What? We’re going back to Dragon Gate?

I don’t usually follow ancient / wuxia dramas but these stills caught my eye because – what? Dragon Gate? Again? Last week the Taiwanese modernised version / spin-off / inspiration / trainwreck had just finished airing and now there are news that a new drama based on the 1992 movie New Dragon Gate Inn / 2011 movie “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” (龙门飞甲) is filming right now! (I’m referring to this new drama as Flying Swords of Dragon Gate because its Chinese title is the same as the 2011 movie.)


Since I spent 15 weeks following Tammy Chen and Sunny Wang as the modernised version of Jin Xiang Yu and Zhou Huai An, I’m curious who will play them in this adaptation.

Michelle Ye will play Jin Xiang Yu and Nie Yuan will be Zhao Huai An! (Zhao Huai An was Jet Li’s character name in the 2011 movie, instead of Zhou Huai An in the 1992 movie.)  This set of stills focus on Michelle so I can’t really comment on Nie Yuan’s Zhao Huai An yet. But despite what I wrote about Michelle’s role in Loved in the Purple (I still have 6 episodes to go!), I do think Jin Xiang Yu will be a good fit for her. It’s a more mature character with a flirty but tough personality as well. She actually looks quite natural in these photos which is very refreshing!



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  1. heisui Avatar

    Hmm I wonder what the original was like. I highly doubt Dragon Gate was an accurate..um..remake..we can’t even call it a remake probably a very loose spin-off heheheh.

    1. kat Avatar

      LOL, I wonder too. Guess they used the character names and the ‘concept’ of Dragon Gate and went crazy with it.

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