA.)


The follow up drama Kiss Me Mom! (媽,親一下!) is based on a novel written by Giddens Ko. It’s about a family dealing with their mother having cancer. It actually sounds like a touching, family oriented sort of drama but neither the cast nor the story caught my interest so I will be skipping that one.


Loved in the Purple / The Purple Hairpin Eps 22 to 31 – Despite my initial reservations this drama is getting better! It still suffers from weird editing, where it just suddenly gets really good, and you want to keep chasing the next episode… but by the middle of the next episode, the action grinds to a halt and the urgency just disappears. This happens every 2 – 3 episodes… it’s odd. I am annoyed though, Jing Lan / Tammy seems to only appear when other characters need rescuing. Every time someone needs help, she would appear and save them. (Yeah, even when Na Lan Dong / Raymond is assassinating someone, like WTF.) Thing is, I’m becoming less interested in the love stories (because the main love triangle / square is heading to nowhere land) and just want to find out who’s actually related to who. I’m kinda confused right now who are the birth parents of Na Lan Dong and Xiao Yu / Michelle. I read a spoiler that Jing Lan might also be caught up in this mess. hrmmm…


The Pursuit of Happiness Eps 4 to 5 – Honestly I can’t recall having any particular strong feelings about episode 4 but episode 5? I LOVE ALL the An Lei x Yi Kang scenes! (especially the part where he puts carrots in the meal even though she absolutely hates it!) HOWEVER, once the story moves towards An Lei x Wei Ting (NO. My dislike for him just grows with each episode) and even the little side plot with Tiffany, I’m losing interest. The part with Tiffany in particular just felt it came out of nowhere. Helen x Yi Kang I’m okay with, there’s this ‘purity’ in their relationship which An Lei x Wei Ting doesn’t have. An Lei x Wei Ting’s ‘history’ just feels more like baggage, the kind you want to leave behind.


I have to say though, Yi Kang is such a nice guy and unfortunately, girls do like bad boys HAHAHA.



THIS photoshoot from Ming Weekly. OMG Such beautiful people! Especially love the first pic with same pose. 😀

The follow follow up drama (according to Wikipedia anyway) to Dragon Gate sounds interesting – being Ruby Lin produced 回到初戀的夏天 (poorly translated to mean ‘Going back to the summer of the first love’). Not much details yet except it hasn’t started filming, and the only cast member confirmed so far is Ruby Lin herself. The story spans from 1998 to 2014, where the couple had opportunities to be with each other but keep missing them. The leading man was said to be Tony Yang, since he attended the TVBS drama launch press conference with Ruby back in May. But another news story from September talks about how difficult it had been for Ruby to find a leading man for this drama, since actors snubbed the idea of filming a Taiwanese drama. I guess this is nothing new, since Ady An also had the same problem while trying to find the lead actor for her drama and eventually found Mike He.


Ruby is still filming another drama now right? And Tony has a part in The Crossing which is filming right now? I hope that doesn’t mean the ‘Summer’ series will be a rushed production since they only have 15 weeks until it’s supposed to air?



This man is so busy right now I can’t keep up! Started putting things in here and realised it probably all needs to go in a separate post. >< I haven’t even gotten around to post pics from the Campus Confidential promotion function yesterday and today he attended a press conference for Sony Xperia Z1 which came along with lots of goodies. Not to mention he attended three fashion/award shows last week in Shanghai.


I totally APPROVE of this scruffy look, even in print ads. The second one… hrm, I’m not sure about the hair? I’ve also included one of the ads below.



5 responses to “Fortnightly Roundup No. 7 – 11 November 2013”

  1. heisui Avatar

    AHAHAHA. Totally laughed out loud while reading the part about Dragon Gate. I know, somehow after Dragon Gate ended I was all ‘well what do I laugh at now..’. Totally unimpressed by the drama but it was kinda amusing seeing all the stuff they came up with. And I’m missing Xiang Yu/Tammy already. So sad that Xiang Yu’s character was wasted in this drama. YES XD should’ve been wearing a suit more often in DG!!!!!!!! *wink wink*

    MMM love the photoshoot with Tony & Sonia! I love Tony but I don’t think I could really picture him with Ruby.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE POH ep5!!!!!!! I’ve concluded that Lei Lei AND Hai Lun need to give up on Wei Ting pronto!

    1. Celine Avatar

      I can’t find myself being too angry over the ending of Dragon Gate and I think that is in large part due to the song that was playing at the final meeting between Sunny and Tammy. Rene Liu’s 幸福就是 is very soothing.

      Really enjoying POH. No issues yet. I like the relationship that is building up between Sonia and Tony.

      As for Ruby’s new drama, she better find a really good male lead. I usually like stories that span over the course of years but based on the 2-sentence synopsis about a couple who missed opportunities to be together, it sounds like a real drag.

      1. heisui Avatar

        I wonder if Ruby will find a male lead..her age? O_O” I mean, lately her male leads tend to be younger than her..

      2. kat Avatar

        Yeah I guess they had been ‘trying’ to set up this ending from the start, at least the ‘love triangle’ wasn’t too messy. For the entire drama, it feels like they had the right ideas, but just poor execution.

        Now that Tony is seemingly out of the picture, it must be really hard for Ruby to find another actor ‘right’ for the role, AND willing to do a TW drama. Guess we just have to wait to find out more about the story…

    2. kat Avatar

      LOLOL Exactly. DG was unintentionally funny. At least we found Melvin because of it, hope he does more Chinese/Taiwanese dramas in the future. 😉

      hmmmm so there’re some news articles in the past few days which mentions Tony is filming a series with Harwick Lau and Tiffany Tang at the end of this month? So he can’t be in Ruby’s drama?! That one has the same producers as Lanling Wang so looks like a bigger production. Guess we will have to wait and see who Ruby will actually be paired up with this time.

      Re POH 5 – YESSSS it’s like both girls are too good for Wei Ting. 😛

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