TVB unites stars from HK, Japan, Korea and Taiwan for Time of Love

Traditionally, the time around Chinese New Year is considered to be a low ratings period for HK dramas. So anything released during that time are thought of as ‘fillers’. But next year, things will be different as it is reported TVB will be investing over $10 million (HK dollars) in “Time of Love” –  filming four stories in four countries with stars from Hong Kong (Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Wong Cho Lam), Japan (Naomi Watanabe), Korea (Yeon Jung Hoon) and Taiwan (Aaron Yan, James Wen and Chris Wang)!


The four themes will be City / Modern, Tragedy, Comedy and Cartoon.


The City / Modern story will be filmed in Singapore starring Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh. Charmaine will play an attractive boss who will be involved with the simple minded and honest Raymond. When Charmaine attended a charity function in Macau two days ago, she said that she knows TVB invited her to film a ‘micro-film’ but doesn’t know the details. However, because of health issues, she’s not sure if she will be able to film it.


The Tragedy story will be filmed in Malaysia starring Kate Tsui, James Wen and Chris Wang. After a car accident, Kate suffers from amnesia and will be involved in a love triangle with James and Chris. During a phone interview, Kate revealed she will travel to Malaysia on the 25th and will film until New Year’s Eve. She doesn’t know whether there will be intimate scenes with James or Chris but she will watch “The Fierce Wife” beforehand to get to know her co-stars!


The Comedy story will be filmed in Korea starring Linda Chung and Yeon Jung Hoon. Linda will play a money hungry character.


Finally, the Cartoon story will be filmed in Japan starring Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan and Naomi Watanabe. Cho Lam will play matchmaker to Aaron and Naomi. There’ll be lots of makeovers and comedic elements. Filming in Japan will start on the 14th January and will take five days. Cho Lam will bring her girlfriend Leanne Li along. When asked whether she’s there to keep an eye on him, Cho Lam said, “Actually she likes Aaron Yan, so I’m keeping an eye on her!” Naomi said Aaron is her idol and they have worked together before so she’s really looking forward to this collaboration. Aaron have also said he’s excited to have the chance to work on a TVB drama.


Time of Love will be released on January 26, 2014. It will be aired weekly on Sundays.


btw – I’m more excited seeing Aaron Yan in a HK drama than Raymond Lam pairing with Charmaine Sheh (again!) LOL. I admit I was never a big fan of the FungSheh pairing. 😛 But really, if we’re going for the ‘let’s try something new’ angle, then the Raymond/Charmaine pairing is not exactly groundbreaking. Finally, something from TVB I’m looking forward to!!! (OK, there is another TVB drama in the pipeline I was looking forward to, The Apostle with RL, Charmaine and Michael Miu. But who knows whether that will really happen.)


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  1. heisui Avatar

    Hopefully this TVB drama will not be another miss! Sounds like they are investing a lot in it!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah! At least this is more like 4x microfilms so it’s harder to stuff up…????

  2. namedx Avatar

    This actually sounds really promising – fingers crossed!! I’m also a new Aron Yan fan after seeing his royal hotness in Just You, the guy can potentially act and can only improve! Love the news! x

    1. kat Avatar

      hahaha royal hotness – nice description 😉 But yeah this sounds like a cute idea and hopefully they’re short but sweet.

  3. Carmen Avatar

    If Yun Jung Hoon is going to be starring in this show, would that mean Vampire Prosecutor is going to come out later in the year? Everyones been waiting for season 3 and I seriously can’t wait anymore. 🙂 Can anyone tell me when OCN is releasing Vamipre Prosecutor 3? Thanks! 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Hey Carmen, I don’t know about Vampire Prosecutor but this is just a one ep short story so filming is only for a few days? So I guess it shouldn’t affect too much on his schedule….

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