Fortnightly Roundup No. 8 – 29 November 2013

I’m been a slacker lately, feel like I’ve been procrastinating a lot plus I’m stuck on a post for a few days now. >< It has also been a time of ‘drama changeover’ so to speak, with Just You & Dragon Gate finished airing (even though I kinda stopped watching Just You for many weeks now!!!) and finally completed Loved in the Purple – now there’s like a backlog of posts / ending thoughts / reviews arrrggghhh. I think I just need to sit down and let whatever come out of my head and edit edit edit later.



Loved in the Purple / The Purple Hairpin Eps 32 to 37 END – I’m so relieved I finished this. Although I’m also very annoyed. That post I’m stuck on, is a 1200 word (so far) rant about the ending!!! I actually enjoyed this drama from about episode 12 to say 30, but towards the end there’s this weird / nonsensical subplot I don’t really understand. I just didn’t feel it fits the tone of the rest of the drama. Let’s just say after everything I would only recommend this to Raymond OR Michelle fans, if you’re a RM couple fan I’d say proceed with EXTREME caution.


Marry or Not Eps 1 to 5 – YESSSSSS I love Xiu Jie Kai in this. See how I was supposed to write this post and instead I ended up watching episodes 4 and 5 instead? He’s like the snarky lawyer who seems cold on the outside but he’s actually kind and wants to help others. However, I am uncomfortable with how Tian Xin is always the one who needs help and Xiu would appear at the right place / right time to rescue her. (They even live close to each other so they can ‘bump’ into each other all the time!) But it’s hilarious how Xiu refers to her as ‘old auntie’. (Well, not to her face of course!!!!) Actually, I don’t know what the English term is, but it’s like somewhere between Auntie and grandmother LOL. Tian Xin’s character does remind me of Lei Lei though – trouble with relationships AND a new hire at the office so the payrise/promotion she was hoping for didn’t work out. Difference is her rival at the the job is a not likeable at all. Her and the ex-husband are your typical evil characters. Let’s just say I can definitely get used to seeing Xiu on my screen everyday. HAHA.


Master of Play Eps 1 to 11 – No I can’t believe I’m watching this either! I found the DVDs at home and just thought maybe try 2 eps and see? Ended up watching 8 episodes in one weekend BUT only 3 eps for the next week. The beginning was very intriguing and different from other TVB dramas but it doesn’t feel like the story has been going anywhere for the last few eps. The major story arc involving Moses / Adam’s past has been set up now so I want to see how it resolves. (Although I did read some spoilery reviews argh.) I was going to say story-wise, it’s more interesting than When Heaven Burns but I’m not sure about this statement anymore. Will it drag from now on? It’s weird seeing Aimee Chan with long hair, in a role as Moses’ sister who is like her real life husband. Good thing is Aimee doesn’t feel like Aimee here so it’s not as obvious.


The Pursuit of Happiness Eps 6 to 7 – I had been thinking of posting *something* about this since like episode 3. But I’ve just been enjoying it every week and don’t really have strong feelings to write a lot about it? Hrm. Episode 6 was really the turning point with Lei Lei finally confessing her feelings for Wei Ting but the aftermath, in episode 7 – even though I had been quite against Wei Ting since the beginning I started to feel some sympathy for him. And especially in ep 7 there’re things that I’m not all that comfortable with which is making me not enjoying this as much as I should. First – Yi Kang is really too much of a good guy. There’re already comparisons between him and Li Da Ren but I think Yi Kang is taking it to a new level. (Afterall, there’re no signs of him ‘falling in love’ with Lei Lei yet?) And why is he always hanging around when Lei Lei and Wei Ting are talking? It’s getting awkward! Second – that whole robbery scene with the girls is just… WHAT? All that just to make a point? I am laughing when Jia Yi was like “No one will rescue us WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” Er… weren’t they in Lei Lei’s office? Surely someone will turn up to work on the next day? Or worse case if it’s Friday they’ll only be stuck there for the weekend?


Let’s just say when Lei Lei x Yi Kang are on screen I’m glued to it but everything else seems dull in comparison. I was wondering when Lei Lei’s family might come back into the story and now with the ‘break up team’ segment coming to an end we’re moving onto another drama cliche – the pretend boyfriend. <- I don’t know how I feel about this.


This video of Sonia & Tony is so cute lol.



100% Entertainment: Show Lo sing / dance competition (21 November 2013) – Speaking of procrastination, I randomly started watching this where they have four guys performing one of Show’s dance songs. One of these guys was Jolin. I was thinking… this guy looks familiar – he’s Simon from The Pursuit of Happiness!!! I didn’t know he can sing & dance! See from about 36:50 in the video below. (After googling) He’s actually part of a group called 4ever? Not really sure this group is doing much but another member Latte was “Nic” from ITWY. LOL. They should give Simon more to do in TPOH, he seems like an interesting character!


Another contestant, William didn’t do as well… OK isn’t he a member of Lollipop F? How come his dancing is so o_O


100% Entertainment: Show Lo Fans Club (11 November 2013) – When Butterfly / Hu Die Jie Jie first became a regular host I wasn’t really a big fan but over the past couple of years, I’ve grown to like her.  She’s such a fangirl sometimes it’s funny! And now with another two new hosts (Owodog / Ao Quan) and William I’m trying to keep an open mind but I don’t know, I just think Ao Quan’s personality is a little too outstanding to stay in the background while hosting. William just has a natural comedic vibe about him so I probably enjoying his hosting a bit more…


OK I digressed but all of Show / Alien’s interactions are hilarious!!!

I always wish the fans club segment is longer since so little time is actually spent on the games nowadays!!!



This is everywhere at the moment CONGRATULATIONS LEEHOM!!!!! The news are now saying he’s already married? In any case, isn’t his announcement so sweet?

The past few years your comments here have often been about “hope you find your Forever Love”. I’m lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future. She’s not in the entertainment business so you don’t know her, but I also don’t want to create the opportunity for rumors so… her name is Lee Jinglei, she’s 27 years old and a graduate student at Columbia. Wangbaba & Mama love her and I hope you will too.


But it’s hilarious reading the netizens’ comments about how Li Yun Di also revealed he has a GF on the same day. (Since Li Yun Di has been Leehom’s rumoured BF for a while now HAHAHA~) And the eerie part is Yun Di’s GF is also a graduate from Columbia University. Has the Homdi ship sunk? HAHAHAHA~



Hrm… actually, after dumping a bunch of pics in the last post I only have this photoshoot to include here? He has been making some appearances in universities to promote Campus Confidential but I’ve been too lazy to look through them all…

More pics here… In the behind the scenes video he looks rather sleepy much like what I’m feeling right now. ><



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  1. Lyricalstars Avatar

    Love reading your weekly roundups, there’s a huge range of drama and variety where i can see if there’s anything i’ve missed out on 🙂 Your 100% entertainment gifs are so HD! Mind telling me where the video was from? Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Helloooo! I DLed the 100% Entertainment ep from HLiang and their quality is not so good. (Why doesn’t anyone upload in HD!!!) I had to shrink the gif down so small just so it looks better. ><

      1. Lyricalstars Avatar

        Thank you! Yeah, idk why but no one uploads HD for Taiwanese variety shows 🙁 It’s almost impossible to find good quality videos …

  2. heisui Avatar

    OMG THOSE GIF’S OF TONY & SONIA! LOVEEEE!!!!!! If you have anymore POH GIF’s do share, do share. 😀

    Lol about how it is getting awkward with YK always happening to eavesdrop on all of the heavy conversations. I also think they are forcing that a bit too much, whenever there is a serious scene there is always this blur in the background AKA YK who is just standing there looking on. HAHAHA.

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHA Thank you~ Hopefully there’ll be more YK/LL cute scenes in upcoming eps that are gif-worthy…

      At least in that serious talk between LL & WT in ep 8…. YK wasn’t there!! For once! LOL

  3. galen Avatar

    I’m really liking To Marry or Not, Xiu Jie Kai and Tian Xin are really good in it. But it’s going to be a really short show, I’m not sure that the script will be able to develop any of the characters well – there’s a huge cast and so many plotlines that their romantic interest seems rather sped up and superficial. :/

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah I like it a lot too!! I thought it was going to be 40 eps so there would be a lot of time to develop their relationship but things are happening quite quickly? At least the other plotlines aren’t too boring…

      1. galen Avatar

        Ooh 40 eps? I somehow had the impression it would be 20… Whew! But still, it’s pretty short compared to the other 8pm dailies on Sanlih – the only one I could actually stand to follow along was Two Fathers.

        Wonder why they’re moving so fast though, the OTP’s already together and it’s only ep 9. They’d better not spend the next 31 eps breaking up and getting back together. >,<

        1. kat Avatar

          Yeah originally I saw (on Wikpedia that was, so…) that it was 20 eps, but airing 2 hours per day, then it was changed to 40 eps airing 1 hour per day…. which made more sense since 8pm shows are usually shorter anyway???

          But you’re right that it’s moving so fast!! I thought we’re going to spend at least half the show on TX x XJK falling for each other but by ep 6/7 he’s already fallen for her??? (Haven’t caught up this week lol) argh… looks like there will be lots of misunderstandings / arguments later on…. or even worse more screentime on the side couples.

    2. heisui Avatar

      Wow you are definitely tempting me to watch Marry or Not. I thought 40 episodes would be kinda long though? Does it actually feel very short?

      1. kat Avatar

        Maybe my attention span has been pretty poor lately (took me 3 sittings to watch ep 8 of TPOH!!!) but Marry or Not I can watch an ep every day or every 2nd day. If you just wanted to check out the TX x XJK moments, try ep 6, 7 and I *think* ep 8 will be the scenes where she’s at his house???? (from the teasers)

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